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  1. You can Enable Proforma Invoicing instead.
  2. Which version have you updated to?
  3. Is this feature available now? I can't find it! https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/domain-addons
  4. web2008

    Hide header on login pages

    If I use the following it works: {if !$showingLoginPage || $templatefile eq 'pwresetvalidation'} It looks like pwreset.php is using both pwreset.tpl and pwresetvalidation.tpl Thanks brian! you put me on track !
  5. web2008

    Hide header on login pages

    The header header now appears on pwreset.php and save password still do not works. It seems that the header must be displayed on the page where you change the password, in order to save.
  6. I use the code below in header.tpl to hide the header on login pages and this works fine. But when the client want to reset the password from the link in the email ( pwreset.php ) it is not possible to save the new password! Can this be done in a different way, or does anyone know the "trick" here? {if !$showingLoginPage}
  7. web2008


    Thank you very much brian! - I had something wrong on the site, which made it not work. Everything is OK now!
  8. web2008


    Hmm, when I add template number 2, this don`t works . $validtemplates = array ('homepage','template2'); What`s wrong?
  9. Is it possible to call a php script in a tpl file using smarty variables ?
  10. web2008


    Thank you very much brian! - this seems perfect!
  11. web2008


    I have the "A" when I test, so I can see the target on the site. When I test, nothing happens, except that I can see "site2.php#targetanchor" in the browser. As I said, link and target on the same page, is OK ! Hmm, now I see the problem! When I "enter" again, after I see the correct url in the browser, it works! Any idea how this can be solved?
  12. web2008


    It`s between 2 custom pages, no redirection. Here is the code I use in the .tpl files: <a href='site2.php#targetanchor'>Linking from here</a> ... <a id='targetanchor'>Linking to here</a>
  13. web2008


    Thanks for the answer, but have tried this and it doesn't work. Also tried "id=" and "name="
  14. web2008


    Does anyone know how to get anchor from one page to another in WHMCS to works? On the same page it works fine!
  15. web2008

    MySQL 1970-01-01

    Thank you so much WHMCS Peter for the detailed explanation of domains and dates. But what I don't understand and find an explanation for, is why the date changes when everything is OK before the domain is moved? Else, Steven99 asks the right questions and what about my "Not null" question? What is the difference? And here is an old link, with similar issues: https://whmcs.community/topic/24433-dates-shows-as-1970/?tab=comments#comment-135049

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