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  1. It has been almost a month since iOS 14 was released. How are you guys finding it so far? We would love to have some real life feedback of the app experience on iOS 14 and if you are facing any issues (if at all). Feel free to post your comments and feedback here anytime 🙂
  2. Thank you Giles for your valuable feedback. I agree and it is indeed planned for the app. We are still working on the app in a phasewise manner. However, I do not have an ETA for now.
  3. Can you please DM me the ticket ID so that I can check this for you?
  4. Once the Technical Preview ends, pricing will be the same as for the mobile apps we offer today at just $2.99/mo per WHMCS installation.
  5. This is indeed strange. Can you please reinstall the app after uninstalling it and see if that fixes the issue? If not, please provide a screenshot of the error and the exact stage it happens so that we can look into this.
  6. In the older versions of the app, clicking on any ticket attachment used to load a link to the clientarea page in order to download the attachment. In version 1.1.0, this has been changed and now you can download ticket attachments directly from the app by simply clicking the attachment! To use these functionality, you should be using WHMCS v7.10 or higher. Did you test it yet? If you have any feedback or comments regarding this functionality or are facing any issues/bugs related to this, feel free to let us know here 🙂
  7. Thank you. I have passed this on to the developers for further review.
  8. Thank you for your patience so far. Can you please update to the latest version of the app and confirm if this is fixed for you now?
  9. At the moment, we are working on some new features for the Support section to make it more usable for the users. However, we do have plans to add more functionality to the app. The next would be Client Management, which should be ready in the next few weeks. Thank you for your feedback. This is also planned for the future and will be the added to the app eventually.
  10. The support/ticket section of the app is the most useful section of the app as of now. If you have any suggestions regarding the user experience or functionality for the Tickets section, please provide your feedback here. Any UI improvements, any features/functionality you would like to be added to make your experience better with the app etc. This will help us make the app more useful for you as a user.
  11. Thank you so much for your feedback @zitu4life This is indeed a good idea and I have passed it on to the development team for their review. If you have any more such ideas/requirements, I would say keep'm coming 🙂
  12. First of all, thank you all for providing your valuable feedback so far. In the quest of providing a handy and usable app to our clients, we are looking for any suggestions related to the dashboard that would help make the app more useful for you. Are there any other options you might want to see on the dashboard itself or any other important info that you want to check right from the dashboard itself? If yes, then do share your ideas and suggestions so that we can provide a better user experience to everyone.
  13. If your device is configured to auto update apps, then the app should be updated automatically by the device itself. However, if auto-update of apps is disabled on the device, then you will need to manually update by going to the app store.
  14. Yes, the new App does utilize the WHMCS API. We would love to hear your feedback about the new app. If you are having any issues or if there are any features that you might like to be added in future etc.
  15. Thank you for the update. Can you please try it on a device with a newer android version (7 or 8 or above) and see if you are still able to replicate the issue?
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