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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. Hello. I need to set Annually & Biennially price of my hosting package with different renewal price. For example, - Annual price: $10 - Biennially price: $18 - Renewal price/year: $15 Is there a way to do this? If no, then what could be the work around about this? Thank you in advance.
  2. Oddly, my Biennial package price is correctly calculated monthly (as I selected that option on Ordering tab) except that it shows the month price $5.99 but with /2 mo. Which reads incorrect - it will be interpreted that it's 5.99 every two months when it should read /mo. The 2-yr package correctly calculates in check-out. The annual and monthly show correctly, ie 12.99/mo or 9.99/mo. This is going to be confusing for customers when ordering and makes no sense. Be great if someone knew why this is happening and provide solution.
  3. Is it possible to get the domain addon prices through the API? GetTLDPricing does not give this information. Thanks in advance. Kevin Sheahan
  4. Hello, I find the domain checker extension categories useless to say the least! I know that my clients pretty much NEVER even understand what a ccTLD is or a gTLD etc! So they don't even KNOW to click those buttons to show the domain extension they are looking for so my clients just get confused! Now, the problem is that what WHMCS considers POPULAR doesn't include my own countries tld extension so now when the client is looking for the cost of my countries tld's they can't find it because they don't think for themselves that they need to click a certain category to display the tld to get the pricing! So what they simply do now is enter garbage.tld in to the search field and see what the tld costs in the search results rendering the whole cateories options useless and ifthey happen to enter a domain that actually exists, it doesn't show the price. So the only way around this I figured is to enable ALL the options by default to show ALL tld's when the page loads. Is this possible and if so, how could I do it? Thanks
  5. Hello Everyone, Can you configure the system to have different pricing for resellers and retail customers? I have a rather complex setup where the pricing is different between resellers and retailers, plus there are quantity discounts, add on services, consolidated billing, pro-rated billing to sync to an existing invoice cycle, etc... What I mean by consolidated billing is that we have clients with multiple locations and some will have each location pay for their own services and some want all their locations bills paid centrally by the corporate entity. Thanks for your comments! Best, John
  6. hi Everyone, i am getting this thing, "Upgrade price is calculated from a credit of the unused portion of the current plan and billing of the new plan for the same period (30 Days) " but i dont want this. In my Case, whether Client uses the full portion or some of it, upgrade/renew/downgrade price should be fixed which is 25$ right but rightnow it is calculating it as 17$ what should i do to resolve it? thanks
  7. Hello I'd like to sell domains with different price and currency for customers who visit from outside my country. I'm thinking to use OrderDomainPricingOverride hook to change price for non local customers, I plan to differ local and non local customers by their IP. But before I start, thought to ask here, maybe there's a better built in way of doing it that I couldn't find. I see I can add another currency to WHMCS but it says: Customers who visit your site can then choose to shop in their local currency. I don't want customers to have to choose currency, I want local ones to shop with local currency and non local one with non local currency. I still can differ it manually by IPs I know, just want to know if WHMCS has some extra features for it that I can use.
  8. Hello all, Not sure if this has already been solved or even discussed but a search showed up nothing. If this is not the proper community for this post, feel free to move it. Everyone knows that being a domain reseller can be too much work for not much gain. It takes a lot of time monitoring the prices of your favourite registrar and adjusting yours. And there are so many TLDs nowadays which makes things even harder. Wouldn't it be great if there was an API response to pull (let's say daily) the prices from your registrar, add your markup and adjust your WHMCS pricing accordingly? Is there something that does that and I have missed it or is it too difficult? I saw this in Namecheap website but I am not too much of a developer to even start thinking of touching it: https://www.namecheap.com/support/api/methods/users/get-pricing.aspx What do you think?
  9. I've found various threads here from people with this issue, and one thread where someone released a module to fix it, but that subsequently went dead apparently. But its been a long time since that so am hoping there is a better (official) fix now. The issue: After a change to a TLD registration price, the renewal prices in the accounts of existing domain owner-customers are not also adjusted. This means when their renewals roll around they are charged incorrectly. There was one post reply from a WHMCS staff member (WHMCS John) pointing to a blog post explaining it, but that link was to a broken version of this URL: https://blog.whmcs.com/insights.php/?t=44602 - which also goes nowhere now. That thread is here: https://forums.whmcs.com/showthread.php?74466-updating-all-TLD-prices-for-existing-customers Is there a solution to this? It seems like a major issue. Thanks, Kevin GM-Innovations
  10. I have no problem creating products/services that expire after Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually, Biennially, or Triennially.... but what about Daily? I tried using the "One Time/Monthly" payment option when editing the product, but then there seems no way to make it act and work like a Daily product. The same goes for if I want it to work for 3 days or 7 days, etc. How can I do this? Even when I create a "One Time/Monthly" payment option product but set the "Auto Terminate/Fixed Term" to 1 Day, it still shows that the "Next Due Date" is one month away and there is no "Termination Date" when I view the user's product in the WHMCS admin area.
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