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Choose the emails being (auto) sent to clients

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Is there a way to choose the emails being sent to clients at a certain client action?

When a new client places an order, (Hosting + Domain) in WHMCS, the client gets 6 emails.

Client sign up email
Order Confirmation
Invoice Created
Invoice Payment Confirmation
Hosting account welcome e-mail
Domain Registration Confirmation

I like to minimize this. Disabling email(s) at the System settings > Email Templates does not seem to be the right way.

When I, for example, disable the “Invoice created” email, so the new customer won't get this email at the ordering action.
Then, I guess other existing customers do not receive the “Invoice created” email when there is a service or product due.

I oversee something  inside WHMCS to send chosen emails on certain actions on auto pilot...

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      hi all
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