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Cancellation Button don't change

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Hi @ all,

If got a problem and I'm not able to solve the Problem.

In the clientareaproductdetails.tpl you have the cancellation Button to cancel your product .

In normal condition it shows "Request Cancellation" but after the cancellation the Button text should change to "Cancellation Requested"

Therefore is the {if}{else} function :

<div class="col-xs-{if $packagesupgrade}6{else}12{/if}">
<a href="clientarea.php?action=cancel&amp;id={$id}" class="btn btn-block btn-danger {if $pendingcancellation}disabled{/if}">
{if $pendingcancellation}{$LANG.cancellationrequested}{else}{$LANG.clientareacancelrequestbutton}{/if}</a></div>

here is the translation :

$_LANG['clientareacancelrequestbutton'] = "Request Cancellation";
$_LANG['cancellationrequested'] = "Cancellation Requested";

but no change 🙄.

The status is cancellation -> False 





Anny idea why it is not changing the status ?

Greetings Christian

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The Text "Cancelled to 07/01/2019" looks like you have a custom modification and no stock whmcs/template. $pendingcancellation is only set to true when the cancellation was made with the stock WHMCS Cancellation System, when you are using a custom modification or a module this maybe is not set.

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works fine in v7.6.1... can't remember if there was a bug in previous versions...


returns to holiday. ⛷️

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      So that product is still in the clients database (as cancelled or terminated) and most of the times the customer isn't even a customer anymore. Because of that I can't remove the products from Whmcs. I can hide them, retire them that is all fine but they still are in the admin product list (not in dropdown, the actual list where you can see all your products in the admin area).
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      Hi @ all,
      is it possible to change / translate or replace the result of an Data Feed ?
      Why I'm asking is I would like to use the data feed to show the price on an external Page but I won't show the Prefix.
      <script language="javascript" src="feeds/productsinfo.php?pid=1&get=price&billingcycle=monthly"></script> In my little stupid world I would use :
      document.body.innerHTML = document.body.innerHTML.replace(/€/g, ' ');  which works already but this affects the entire page.

      Thanks and best regards
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      I added the status script for WHMCS just like every other server. But on my newest server it always shows a 404 error:
      I uploaded the script to the right location and ran: chown -R nobody:nobody /usr/local/apache/htdocs/status
      I checked and the permissions and ownership is correct.
      Any idea what it loads as a 404 when it's there?
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