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OVH, SYS & Kimsufi Dedicated/VPS Server Management WHMCS Module V 5.0.0 Released

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Hello All, 


We are glad to announce a big upgrade i.e. V5.0.0 of our WHMCS OVH module. We are getting regular feedback from our customers to upgrade our module. Based on the feedback of the customers we have improvised the module in every possible way to make it the best server management module when it comes to OVH, SoYouStart and Kimsufi.


Here is what we have introduced in the new V 5.0.0:

  • Now admin can auto-provision Dedicated Servers. 
  • Fully Redesigned Client Area Section
  • Introduced Updated Admin Area
  • You can now set Additional IP's Margins
  • The module is fully compatible with new OVH API's
  • Add 3 new server locations US, UK and Singapore
  • Setup SoYouStart Dedicated Products
  • Manage Products & Config Options Prices from the WHMCS Admin Area
  • The module is compatible with WHMCS 7.8.3


There are some improvements in the module as well: 

  • The module is compatible with PHP7.3
  • Enhanced Module Speed
  • Enhanced UI
  • Enhanced Stability
  • The module is fully compatible with HostX WHMCS Theme, ClientX WHMCS Theme, and Lagom WHMCS Theme



This is how the new Client Area Looks Like: 



Checkout Usage Stats



Access KVM Console from WHMCS Client Area



Manage Server Power Options (Reboot, Reinstall) & Netboot)



Easily Manage FTP




Modify IP Reverse & Buy Additional IP's



View Resources



View More Features of our WGS WHMCS OVH Server Management Module here: https://whmcsglobalservices.com/ovh-soyoustart-whmcs-module/

Client Area - ClientX WHMCS Client Area Template Console KVM.png

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Hello All, 


We are glad to announce a new version upgrade of our WHMCS OVH moduleThe new V5.0.1 brings in lot of improvements and design fixes. 

Here is the detailed changelog for the same: 

  • Fixed Design/CSS issues in Addon Module
  • Fixed conflict description and price in edit product
  • Compatible VPS with European  country  
  • Compatible with, HostX, ClientX  & Lagom theme

Users are requested to download the new files from the WGS Client Area. Here is the detailed upgrade procedure to upgrade the module to the latest 5.0.1 version. 

If you have any query related to the module of the upgrade procedure, get in touch with us at our customer support desk.



Team WHMCS Global Services

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We have released the much-awaited V 6.0.0 of our WGS WHMCS OVH Module, this new update brings in many new features, improvements and bugs fixes. Want to know what's new in this update?
Here is the detailed changelog:
1. Automated Product & Pricing Setup
2. Added Subsidiary Option
3. Made Product Descriptions fully dynamic
4. cPanel Pricing API added
5. Added an option to bypass unnecessary Operating Systems
6 Redesigned Order Form Config options
7. Compatible with new OVH VPS API
8. Quick & easy way to assign existing VM's
9. Compatible with WHMCS 7.10.1
What's new in V 6.0.0?
Want to upgrade the module? Here is the detailed procedure for the upgrade!

Don't want to upgrade yourself?
Hire our professional WHMCS developers to upgrade the module to the new version at just $49.90
Hire Professional WHMCS Developers

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Posted (edited)
We have released the much-awaited V 6.0.1 of our WGS WHMCS OVH Module, this new update brings in many new features, improvements and bugs fixes. Want to know what's new in this update?
Here is the detailed changelog:

New features:

  • New VPS products are working now with US location.



  • Cart page is now compatible with (modern, hostx, cartx), when user change billing cycle.


Bugs Fixes:

  • Error coming while creating product in addon module -> Fixed
  • Auto Provisioning was not working and giving error when a user order a product. > Fixed
  • Error coming while reinstalling compatible OS > Fixed
  • Reinstall email was not working > Fixed
  • Rescue email  was not working > Fixed
Want to upgrade the module? Here is the detailed procedure for the upgrade!

Don't want to upgrade yourself?
Hire our professional WHMCS developers to upgrade the module to the new version at just $49.90
Hire Professional WHMCS Developers
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      I hope you serve them and they like it.
      Sorry if my English is not very good. 🙂 I hope you understand me.
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