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Mergefield on ticket email templates - The assigned admin name


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Can anyone help improve this so it works?


if (!defined("WHMCS"))    die("This file cannot be accessed directly");

function add_admin_name_email($merge_fields) {
$table = "tbltickets";
$fields = "id,admin";
$where = array("id"=>$userid);
$result = select_query($table,$fields,$where);
$data = mysql_fetch_array($result);
$id = $data['id'];
$name = $data['admin'];
$messagename = 'Support Ticket Reply';
$relid = '9';
$merge_fields = array();
$merge_fields['admin_name'] = $name;
return $merge_fields;


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1. Support Ticket Reply. Merge Field to express WHO is the assigned admin on ticket

2. Support Ticket Opened by Admin - Merge Field to express WHO is the assigned admin on ticket

3. Support Ticket Feedback Request - Same

4. Support Ticket Auto Close - Same


So that our email templates can have


Assigned Staff Member: {$admin}

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well, your code is far away from what you need to achieve.


here is how you can do it,


create new file inside /includes/hooks/ directory you can name it anything "getAdminFromTicket.php" or something else.

put the following code inside it


function hook_getAdminFromTicket($vars){
   $ticketsTemplates = array(
       "Support Ticket Opened by Admin",
       "Support Ticket Feedback Request",
       "Support Ticket Reply",
       "Support Ticket Auto Close Notification"

   if (!in_array($vars['messagename'], $ticketsTemplates)){
       return array();

   $getLastReply = full_query("SELECT * FROM `tblticketreplies` WHERE `tid`='".$vars['relid']."' AND `admin`!='' ORDER BY `id` DESC LIMIT 1");
   $getLastReply = mysql_fetch_assoc($getLastReply);
   $ticketAdmin = $getLastReply['admin'];

   if (!isset($getLastReply['admin']) || $getLastReply['admin']==''){
       $getTicket = full_query("SELECT * FROM `tbltickets` WHERE `id`='".$vars['relid']."' AND `admin`!=''LIMIT 1");
       $getTicket = mysql_fetch_assoc($getTicket);
       $ticketAdmin = $getTicket['admin'];

       if (!isset($getTicket['admin']) || $getTicket['admin']==''){
           $ticketAdmin = "Not Specified";


return array("ticket_admin" => $ticketAdmin);
add_hook("EmailPreSend", 1, "hook_getAdminFromTicket");


Now in the mentioned email templates you can display the assigned admin by adding this smarty tag



this will get last admin replied to ticket, if not found it will get the admin name from ticket details if no replies added by admin, otherwise it will return the value "Not Specified" and you can change this text above

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