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  1. I actually really like this as an addition to the client area - wish mobile view had been prioritised though
  2. Exactly this! Convenience should be secondary to security! Dual releasing as competitors are doing should be a bare minimum really! I'd rather install SG to servers to allow for my clients to have peace of mind they're not edging closer to being EOL'd its not a complicated process nor should it be ignored as a possibility to save answering tickets - the release date has been moved repeatedly already
  3. Would be great if June does materialise! Something needs to progress one way or another!
  4. I would imagine if it does work, you'll be hit with a ban quicker than you can say "works as intended"
  5. I'll reserve judgement, in my experience they're happy to leave a lot of things for months despite my opinion of it being irresponsible and silly
  6. They could just alter the nav item and add some JS to open the live chat when clicked? Surely?
  7. I think he means to establish if it's an email server issue OR a whmcs feature - process of elimination type of scenario. What do the logs indicate on your email server? Does the auth request reach the server?
  8. What a D**k I hope nobody buys any of his work in future!
  9. That's bizarre! Haven't used them but I'd look at alternatives if they don't give insightful information
  10. Yggdrasil is spot on, you'd need to get the data from an external system - I do think it'd be good for that data to be included for admins to see inside of whmcs. A few times we've checked and realised there's something very untoward with a customer- that should be very apparent to us in billing software and not have to go through to an external site for the same integration
  11. That's actually very insightful - shame watchdog never made it into the wilderness! Although didn't MG or one of the big ones get hacked? Anyway, hope you're keeping well and looking forward to leap! We'll be sponsoring when you open up to public sponsors!
  12. To be honest, I don't fully understand what the end goal is @evolve hosting I'm hoping they give some more information! But yes, that makes much more sense to he fair you're usually very polite and nice to chat to! Seemed a bit.off to stop questioning! I wondered if you were on the payroll 😝
  13. OK, well you do what you need to bear! I'm not overly sure what your intention was to be honest...... Me suggesting that others should be allowed to talk, is overruled by a humorous signature and then I'm the troll? Lay off the sauce bear, it's tiresome.
  14. I'm sorry if that view upset you, it was a humorous thing however. 🙄 There's a difference in questioning people's ability to ask a question.... and your quite hilarious given the context reaction to my sig 😜
  15. Nothing wrong with discussion, I don't see why it'd be done that way anyway but the site is pretty dead - I'm shocked whmcs haven't pulled the plug to be honest 🤣 Encourage discussion or there will be no 3rd advertising site left 😜
  16. If you're not sure, Pay someone else to check it or if you're not worried about that then post here! I agree with bear posting it here means you lose your investment, So it depends what you want/need and the agreement around the development. As for competent devs I'm at a loss to recommend anyone as the best ones have lost interest - So the most prominent would probably be someone like wgs I don't know if @bear would be able to recommend someone with experience with building payment gateways and trustworthy? There's lots of people who spam this place but I haven't used them nor heard anything good about them (Apologies if I'm forgetting someone, Send the hate mail or correct me by all means 😝)
  17. There's fanboys for all software, I feel like we've had a civil conversation though:) Well, again I disagree as you've got a hell of a lot transferable skill to manage but to each their own! As I've said multiple times it's what suits you best!
  18. I wouldn't agree, I'm not a php dev but I understand enough to make the changes I desire - I used to come here and search hoping brian had already posted the answers when using whmcs to be honest A basic understanding of code is enough for most, the few questions I've asked have been answered publicly by the developers and I have truly taken to the entire eco system! I had my mind made up to leave though so my decision was "which software will best suit my needs for at least 5 years" rather than "can I sell things on behalf of whmcs with x software" 😜 Again, as I say you need to evaluate your needs, join the communities and ask questions about the different software available! Like this place used to be, many of them have cool communities with nice folks! What me and you need for our business can be world's apart even in the same industry! There's no right or wrong answer in that decision though 🙂
  19. Yeah, I don't think it's aimed at the market connect crowd or the cpanel reseller - that being said I find the level of control and flexibility to be a perfect fit for us and I'm enjoying it - I would imagine that any software targeting the lower ability users would probably be inundated with support requests and bogged down. Also not seeing posts about pirate services using nulled software is a nice change of pace!
  20. We left, considered them but swapping one encoded system for another seemed like a waste of time in the long run! It is whatever works best for you, as a business and on a personal level - we can afford to stay but fundamentally don't agree with doing so (not just the price rise - it's been years of treading water and what I consider to be a complete disregard for us as a customer) The best advice you'll get, is constantly explore your options and don't just accept flaws for ease, I'm seriously regretting that now
  21. There's quite a few out there, Personally I see it more with MSPs and people with a bit more technical ability than the average cpanel summerhost, some of the best mid range companies are still using whmcs. There's quite a lot of large companies using their own software which was my point though? I wouldn't expect a small company to have the time and resources to develop their own, I have seen one smallish local company attempting it though and from what I've seen it looks great - I'm not confident they'll finish anytime soon though lol At the end of the day, you do what's best for your business if that's using whmcs then you absolutely should
  22. There's a fair few big hosts with their own in-house solutions, it's probably cheaper long term to invest in building something specific to your needs at a large scale But I agree with the sentiment!
  23. Yeah you're correct, you'd need to install that to see it! What would have been good for whmcs is integration with a live chat and help desk software - I've thought for years they should ask for some VC investment into something that helps them take a modular approach and closely integrate (for some extra cash ofc) into more modular systems - I presumed they'd want to diversify income in that regard so I thought that'd be a path to explore one day Whmcs is a dinosaur in terms of developing their software - as they appear to be in the market for upsells, they should have done something that'd tie customers into an eco system more
  24. I meant small and large in the scheme of whmcs userbase - there's a couple of larger companies using whmcs but many have sorted their own software! Yeah, hb doesn't appeal to me at all - Although the renewal isn't that bad comparatively anymore and it was a serious consideration for us! We decided against it to be able to have more control over things! I'm fortunate to work with some talented staff so migration wasn't a huge issue for us
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