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Before i upgraded from 6 to 7 i could click on "Credit Card Information" in a clients "Summary" and then click to remove the "Remote Gateway Token" for Worldpay for that client.
I used this daily for years to easily get clients Worldpay payments removed without the hassle of explaining to them the intricacies of logging into the rubbish Worldpay end user system to change their card or cancel payments.

Since upgrading to WHMCS 7 the option to remove the card (in this case a token) is not available...

Am i missing a setting? or is this by design? 
How do i remove the token from the client in WHMCS (at present i am using a SQL query to get around it which is obviously not ideal).

Thanks for any help.



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Hello @JimJ

As far as I am aware this functionality is still there, can you tell me what admin area theme you are using?

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Its the same on v4 or Blend, just tested both. No "remove" option on either.

I have checked and unchecked "Allow Client CC Removal" in settings also, it has no affect on this.

Can you advise me please? Thanks for your help.


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    • By CCSupport
      Hello all,
      I have searched the forum for this particular issue and even though there are quite a few sadly I cannot find one relating to the issue I am experiencing....
      I have completed all of the necessary configuration within the Payment Module including adding the Installation IDs and Auth Password found here http://docs.whmcs.com/WorldPay. I have also added the config within the WorldPay admin Installation page including adding the '<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>' url.
      After entering all of the config I then ran a test hosting purchase. All went well...including going through the WorldPay payment pages. However when it completed the purchase it then showed the final page that gives the customer their WorldPay username/password along with the transaction info....this page was all messed up! See below:
      Note - I have edited the image and changed all of the transaction info

      As you can see it has stripped out all of the formatting.
      I have spoken to WorldPay tech support and they have said that their callback does indeed strip out any scripting/css as the page is hosted on their server...makes sense and have no issue with that....however they said that to get around it I would need to create a simple HTML file containing a 2 second meta refresh and point it to the callback file. I guess I would then have to remove the WPDisplay...config and put the html file path in?
      I am unsure the above would work simply as it would not be dynamic....Am I thinking on the right lines?!
      Head hurts now!!
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      Hello all,
      I really hope someone has some guidance with this one as I am getting balder by the minute!!
      I have been trying to integrate WorldPay (inc FuturePay) into my WHMCS, however at first I tried to use the redirect so it simply redirect customers to the WorldPay payment pages...however even though I get this working in the sense of a successful test transaction the final WorldPay page whereby it shows the Transaction ID info to the customer was all messed up. This seems to be down to my template using certain code that is not default and will not work with the WorldPay way of doing things....
      So....I have decided that I will try to integrate the Invisible XML gateway instead....however I cannot find any information on how to set this up. There seems to be no guide for it. For instance, it asks for the 'cookie path'...I have no idea!
      Has anyone successfully integrated WorldPay Invisible XML into their WHMCS site? If so....ANY advice would be gratefully received!
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      Hello all,
      Today was the day that our WorldPay Invisible XML payment system was going live.....sadly this has now had to be delayed due to an issue....a weird issue at that!
      We are receiving declined transactions from only some live tests. Any cards that require 3DSecure actually work fine, whereas any cards that usually bypass the 3DSecure (such as Halifax debit cards) all decline.
      So, just to confirm, a NatWest Visa Debit which usually asks for the 3DSecure numbers completes the transactions fine, however a Halifax Visa Debit that usually does not require the input of the 3DSecure gets declined.
      I have searched the forum and found this thread. However this seems to state that only cards that require the 3DSecure get declined....which is the opposite to my issue....saying that though, the error message within WHMCS is identical:
      <error code="2"><![CDATA[Attribute value "" of type NMTOKEN must be a name token.]]></error>
      I have created a support ticket but as we run the latest WHMCS version (5.3.6) I would have thought they would have included the latest worldpayinvisiblexml.php file within the gateways folder.
      Any one got any ideas on this one?
    • By CCSupport
      Hello all,
      Not been on here for a while! Needing some advice on using WorldPay redirection to their payment page.
      Currently, we take payment directly on our site using WorldPay XML. This has worked very well and is nicely integrated. However, now that we are being hit by PCI compliance we need to use the complete redirection to WorldPay instead.
      So....anyone who uses WorldPay and simply redirects paying clients to the WorldPay payment pages and redirect back to your website...please can you give a little information on how this works/config and the module used within WHMCS? There seems to be confusion in the WHMCS documentation on this and anything we tried previously simply did not work. Hoping that things have changed!
      Many thanks!
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