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WorldPay Invisible XML


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Hello all,


I really hope someone has some guidance with this one as I am getting balder by the minute!!


I have been trying to integrate WorldPay (inc FuturePay) into my WHMCS, however at first I tried to use the redirect so it simply redirect customers to the WorldPay payment pages...however even though I get this working in the sense of a successful test transaction the final WorldPay page whereby it shows the Transaction ID info to the customer was all messed up. This seems to be down to my template using certain code that is not default and will not work with the WorldPay way of doing things....


So....I have decided that I will try to integrate the Invisible XML gateway instead....however I cannot find any information on how to set this up. There seems to be no guide for it. For instance, it asks for the 'cookie path'...I have no idea!


Has anyone successfully integrated WorldPay Invisible XML into their WHMCS site? If so....ANY advice would be gratefully received!



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OK, so it seems no one really knows much about the Invisible XML...or it's just a well kept secret....so....as I like to tell secrets....here's how to configure WorldPay Invisible XML for all those that try to find the information as I have:


1 - Contact WorldPay and request their 'Invisible XML Installation'. This request is via email. From your registered email address, email 'pci [at] worldpay [dot] com. Within the email you need to specify your need for the 'Invisible XML Installation' and also include your latest WHMCS invoice as an attachment - The installation can take a day or so


2 - Log in to your WorldPay Merchant account and click on 'Installations' on the left menu. You should now see one named 'Invisible XML' along with a number and password (authPW=xxxxxxxx). These will be needed within the Payment Gateway for WHMCS


3 - You need to also note down your Merchant Codes. Don't be fooled....these don't look like codes! To find your 'codes', click 'select MerchantCode' from the left-hand menu (still within WorldPay) - You need to note down the first two (ending in '1' & '2RECUR')


4 - Log in to your WHMCS installation. Browse to Payment Gateways (Setup>Payments>Payment Gateways)


5 - Activate the 'WorldPay Invisible XML' gateway if not already done so


6 - Complete the Gateway Fields as per the image below:




Note - The Cookie Path should be a folder outside of your public html (or wwwroot) directory - THIS SHOULD NOT BE PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE


7 - Making sure the box for 'Test Mode' and 'Show on order form' are ticked, click 'Save Changes'


8 - Even though making sure your server is secure and PCI Compliant is very important you don't actually need to have PCI Compliance scans. This is due to WHMCS being PCI Compliant in itself. One thing to do is not to store clients Credit Card details within the WHMCS Database. To disable this, go to Setup>General Settings>Security>Place a tick in the box next to 'Disable Credit Card Storage' then click 'Save Changes'


9 - Test it!


I hope that helps others....also...happy to be corrected with the process too :idea:

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