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  1. Its the same on v4 or Blend, just tested both. No "remove" option on either. I have checked and unchecked "Allow Client CC Removal" in settings also, it has no affect on this. Can you advise me please? Thanks for your help.
  2. HI, Before i upgraded from 6 to 7 i could click on "Credit Card Information" in a clients "Summary" and then click to remove the "Remote Gateway Token" for Worldpay for that client. I used this daily for years to easily get clients Worldpay payments removed without the hassle of explaining to them the intricacies of logging into the rubbish Worldpay end user system to change their card or cancel payments. Since upgrading to WHMCS 7 the option to remove the card (in this case a token) is not available... Am i missing a setting? or is this by design? How do i remove the token from the client in WHMCS (at present i am using a SQL query to get around it which is obviously not ideal). Thanks for any help.
  3. JimJ

    Income Projection?

    Does the "Est. Annual" figure include Tax?
  4. Hi, If a TLD is set to £0 for a transfer the system still raises an invoice for £0. Not a killer issue but a bit annoying. Any way to stop that? Thanks.
  5. JimJ

    Nominet Module

    The Nominet module works fine, our WHMCS clients use it daily. Must be an issue with your setup.
  6. JimJ

    VAT number

    No you misunderstand my post.
  7. JimJ

    VAT number

    When an invoice is raised for an EU company that has a VAT number we do not charge them VAT as per the VAT rules. This is fine in WHMCS and they can add their VAT number in our custom field. Howver, we need this VAT number shown on their invoices. They need it shown for their own accounting records so they can reclaim the VAT. It doesnt really matter where its shown, but the ideal place would be below their name, address on the top left. Do i just need to edit the invoice template for to include this? Is it easy to do?
  8. It says in the link below that there is an editable template for "Upcoming Domain Renewal Notice" emails. http://wiki.whmcs.com/Domains_Management#Editing_the_Renewal_Notice_Email_that_gets_sent But this tempalte does not exist under my Email Templates in WHCMS Setup menu? Running current version 4.3.1.
  9. JimJ

    Hide AU domain renew buttom

    Thanks for this, but tried it and the link is always for the invoices page (renewal link is never built)? Double checked no invoices exist for the domain under any accounts. Using latest 4.3.1 version. Any ideas? Thanks
  10. JimJ

    Est. Annual

    bump ........
  11. JimJ

    Est. Annual

    The "Est. Annual" figure on the left side of WHMCS under "Income Projection". Does that figure have merchant fees (paypal fees etc) deducted from it?
  12. JimJ

    Nominet error

    Hi, When i click the Register button in WHMCS admin to register a domain with Nominet it comes back with: "An Error Occured Command syntax error" We are a Nominet member and have entered our API details for Nominet in WHMCS. How can i find out more info on what the problem is? Thanks.
  13. JimJ

    ENOM, Domain contacts and failed registrations

    As far as i can tell, the validation needed by Nominet on both WHMCS and Enom are shockingly poor. As mentioned above, no requirement for the company number is asked for on .ltd.uk domains (a Nominet requirement). Also postcode formating (upper case with correct spacing) is ignored by both as well. Its pretty much flawed on both WHMCS and Enom which is a shame as its a few simple lines of code needed by both..
  14. JimJ


    Hi all, I'm reading a lot of posts about Sagepay and repeat payments in WHMCS recently on this forum. Before we commit to Sagepay as our processor, i was hoping a few of you could confirm it does work properly with WHMCS and repeat monthly or annual payments will work without issues? Thanks for any feedback.
  15. JimJ

    DNP integration errors

    anyone got any ideas?

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