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  1. I don't think WHMCS will remove such forced implementation that may generate money to them. At least until there is a strong-enough competitor operates. But that shouldn't be a reason to stop our voices to be heard.
  2. @johncam If your customers and their website visitors are likely in the USA/Australia, you may pick a location within these regions. The general rule of thumb is that let your server located as closest as your customers and their targeted audience. AWS or GCP will have better location coverage comparing with other service providers Cloudways integrate.
  3. @Piyush Mahes Have you changed your WHMCS and server password once you have identified the breach? If no, try changing the login credentials with strong passwords and make sure that you have full control. Once you retain the control run a malware/antivirus scan to check if your systems are secured or compromised. And also make sure that all your themes/plugins and other kinds of stuff hosted on your server is not cracked/nulled.
  4. Hello Community, I have subscription plans as follows. Plan A Plan B Plan C Now, I have customers who subscribed to Plan A and Plan B, independently. I have subscribers who first subscribed to Plan A and then upgraded to Plan B. I wish to list the details of subscribers those who upgraded from Plan A to Plan B, but I don't want to see customers who subscribed to Plan B directly. How can we get this data? I am looking for your advice.
  5. Hello, I have two products. The Old Plan that has a monthly billing cycle with $10 and not available in yearly. New Plan is $100 per year and not available in monthly. When my customer upgrades from Old Plan to New Plan, the upfront cost is $0. WHMCS will create an invoice in next month as the customer already made the payment for the current month. Is this the usual way WHMCS handle the upgrade order? If yes, do we have any way to change this behaviour and enforce the customer pay it upfront?
  6. Hey Community, I was trying to optimise my WHMCS installation. I saw that scripts.min.js with a weight of 587KB is placed inside the head section. <script src="{$WEB_ROOT}/templates/{$template}/js/scripts.min.js?v={$versionHash}"></script> I tried to move this to the footer, but all the data table lists (invoice list, domains, services, etc.) inside the client area is broken. Making a payment is impossible. I have tried to defer and async, still same issue. Anyone find a workaround to pull this heavy dude down to the earth?
  7. It is not an option. It suggests you open your WHMCS Admin dashboard, click on the Update WHMCS link under Utilities. It may give you a funny result like
  8. When I tried this first time, I don't have any idea about custom hooks. Do you have a custom hook that you can share here because indeed my footer.tpl is messed with all the third-party scripts?
  9. Hey @farriseu, I did it, via editing footer.tpl (affects all pages) and complete.tpl (specific to conversion tracking) page.
  10. Oops! My bad. Since I was using Dev (Fresh instance of WHMCS), I used includes/hooks/example.php file and did paste the whole code from @brian!. I had to remove duplicated <?php. It works now.
  11. Hey @brian!, I tried this in my Dev WHMCS, and I could still see cart.php?a=view before cart.php?a=checkout
  12. Well, it was my email landed to the sp@m folder. Cron jobs ran successfully.
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