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Moving customers from Plesk to CPanel?


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Hi Folks,


We've been finding cpanel a lot faster on identical hardware, compared to Plesk, so are moving some of our larger customers over to cpanel. I'm wondering if there's a tried and true method for how to move these while keeping WHMCS happy? I know we can login to cpanel, point it at plesk, and suck the clients across - but then we have WHMCS still thinking the clients are on the Plesk server?


Is it just as simple as going into each client's package, changing the product from a Plesk product to a cpanel product, and selecting the new server?


I don't suppose someone has written down a step by step howto for this?





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Ok, so to answer my own question, it's fairly simple..


a) Go to cpanel server, and go to Transfer, and 'Copy an Account From Another Server'. Put in all the appropriate details, and let it run. It can take a while if there's a lot of files, mail, etc.


b) Go into WHMCS, and terminate hosting. This removes it from the Plesk server.


c) Still on the product page in WHMCS, change the package to be a cpanel package, then change the server to match the cpanel server you moved to, change status from Terminated to Active, and save


d) click Change Package, to apply your chosen package to cpanel.




Note: if you're not using any funky DNS glue to put your cpanel/plesk servers behind other servers, you'll obviously need to have dropped your TTL prior to a), and done a redelegate prior to B.

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