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  1. Can i trust the record i manually added to fix the issue is safe then John? Just need to ensure its not going to break anything else as we will go live with the 7.8.2 update with the added record if you can assure me its a valid solution?
  2. Never mind i have fixed it by adding this record to tblpaymentgateways: ID - Gateway - Setting - Value - Order 43 - banktransfer - type - Invoices - 3 I assume that will not cause any issues with anything else related to this?
  3. Thanks John but it refuses to deactivate. When you click deactivate nothings happens, just returns to the Payment Gateways screen and no yellow confirmation box. Can i create the missing record in tblpaymethods? I can't find any related tables, tblhosting just has text "banktransfer" in the paymentmethod, doesn't appear to tie to any unique IDs.
  4. But that's missing on my working 7.7 database also.
  5. 22 worldpayfuturepay type CC 4 31 stripe type CC 1 3 paypal type Invoices 2 20 mailin type Invoices 0
  6. Thanks John but i was not using a 3rd party module, i was and am using WHMCS Stripe integration. The actual error i get is "Module Not Activated" , slightly different to the other one i assume. I have turned on module logging and this issue produces no log there. Stripe is activated in my Payment Gateways config and shows no error there. 7.7 works just fine, its only after a clean upgrade to 7.8.2 that this error shows. The error shows with a plain/out the box Six and StandardCart template used as well as one with any customisation. Any help appreciated.
  7. We cannot upgrade at present due to a "missing module" bug we have in 7.8.2 (testing in staging environment). So going to have to wait and see what happens on Saturday nights billing run ! We have Paypal and Worldpay as fallback if needed but 50% of our clients are on Stripe now.
  8. I did not change any modules or gateways. They are all there and all in use. I have a ticket open but slow responses so still waiting for it to be resolved.
  9. I have exactly the same error on the cart page after upgrading to 7.8.2. I do not change any (previous version worked perfectly) and am not missing any modules and not using many at all. Nothing shows in the module error logs so no way of diagnosing any further as far as i can see. Completely stuck on this one 😞
  10. Thanks Brian, really appreciate your input. It used to work for sure but doesn't anymore with the latest version. Not sure the change was thought through properly as basically nobody can signup and host a sub domain anymore unless its a pre-defined one 😞
  11. Hi, This is not related to offering our own pre-defined domains as sub domains. This is about a client wanting to host a sub domain of their own domain. If when ordering you select "I will use my existing domain and point it myself" and you enter a sub domain, it is not allowed as the regex seems to be testing for a first level domain and doesn't allow subs. See screenshot. Is there anyway i can change this so a client can order hosting for their own sub domain as per the screenshot? We are seeing this as a huge problem as a lot of clients like to host subs with us. Thanks in advance.
  12. It fixed mine, thanks John. But by the way the my setting name was plural, so should be: DELETE FROM tblpaymentgateways WHERE setting = 'modifysubscriptions' AND gateway = 'paypal';
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