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  1. Jafar Muhammed

    WHMCS Facebook Standard Tracking Pixel Module

    When I tried this first time, I don't have any idea about custom hooks. Do you have a custom hook that you can share here because indeed my footer.tpl is messed with all the third-party scripts?
  2. Jafar Muhammed

    WHMCS Facebook Standard Tracking Pixel Module

    Hey @farriseu, I did it, via editing footer.tpl (affects all pages) and complete.tpl (specific to conversion tracking) page.
  3. Jafar Muhammed

    Take customer directly to checkout page

    Oops! My bad. Since I was using Dev (Fresh instance of WHMCS), I used includes/hooks/example.php file and did paste the whole code from @brian!. I had to remove duplicated <?php. It works now.
  4. Jafar Muhammed

    Take customer directly to checkout page

    Hey @brian!, I tried this in my Dev WHMCS, and I could still see cart.php?a=view before cart.php?a=checkout
  5. Jafar Muhammed

    Domain search not working

    Hey @pushpendra I see that this issue is fixed.
  6. WHMCS staffs would usually help us here.
  7. Jafar Muhammed

    Daily billing issues

    Well, it was my email landed to the sp@m folder. Cron jobs ran successfully.
  8. Jafar Muhammed

    Daily billing issues

    I am also facing this issue; I am not getting Daily Cron Job emails and actions like invoice generation etc.
  9. It looks like module conflicts or overlapping old code base with the new one (I am not sure). I suggest you open a support ticket with WHMCS. They can investigate this further.
  10. Yo, that's interesting. Have you tried the solution described in this official help doc? https://help.whmcs.com/m/85428/l/1034165-troubleshooting-invalid-domain-name-provided-messages Or try this thread
  11. Hey @HOSKIA INDIA, Haven't you created a support ticket with WHMCS yet?
  12. Hey @Ferreirrex, Have you tried this using default WHMCS theme and the standard cart? In other words, are you using a custom template?
  13. Hey @Ferreirrex, I guess that you are using WHMCS 7.1. The latest version is 7.8.1. If you have not updated to 7.8.1, please do that and give another try.
  14. Jafar Muhammed

    Increase your WHMCS security now

    7.8 had something that pushed me to update. I may not be doing this in future unless it is too needed to run my box.
  15. Jafar Muhammed

    Upgrade - Manual VS Admin?

    I never get Automatic Updating (Admin) works for me. Today also, I tried and found that error message says, Update Failed. The reason? Automatic Updating says to check the PHP Execution time and Memory limit. I gave 6000 for PHP Execution time and added 512 MB to Memory limit. My usual way is using Softaculous; I installed it using Softaculous itself. Since Softaculous hasn't released 7.8.1 yet, I have installed the 7.8.1 patch manually via cPanel's File Manager, not FTP.

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