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  1. With these variables, the calendar does not work under Add Payment in the Admin Area. Any idea what's missing?
  2. Yes, when the Proforma Invoice is in a separate number series, you can delete these.
  3. It's not really a good idea to delete invoices because of the accounts! You should rather cancel invoices that are incorrect or that are not to be paid.
  4. Thank you very much, now it works when I add the variables you suggested !
  5. If I add the Smarty Security Policy code to configuration.php the Shpping Cart only show header and footer. I use WHMCS version 8.5.1
  6. Hi, Thanks for the help! When I add the code to configuration.php I get a blank Shopping cart. Any idea what could be causing this?
  7. Hello, I had a custom code in configuredomains.tpl that doesn't work anymore. Is there someone who can help? {if $smarty.session.cart.domains.{$num}.type eq "transfer"}This is a transfer!!!!!{elseif $smarty.session.cart.domains.{$num}.type eq "register"}This is a new registration!!!{/if}
  8. Try a default template: www.deniweb.eu/index.php?systpl=six and see if everything works...
  9. General Settings, "Client Tickets Require Login" is Enabled...
  10. Try to enable Display Errors under General Settings, Other and see what appears.
  11. Can you use the Sales Tax Liability Report for this, or should you also include unpaid invoices? This report differs by currency.
  12. The attachments dir is setup in configuration.php ? $attachments_dir = "home/myaccount/billing/attachments/";
  13. Thank you brian! - Date Range works fine! Else, when I remove the "Add Funds" lines (2) the report still shows Add Funds as sales.
  14. Is it the password you need to change? If so, this can be done directly in the database.
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