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  1. I would imagine if its caused by Kian, he would fix it pretty quickly! He's always seemed very nice and spent lots of time helping others! He does charge for support though, which is clear and upfront upon purchasing- it's the reason I didn't buy his work in all honesty! Bug fixes and support are two totally separate issues though 😁
  2. So what were these underlying issues that users had? It keeps getting skipped over? I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for examples as that what the initial claim
  3. I highly doubt it's a bug 😛 Curious what their response was if you fancy sharing?
  4. Yeah, the best members for information are no longer active! Thought I'd ask to pass feedback on! I no longer have a dev license to play around with and refuse to spend more here even for a favour for a friend! I'm not convinced about them fixing stripe, as it was "fixed' in every version from 7.X until 8.2.X there's a few other fixes they were waiting for but it's impossible to know as whmcs don't seem to include everything in the changelogs anymore! I'm certainly past the point of playing guessing games on each release and trying to test each feature 😁
  5. I dread to think! He's desperate to upgrade in the hope he can actually automate card payments again! I'm done upgrading/meddling so I'm only passing advice on if I receive any! I'm certainly not trusting whmcs updates to a live system anymore 😏
  6. I have advised them of the usual wild instability of the releases, even after it reaches GA - However, has it broken stuff for people yet? Out of morbid curiosity, Do people dare undertake it this early?
  7. Bitwarden is good! Syncs across devices!
  8. You should probably ask in the cpanel community! Although they're commanded by the same whip - cpanel support is actually pretty good! 🙂
  9. I'd agree with Steven, there is a filter tab available to clients - you can set the default to active with a little tinker I'm not sure when whmcs will charge per domain, that seems to be a problem for future users 🤣
  10. It genuinely wouldn't have shocked me! Quite a large company have told me if it locks them out again through failure to implement a working system then they're just going to bypass the licencing system and continue paying! Its absolutely awful customers feel this way, awful that whmcs don't even respect customers enough to hold their hands up and apologise
  11. Whmcs isn't compatible with indias data laws anyways - so it's a bit of a non-issue! Same for the UK, you have to adapt everything to operate with less risk of being fined into oblivion! Looking at what this offers, you'd be able to incorporate it pretty easily I'd imagine! But I'm not an expert on Indian legalese 🤣
  12. @GoogieHost you mean for indias new data rules specifically or do they have seperate issues with WhatsApp?
  13. How can they fit that in? We were all asking for market connect! 🤣
  14. Yes it's a strange place, I can't wait to wash my hands of whmcs myself!
  15. Unfortunately brian! Left the community after becoming a bit miffed with whmcs and the way they treat people! I like to think he's chilling, with his feet up but a man this dedicated to helping others will struggle to just stop! Either way, don't take it personally if you get ignored! Staff rarely help unless it's to do with them getting paid and the best members of the community have already ditched us 😜 If you post more about the issue you may drop lucky with someone who knows! WHMCS do claim to offer super duper *premium* support to members now in exchange for huge price increases so you could raise a ticket and if they've managed to plug the licensing servers back in and find the power button you may get some help!
  16. Yeah, I'd absolutely agree with Steven there - if the old account is no longer being used you could ask stripe if possible to change details! We did that, when moving from sole trader to LTD company and they were pleasantly easy to deal with! It'd depend upon your circumstances I suppose - we were essentially appending a LTD to the end and promising them we'd let customers know about the change of business name I was dreading the "but I've already put my card on" tickets 😁
  17. @Kian you mean this isnt mysteriously forgotten about across the world until yesterday setups on users servers? Oh I am shocked, I imagine all users affected are collectively gasping at the thought of this being something whmcs knew about and can't/won't fix! Thanks for bringing this up Kian, funnily enough I was reading one of your blog posts last night (had a little check up on Leaps progress) but really it's obvious when it's whmcs fault because like petulant teens they go quiet until confronted and then blame all but themselves. At this point, I don't think they have any real developers employed or stupid things like this wouldn't happen repeatedly!
  18. So was it indeed a change made to force more monetisation or just poorly designed systems? OR is the earlier story relayed true and can we see what code this is that whmcs have opted to blame, Alternatively a detailed description of what is needed for these mysterious conditions to be met and the error caused? I think either of the two latter options is an absolutely reasonable request if it is indeed true! I must say, I don't believe it in the slightest though, I would stake money on it being yet another excuse for yet another whm-oopsie and then a series of non-answers to avoid admitting fault! It's absolutely frustrating that you guys fall short on such silly little details again and again as it'd help the goal of making us part with cash much easier! Unfortunately whmcs wants to charge the fees of a service beyond reproach whilst making momentous errors like locking people out of their own billing platform, or not being able to charge a card payment automatically. or not being able to calculate currency changes just appending a different currency symbol to a clients account £20 != $20 😂 You know.... things a billing system needs as a basic implementation. Anyway, I look forward to seeing a full example of what this hidden magic code is that needs specific setups..... that whmcs either just made up or forgot to add into documentation!
  19. Also, why on earth do you lock me as a paying customer out of the admin area and cause my site to be inaccessible if whmcs licensing servers have yet another oopsie?
  20. And give you my ssh logins? Yeah I'm aware of the routine 🤣 So which was it? Im still putting my cash on Catastrophic oversight whilst attempting to get those pesky late payers lol
  21. Every other time the license servers failed (lots to recall) this has never happened in the same way! I think it's a faux par of epic proportion in tightening up against the companiesthat let licenses lapse temporarily! What you've done is managed to annoyed a substantial amount of paying users whilst non-legitimate users were having a good laugh about it! To then blame people's php setup is very see through in my opinion! People like Dennis who seem very competent from previous posts and have multiple instances disprove this quite easily! Please don't Bury your head in the sand and ignore the problems AGAIN 🙏
  22. Yeah, its definitely much more substantial we had not done anything like that! I was out at the time and had to go back to my desk to see why everyone was locked out! Certainly not a believable excuse put forward!
  23. Have you had any license problems and have you logged in today? Oh wait, reading would help wouldn't it? 😉
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