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  1. If the developers and WHMCS would use Dynamic Key protection for their code, e.g. license queries could be secured so that they are not decrypted without the correct key. There is no 100% protection, but this option would make it more difficult for crackers. Pure ioncube encryption only provides moderate protection. The Dynamic Key is not complicated, but unfortunately only few use it. The decryption of WHMCS and/or modules is not only stupid for the developers, users of such programs gain a competitive advantage because they save costs and can offer their products accordingly cheaper.
  2. roger55

    Sidebar on Modulepage

    Thanks for sharing your solution, I will test it!
  3. Hello, small Question: is there any function that I can display the WHMCS own "My Account" Sidebar on a Modulepage in the clientarea, for e.g. on index.php?m=my_module? I can't see anything in the documantation about this. Thanks
  4. roger55

    Cancellation Button don't change

    The Text "Cancelled to 07/01/2019" looks like you have a custom modification and no stock whmcs/template. $pendingcancellation is only set to true when the cancellation was made with the stock WHMCS Cancellation System, when you are using a custom modification or a module this maybe is not set.
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