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    Did you read my last post? It is connecting. I was running netstat on the remote and local servers and saw the connection. It has nothing to do with CSF. Thanks for the input though. John
  2. mrprez


    Using netstat, I can see the server that has WHMCS connecting to the remote server. tcp 0 0 ESTABLISHED then when the command fails tcp 0 0 TIME_WAIT So, the problem is changed. The servers ARE connecting, but the commands are either not being sent from WHMCS or are not being handled by the remote server. Also, just to prevent some confusion, ScrltOTara, works for my client so we are talking about the same system.
  3. mrprez


    I've checked everything until I can't see anymore. Matt says it isn't connecting. I can't for the life of me figure out why.
  4. mrprez


    Yeah well that is what I say too. Can't find anything in the log files. All we get in WHMCS is Module Command Error.
  5. mrprez


    Anyone that is using CSF mind posting which ports you have open? For some reason, WHMCS cannot communicate to any remote servers. Even with CSF/LDF disabled, it cannot connect. TIA John
  6. mrprez

    PP Subscriptions Email address

    SELECT tblclients.email, tblclients.id FROM tblclients, tblhosting WHERE tblhosting.userid = tblclients.id AND tblhosting.domainstatus = "Active" AND tblhosting.paymentmethod = "paypal" The only problem with this is that this isn't necessarily their email address at PP!
  7. Anyone who is good at doing joined queries? I need to get a list of all Active customer's email addresses who have a PP subscription. Anyone? John
  8. mrprez

    Site Builder

    Did he ever get the ecommerce part setup yet?
  9. How much are they paying you per month? I assume they are on CPanel?
  10. Wow, looks like the sharks now have a website. Some of those interest rates are pretty high.
  11. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the responses.
  12. They will be doing the financing.
  13. 25% down rest financed over 36 months.

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