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  1. This page is accessible to me. I doubt this has anything to do with WHMCS. If you face the same issue, do contact the host's support.
  2. WHMCS 8.1 uses Font Awesome 5.10.1. As of now, Font Awesome latest version is 5.15.2. Please update the Font Awesome version to the latest in WHMCS 8.1.1. It would be great if WHMCS can keep updating its dependencies frequently.
  3. I am missing the love/heart reaction here. Sorry, @brian!I couldn't send one ❤️ @Magicklug, be strong!
  4. Yeah, the Six is polished than Twenty-One. But that's not something that I wish to see. We patiently waited for Bootstrap 4 Support, and switching back to old BS isn't that pleasant. I use WHMCS as a backend area for my clients, and I use the default Six theme on my website, no modifications done. In fact, I know HTML and CSS, so yeah I can play around a bit and make it as mine. But that's may not the case with other WHMCS users. Especially those resellers who wish to knock the door won't be having knowledge in HTML and CSS.
  5. The new 2021 theme looks empty, unfinished. Most of the companies will have to rely on a third-party theme or customize it themselves. Can we at least have a theme that looks like a production version and not like a boilerplate?
  6. I am using 8.0.4, and I am yet to upgrade to 8.1 I haven't received such messages from Stripe. However, I am unsure if WHMCS upgraded the PG module in 8.1, which caused this.
  7. It took 2+ years of discussions at https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/bootstrap-4-support and 2 - 3 months time frame to upgrade it. WHMCS devs are capable of doing things, but unfortunately, their priority is not for the users. I wish to see a quick checkout flow in the latest WHMCS, like a one-page checkout. I am so happy to see BS 4 in WHMCS. Thank you.
  8. For me, WHMCS is not just a billing software. I wish to use WHMCS locally, not on anyone else's server, including WHMCS operated.
  9. That will work, but I haven't done that yet. Instead, I am relying on: So as per this native way, I have a total of 5 emails that mention about upcoming Suspension and Termination. If a customer ignore these emails, one more email with the x-rule won't make them pay
  10. Thank you so much champion, as always. I was derailed a bit, I am sorry for the late response 😊
  11. Hello, Is there any way to send an email xx day(s) before WHMCS terminates an overdue service?
  12. Hello @WHMCS ChrisD There is no error it seems. Please see the attached screenshot. Please remove the screenshot once you read it.
  13. Hello @WHMCS ChrisD, I don't have any Enable Module Log option under Utilities > Logs > Module Log. I have Enable Debug Logging and is that what you meant?
  14. Hello, I am trying to set up a configurable product that allows the user to adjust the Disk. I followed Configurable Options and created a Configurable product. I can see that Configurable Option drop-down in the cart page and the pricing gets updated when I change the option. However, when the account provisioning with DirectAdmin, the default value added to the package in DirectAdmin gets provisioned. I tried upgrading the product using Configurable Options as well, but again the provisioning part at DirectAdmin seems not working. Is there something else I need to make sure that is configured correctly?
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