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Whmcs Slowest site i have ever seen

Allen Bowers

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My whmcs installation is incredibly slow. I counted, it takes about 1 minute to load any page the first time. thats a full 60 seconds. this thing is costing me money. It has always been this slow right out of the box, i just hoped it would get better. The install is on hosting.regiondesigns.com but im using whmcs bridge on regiondesigns.com they both slow. How do i fix this Emergency? i cant do anything at this speed...

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8 hours ago, Allen Bowers said:

That's not the response times i have been getting.

nor me when I check your site. impatientsmilie.gif

8 hours ago, Allen Bowers said:

if you go to regiondesigns.com and select the client area button ( red circle on the right), its a link to open the client area of the whmcs site. it takes forever

when I tried clicking on that button first thing in Firefox, it must have taken well over 30 seconds (didn't time it); using Edge, it took 21 seconds to do the same thing (timed)... even going from pressing the order now button on the cart products page, to the next stage of the order process takes 20 seconds in Firefox... i'm getting similar time moving between any other two WHMCS pages... yet between WP pages, it seems reasonably (though not lightning) quick.

if you compare that to my v7.6 dev, where the equivalent time moving between WHMCS pages in less than a second - and I don't think the devs are hosted on a particularly fast server.... of course, i'm not using WP, Bridge or a custom template on the dev, so each of them could be slowing down the process at your end, but to have it slowed down to such a degree is extreme.... if you take a look at the Softaculous WHMCS Demo, which is a clean installation of v7.5, then that is ok in terms of speed... looking at the source code of a WHMCS page on your site, I can see that it's having to pull 30+ separate css stylesheets and 40+ .js files which won't be helping speed-wise.

if I were you, and if you get your license direct from WHMCS, then i'd be tempted to get a free developers license from them and do a clean WHMCS install (e.g no custom templates, no WordPress, no Bridge) elsewhere on the same server and just see how fast it is... if it's fast, then the core original issue might lie with your WP/Bridge/Custom theme... if it's still slow (20 secs etc), then it might be a server issue.

i'd also have said to open a ticket with Support, but if John's not seeing what we're seeing, then there may be little point at this stage - in any event, I think they prefer testing clean installs with no addons/WP etc, so setting up a dev still might be a good first test, and if the dev is slow, then give Support the details of the dev for them to investigate.



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