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  1. Is the Character set and Collation correct in the DB ? Otherwise you can take a SQL Dump of tblclients / tblusers and read the files into a text editor to see if everything looks correct. At least it was these two tables that solved my problem!
  2. I have now added "$mysql_charset = 'utf8'; " to configuration.php and replaced all characters that went wrong in the database. Everything works fine now!
  3. If I add the following to configuration.php it works when I click "Clients" and I can see all the clients. $mysql_charset = 'utf8'; But the problem then is that many characters do not appear correctly! My DB has the following: Character set: utf8 Collation: utf8_unicode.ci
  4. WHMCS may be dependent on some of us using the latest version and finding any bugs that have not been identified in beta testing. If everyone had waited half a year, I think it would have taken a very long time before all versions became stable. So, someone has to do the "job"!
  5. Put another way, you can not get the password in plain text in the Client Signup Email.
  6. 1) You must enter a password when you create a new user, because this is a required field. 2) The password in the welcome email appears as "********"
  7. I do not really think this upgrade has had more problems than others and even if you test, it will always be something you have overlooked, when you go live. So, see no reason to wait any longer now, if the modules and any templates used are up to date.
  8. None of my invoices that have overpayment have changed date (s) so do not quite understand what you mean? Paying tax on overpayment, before the amount is possibly used on an invoice or repaid is not correct, neither in my head nor in my country. Otherwise, I agree that one should not change invoices that have been sent out and therefore I use Proforma Invoices which becomes an invoice when the customer has paid. Then you can change as much as you want without coming into conflict with the law and you avoid credits.
  9. Kian, I do not know how it is in other countries, but what you say seems to me completely illogical. Overpayment will be the same as add funds and will therefore not be included in the calculation of tax. I therefore believe that WHMCS handles this correctly, even though there could have been better reporting, so that the balance in the accounts became easier to reconcile.
  10. It is actually quite common for a customer to pay the same invoice twice and you do not generate a new invoice for this amount, but leave it as a credit. If weba mean that the customer pays more than the invoice amount, then it will be something else!
  11. Yes, there are differences in these API functions, so then your module may use AddTransaction which will be something other than AddInvoicePayment. Otherwise, a little extra work is required to reconcile the Overpayment for the accounts.
  12. If a customer pays too much, the amount is automatically added to the customer's credit balance, so that the amount can be used to pay other invoices.
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