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2 hours ago, pRieStaKos said:

This is all crap.

The first module is a copy of the third. Basically one guy went on Github, stole the code and made a commercial module.

The second is useless since it can only track PageView event. Same goes for the other two that can track PageView, AddToCart and InitiateCheckout. Pretty much useless.

One needs Facebook Pixel to track things like Contact (leads), Registration, CustomizeProduct and Purchase.

In conclusion, people think that tracking events on Facebook Pixel in WHMCS is easy but that's not true. It took me weeks if not months of attempts and coding but I left this community so I am not willing to share details.

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For the simple reason I don't want people to rely on crappy scripts that serve no use especially when someone is selling it for real money on Marketplace.

I've seen plenty of companies relying on such scripts throwing money out of the window running Ads on Facebook based on fake, missing or buggy event trackers.

People only read titles. They see "Facebook Pixel" and they go all-in.

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1 hour ago, Kian said:

I left this community so I am not willing to share details

Can't blame you for leaving, but perhaps you should ask about removing that gearhead title/position? Why let them continue to show you as an "expert on call" as they make it out to be? 

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Thank you for letting me know that. I didn't know I was still GearHead. Since I left, I occasionally browse from phone / chrome book where titles are missing. I'll DM someone from WHMCS to have that title removed.


Side note: when I left, I still had hope in WHMCS. I was expecting something good to happen that's why I kept my title. The idea was to wait for 2 months for a sign they were finally on the right path. I was ready to come back even willing to share details on how they can fix billing and SEO in their software but we all know how it is going.

On 12/18/2021 at 4:48 PM, WHMCS John said:

Whilst there are no plans to switch our development process to purely focussing on bugs/defects and code optimisation, we are actively growing the team, so this naturally means we can put an increased attention on features and defects.

 I happily moved to another market and eventually forget about this community, GearHead and my 2-months deadline. Every community I love eventually dies 😪

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31 minutes ago, Kian said:

Side note: when I left, I still had hope in WHMCS

Sadly I totally understand! 😔 All the best in your future endeavours! It's a shame whmcs killed the passion you and brian! had for the product! 

Thats the real tragedy, I don't think the developers know it as well as you guys and they've lost the best assets they had! Now it's just whats left of those who believe it'll change that'll see them into the final stages of life - right I'll get back to work before I get told off 🙃 


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