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    Missing Stripe transaction

    @WHMCS ChrisD - sorry, where do I open a support ticket? WHMCS comes included with my reseller hosting plan through my host, so I'm only aware of this site.
  2. shoelaced

    How to apply multiple Hotfixes

    Thanks for the responses. So @WHMCS ChrisD, is the most recent one based on when it was posted, or when it says it was updated? For example for 7.8.3 it says that the Payment Gateway Issues one was most recently updated, but the Call to undefined function one was most recently posted in the first place.
  3. I have a question about the Hotfixes - if there are multiple for the same version of WHMCS and they contain the same file, are we supposed to manually combine the two versions of said file? For example, if I apply the CORE-13801 for v. 7.8.3, and then also want to apply the Payment Gateway Issues hotfix for v. 7.8.3, they both contain some of the same files, so if I download and replace as the instructions say, won't the second hotfix un-do the changes from the first? How do we apply multiple hotfixes?
  4. Hi all, I'm encountering a weird issue where it looks like one of my clients tried to go in and pay their invoice with a credit card, but for some reason there's no record of it in WHMCS. Only in Stripe. Basically in WHMCS it basically looks like the client hasn't added a card or tried to pay the invoice, yet there's a transaction in Stripe for that invoice. In WHMCS, the invoice says "Unpaid," there are no transactions listed, and there is no credit card on file. The customer was sent an invoice payment reminder email, but nothing else. But in Stripe, I'm seeing a card on file and a transaction that failed due to insufficient funds. It shows an error in the Log (attached), but I don't know if that error is because the card was declined or because it couldn't connect back to WHMCS to update the invoice. It's working with my other clients, so I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working with this one. The only thing I can think of is that there may be an issue in WHMCS 7.8.3, because this client is the only one who's tried to add a new card since I updated - all the other clients already had a card on file. The weirdest part is that my client must've added their card through WHMCS but there is no card on file for them. Maybe they added it and then deleted it? Or maybe they paid the invoice and the info got sent to Stripe, and maybe Stripe did send back the info about the failed transaction, but for some reason nothing is saving to the database? Does anyone know what the issue could be and if there's a way I can manually trigger Stripe to try again so that the invoice and the client's card on file gets updated in WHMCS? UPDATE: I'm now noticing this Hotfix but not sure if this problem is related:
  5. Yes, my question was whether the password gets deleted when Google sign in is activated, which I would think would be the ideal default behavior for security's sake. The password would remain intact if the customer is not using a social login. The way it is now if a customer has activated social sign in, then their password just sits there. Since they never use it to log in they'll never remember it anyway, nor think to change it if it gets compromised. It would just sit there as a security hole in their account forever.
  6. Are customers able to sign up with Google sign in? What happens then, does the system just generate a password for the account? Seems like storing a working but unnecessary password negates all the security benefits of Google sign in, but okay.
  7. Title says the gist. The main reason I would want to offer Google sign in would be for security's sake, in the sense that if a user activates Google sign in, then their login ability would be handled by Google and I would no longer be storing their password. Obviously I don't expect a data breach, but it seems like if a user no longer uses their password, then I might as well no longer store a password for them on the off-chance that it does ever happen. In any case, I was wondering what WHMCS does with stored passwords when a user activates Google sign in, if anything.
  8. Ah okay, so to clarify, the client does not receive both emails, right? Only one or the other depending on whether they have a card on file? Does the client also receive the regular "Invoice Payment Reminder" email when the method is set as Credit Card? And are the credit card emails sent based on the number of days set by "Invoice Unpaid Reminder" in the Automation settings, or are they sent in lieu of the invoice?
  9. That was it, thanks @brian!. I sent the email from the user profile dropdown under "Send Email" instead of clicking the "Resend" button in the alert bar. How odd that it doesn't work the first way but glad to have it figured out.
  10. I'm trying to customize the Client Email Address Verification email template, and I have {$client_email_verification_link} in it, but it doesn't do anything. There's no output at all in the received email. Has this tag been removed from WHMCS? It is not in the list of tags either but there's nothing in the list that would replace it. How can I provide a link for people verify their email address?
  11. I can't seem to find any instruction about when the various emails are sent to the customer. This would be helpful for all emails but specifically I'm wondering what the difference is between "Credit Card Payment Due" and "Credit Card Payment Pending." Does it really charge the card, send the Pending email, and then also send the Payment Confirmation email immediately after when the payment finishes? It seems like annoying overkill if they get the Pending email for every transaction, but if it only gets sent under an unusual condition then I'd like to know what that is. Thanks!
  12. I'm having a hell of a time with clients getting multiple invoices, where the main product is on one but the addon is on another. What are all the conditions that cause invoices to get split like this and how can I ensure that it will group them into one invoice in the future?
  13. Just double checked and the only differences between my template and the latest Six template are the custom styles that I put in, none of which should be affecting this feature. So it seems the template isn't the issue and in 7.7.1, it just fully removes access to the CC manage page when "Disable CC storage" is checked. Unfortunate.
  14. Sorry yes, I'm using 7.7.1.
  15. Interesting, I can only access the CC manage page when "Disable CC storage" is un-checked. When "Disable CC storage" is checked it redirects to the main page and is no longer available in the menu. I'll try switching the theme. I have gotten PCI certified, but I still do not want to store CC info, so I'll do some tests and see what happens. Thanks for your help.

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