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  1. Hello, Thank you for your feedback. I was able to replicate this issue and have created a case for it to be reviewed by our developers and making sure that the income graphs also use the default currency like the income stats.
  2. Thank you for the confirmation David. Can you please confirm if the ticket was created by the app/web panel or by an email imported as a ticket?
  3. Hello, It is recommended to create a new table in such scenarios so that the integrity of the stock tables (like tblorders) is not compromised by adding new columns. You can create as many new tables as per your requirements, to store additional data.
  4. That is correct. "date" is indeed the order created date. It is strange that you are seeing today's date on the order but no orders for today in the admin area. Can you please check Order 15 and see what date is it showing in the admin area?
  5. looks like @brian! already got you covered. You can indeed duplicate the Email module and use it as per your needs.
  6. It does look like that the custom hook is causing the issue. Can you please remove the file custom.php (after taking a backup) and see if that resolves the issue?
  7. That is correct. You can play around with these numbers to place the image where you need.
  8. Hi Jonathan, Welcome to the WHMCS community 🙂
  9. It is in the Setup Menu. If you do not see it there, it would mean you are using a custom admin theme. Switch to the default Blend admin template and check, in that case.
  10. It is possible that incorrect Storage Settings could be causing this behavior. I will suggest checking the storage configuration on the `Setup -> Storage Settings` page and making sure the configuration there is correct. Let me know how it goes.
  11. This clears it up. The transfer should be automatically processed if the invoice is marked paid BEFORE the order is accepted. Once the order is accepted, the Domain status is changed to Active (as shown in the screenshot provided in the first post. So there are two options: 1. Either the invoice is paid before the order is accepted 2. Or if you are accepting the order before the invoice is being marked paid, you need to select the Registrar and check "Send to Registrar" option while accepting the order so that WHMCS can initiate the transfer as soon as the order is accepted. Hope it helps.
  12. Yes. You can configure the affiliate system to provide commission on a one time basis. For this, you just need to enable "Affiliate Pay Amount" as One Time Payout for all products (Edit Product -> Other tab). Hope it helps.
  13. I will suggest renaming the htaccess file present in the Wordpress directory to htaccess.txt and disabling the Wordfence plugin in wordpress (if activated) and check if that resolves the issue.
  14. Just to confirm, are you trying to close/suspend the whole client account or just their hosting account/services?
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