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  1. A 2 year period to fix an issue would be fast in whmcs development time! I would expect a longer wait as 2checkout doesn't give them affiliate money so it'll be less of a priority! You'd be quicker hiring a 3rd party to whip something up or switching to a different gateway - certainly not ideal or desirable but it's probably the easiest way to run your business going forward in the whmcs eco system! It took them a long time to fix stripe (3 years off the top of my head - could be wrong there so don't shoot me) which is much more of a popular gateway so I certainly wouldn't bank on them doing it in any sort of reasonable timeline! Although it's not a nice answer, there's no point in sugar-coated pretence when you have a business to run. I'd advise contacting devs who've already made payment gateways on the marketplace for quotes as they'll most likely have a faster turn around! Best of luck
  2. What ever happened to beating... sorry I mean positively reinforcing desired behaviour of employees? Lol What you need, is probably out of scope for what another user would be willing to do for someone on the community community, given the time to check and test all the required components for something like that - you'd cause a lot of issues if done incorrectly! You should probably find a developer who could quote you for that as a specific job - or put a feature request in to whmcs 😁
  3. I would look at your file permissions, it's quite a specific error - what is it currently set to for init.php? Alternatively, whmcs now offer premium support now so you can submit a ticket and have them earn their keep 😝
  4. They have one now, Everything we need domain management for was gone from whmcs 5 months ago - the last one left is specialised and we had to build a module and few plugins for! But yeah, its easy enough when you can see what you're working with! I think a few people without technical ability struggle initially but it's probably the most adaptable on the market if you're able to spend a little time on it! 6 installations are moved, one left - the money saved on the last one in 4 and a half months is paying for all the work we've done and it made us add new features we've been planning for a while! Will be releasing our work for free once we're up and running to help others! We've built a lot of things to adapt it to how we want it and we've partitioned a lot up into a series of plugins/modules so people can grab what they need! That and you put a ticket in, asking about functions and the staff actually know and understand the code - literally gave me my answer in a little code snippet and a couple of others as examples of manipulating it - totally refreshing to what I've been used to and we're already saving so 🤷🏻‍♂️ works for us lol
  5. Yeah, they the worst thing is that it doesn't actually stop piracy! It just annoys genuine users. Locks only stop honest men! Also, it'd take half an hour to get the code if one so desired - certainly not advocating that, it's not my style! Plus once I'd seen it I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to knowingly store customers details on it 🤣 Ahhhhhh well, can't say I'll miss whmcs when we've finished testing - certainly won't miss the payments! Lol
  6. Yeah, I'm a couple of months away from leaving whmcs and I couldn't be happier! With all fairness to whmcs the php/ioncube debacle is the one instance where they are not to blame, bur their choices will limit them until the end of next year!
  7. They've had a lot of issues recently with licensing. One of which locked people out despite paying the exorbitant fees. Woeful management of their licensing servers is my opinion, as its far too common. Although I'm sure they'll act shocked if you mention it! 🤔
  8. Hey Jeff, contrary to what lulzsniffles says (he's still upset about some drama not getting the expected attention he deemed necessary to a older post) What you can do, is setup a child theme - and make the changes there, I'm on mobile so I don't fancy trawling through but there's a few examples on github and you can insert html and use the appropriate tags to build it to your requirements, although whmcs is a bit of a awful platform to make look good - hence the popularity of bridging into WP which has its own concerns 😟 Katamaze.com is widely regarded as the best cms as quite rightly pointed out, but (quite openly) doesn't offer support anymore unless on the paid plan - they do patch and update with whmcs however so if you are semi-competant you'll be fine! There's a few themes available that'd get you off to a good start, but I believe a few have totally dropped all support going forward due to changes in the whmcs eco system so Katamaze.com is probably the safest option in that sense But minimal php knowledge is required to make the changes you want for the most part, there are some limitations just due to whmcs being whmcs but you'll most likely be fine! If you're still setting your site up (I.e not live yet) it's a good time to meddle before you're invested in the eco system - if not ask for a dev license so you can break stuff to work our what's what 🙂
  9. Knowing the circumstances and pretending you don't for Internet points is pretty pointless though- I mean there's information all over the site! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Anyway enjoy your evening!
  10. Throwing a tantrum and backtracking when it's pointed out you're throwing a tantrum isn't a good look! As we can all now see, that it notifies you upon ticket submission about all this and the whole post was a bit of an 'attention seek and hope everyone sides with you' post - maybe an apology to kian would be a better approach! Even if it's via private message! Don't be a Karen. It's not nice!
  11. It was quite a big issue at one stage, I'd be tempted to try installing whmcs fresh as it's probably compounded problems over a series of terrible updates. Unfortunately, as per usual they'll say it's the first ever time hearing about it and pretend to be puzzled - however its most likely just the coding approach they take! The headless chicken approach doesn't work for many, but they seem to have adopted it in sales, support, development and management departments to its full effect. The other issue is, nobody really knows what has been changed as the don't add everything to the changelog (most recent example - locking paying clients out of their own system) nobody was aware things had changed and we found out when they couldn't keep their licensing servers online yet again! I don't think you'll get a real answer from whmcs as I don't believe they know what causes it - just search on here and you'll see a myriad of complaints about it yet they'll act shocked and surprised at it happening, I totally understand when people say they're leaving as its completely frustrating dealing with them. Transparent, inefficient and clueless. I'm sure they're lovely people in real life, but trying to run a business and expecting it to work well is just a waste of time when they literally just repeat the party line of "we don't acknowledge fault or accept blame just pay us more for less..... have you seen our bottom of the barrel choices for marketconnect?"
  12. Yeah, it happens a lot with whmcs - you could search here for the last time it worked and get an older copy? I moved my hosting site away from whmcs so haven't even looked at it myself, I only use it for one service which doesn't require anything that was broke in an earlier version so I'm sticking to that for the last month or so while we test the new setup on a different billing system I'd advise checking to see what's broken before updating in future as its quite common for things to get broken/new bugs! People couldn't automatically bill credit cards for a few versions so it's not uncommon to see what I'd consider fundamental requirements just not working and there be zero interest from staff! It is what it is, I can't see it changing hence we're leaving asap!
  13. Well if the information is there when submitting a ticket (which I did not know when posting) then the whole thing was silly to complain about! It's not good that kian feels this way but to be honest I totally understand! Best of luck in your future endeavours Kian, it's good you're still keeping them up to date etc though! I've spoken to a few people who just gave the SC versions and washed their hands of whmcs and left it at "Find someone to fix what you need" Also, your github stuff looks exciting - is there anywhere I can join a mailing list for that? Or is it a case of keep checking? @Kian
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