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  1. Hello all, Not been on here for a while! Needing some advice on using WorldPay redirection to their payment page. Currently, we take payment directly on our site using WorldPay XML. This has worked very well and is nicely integrated. However, now that we are being hit by PCI compliance we need to use the complete redirection to WorldPay instead. So....anyone who uses WorldPay and simply redirects paying clients to the WorldPay payment pages and redirect back to your website...please can you give a little information on how this works/config and the module used within WHMCS? There seems to be confusion in the WHMCS documentation on this and anything we tried previously simply did not work. Hoping that things have changed! Many thanks!
  2. Hello all, We have a need to duplicate a Payment Gateway. In this instance it is Worldpay Invisible XML. The reason for this is down to splitting up Credit Cards and Debit Cards. We will then use an addon against the Credit Card addon to charge a transaction fee, but not against the Debit card one. I have tried to simply duplicate then .php file (worldpayinvisiblexml.php) and rename it, however this simply breaks WHMCS. So...if anyone knows a way to duplicate a gateway that would be great!
  3. Thanks Brian. Had some further thought on this one. What we could do is duplicate the payment gateway, calling one Debit Cards and the other Credit Cards. At least that way even though both would accept either it would differentiate which gateway name was being used in the config. Hopefully we can then find an addon which we could add the fee only to the Credit Card one. I will have a search within the marketplace to see if anything is available. Thanks
  4. Hi, We've never really done this, however we are taking some pretty large payments by credit card nowadays rather than BACS and being hit by 2.75% fees from our Merchant account. Therefore looking at a way whereby if a client decides to pay by credit card they pay the fee. Is this a built-in option for WHMCS or is there some module to assist? I have read ways potentially of adding a fee for a specific payment gateway, however this would then try charging a fee for a debit card too which is not required. Any thoughts on this?
  5. Hello all, Really hoping that after all of this time we somehow have the ability in v6.31 to change the Income Forecast figures and even the Income Overview widgets to show figures without tax? Anyone knowing how to run a business really doesn't want to see the gross figures, they are irrelevant...so hoping WHMCS natively can adjust in the widget. I know we can run reports, but it seems nonsensical to show the gross figures...unless the majority of WHMCS clients are so small they do not charge tax....which I very much doubt! Any advice on this one?
  6. Hello all, We have a requirement due to agreed contracts/SLAs for differing payment terms i.e. 30/60 days rather than our normal 14 days. I have found a Feature Request so I know it isn't natively support...for some reason, however has annoying got any ideas how to deal with this (hooks etc.) or has already done it? Many thanks
  7. Hello all, I have a real weird issue here! I have just set up some non-hosting products/services using the Premium Comparison order form. The issue is that if I enter different amounts of content in the Product Description box the overall size of the product box gets longer...now that is fine, however these boxes are set, it seems, to all be level at the bottom...the the more content added the high it gets going above the other products. Here's what I mean: As you can see, the products from the left have very little product description where the ones going to the right have more. Is this by design or am I missing something here? Seem very unnatural that the alignment is on the bottom of the container.
  8. All sorted. Decided to use a $20 addon (The One)...it's pretty damn good too! Really easy to amend any part of the main menu
  9. Just to add to this, now all resolved...after great support from the developer. Quick turnaround on email support is always great to have! Turns out the issue was with us choosing Custom Theme in one of the options. Even if you have renamed/modified the Six theme you still need to select the Six theme instead of Custom. Works very very well! For $20 I am impressed
  10. Not figured out why it is doing it but have got it working.... The template we use was a copy if Six. Identical in every way but we were planning on making changes. So we copied Six, renamed copy to Six-Custom. When we have Six-Custom as the default, place the {$menumanager_1} code into the correct Six-Custom header.tpl and also select the Default menu when configuring the plugin it then causes the menu to distort. However, if we use the Six template and make the same changes it works fine...? So, it seems to work when using default theme name but as soon as we change the theme name it breaks. This means we cannot use this plugin as well as a non-default named theme.
  11. Decided to give this a go, but after the correct integration, following I am getting this:
  12. I'm still getting issues with these menus! Arrgghhhh I have changed the wording for 'Home' to 'Client Area Home' and I want to add another link that says 'Home' to link to the main website. I have looked at the adding of Primary menu items, however each time I add any code that I think would work it is breaking the site! Is the issue because I am trying to use 'Home' for the name again?
  13. Perfect...no wonder why it wasn't working! Ooops! Thanks Brian. And thank you Sentq ;-)
  14. Thanks Brian. Nothing is working to get rid of what I wanted. Very much confused as everything I am trying to remove the 'Network Status' under the 'Support' sidebar is failing. The Support Sidebar only shows under the Support>Tickets & Support>Downloads pages it seems. I have removed near enough everything else required so I will leave it be I think...it only takes to a page that says no issues so I think it'll have to do! Thanks for your help
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