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Removing domain order/transfer/use from cart, allow only subdomain

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I am looking for a way to edit a order form to only show sub domain option.

What do I have to edit?

Thank you in advance


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Posted (edited)

Hi Tim,

16 hours ago, Timothé said:

I am looking for a way to edit a order form to only show sub domain option.

What do I have to edit?

you shouldn't need to edit any template...

so a subdomain option can be enabled on a product-by-product basis...


and then I assume you want to remove the other domain options (reg/trans/own) ?

if you don't want to register/tranfser/use existing domains for everything, then you can just disable them in the settings..


... but that would effectively prevent users from registering or transferring a domain with or without a product - so might not be what you want.

you can use hooks to determine which domain option(s) are available with which products...

in the example hook above, the specific product can only use a subdomain option, the other options are removed from the cart order form.


the hook could be expanded to determine which products are subdomain only, or whatever combination of domain options that you want to assign to each product.

Edited by brian!

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Thank you for the quick answer.

I don't have much experience with Hocks,

Could you show the code for the example above?

Thank you very much.


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Hi Tim,

1 minute ago, Timothé said:

Could you show the code for the example above?

it was in the above thread. 🙂


# Configure Domain Settings For Products
# Written by brian!

function domain_options_for_products_hook($vars) {
	$productinfo = $vars['productinfo'];
	if ($vars['templatefile']=="configureproductdomain") {
		if ($productinfo['pid'] == "45" && $vars['subdomain']) {
			return array("registerdomainenabled" => "", "transferdomainenabled" => "", "owndomainenabled" => ""); 
add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "domain_options_for_products_hook");

what you'll have to do is change the product ID value from "45" to whatever the product ID value is that you want a subdomain only option for... get it working for one product first, and then if you need to expand it to multiple products, we'll cross that next bridge.

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