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  1. This certainly sounds strange. I will recommend creating a support ticket with our Marketplace department so that our techs can look into it for you.
  2. WHMCS Sachin

    Not understanding how funds work in MarketConnect

    Just like you use a domain reseller account (i.e. you add funds to your domain reseller account first and then when a customer orders a domain, the cost price of that domain is deducted from your account funds and the domain is registered in your account), you add funds to your MarketConnect account beforehand, in order to sell and provision MarketConnect services automatically. Whenever a customer places an order for a MC service (like SSL or Weebly account), the cost of that service is deducted from your MC account and the service is provisioned. The payment that the customer makes goes to your account (and not to any other service provider). You pay for the services from your Marketconnect funds. This is exactly why it is required to have some funds added before you can make your first sale. Hope it clears it up a bit. Let me know if you have any further queries.
  3. WHMCS Sachin

    Domain Registrar keeps defaulting to NONE

    First of all, please make sure that the Auto Register setting for all TLDs on your install is set to Enom on the "Domain Pricing" page. This will ensure that WHMCS used Enom to register the domains automatically as soon as the order invoice is paid by the client. However, if your staff is manually accepting the order without the clients making the payment first, then they will need to select Enom from the dropdown (on the Accept Order page) while accepting the order manually. Hope it helps.
  4. WHMCS Sachin

    SIdebar to Remove & Show in Clientarea

    If you want to see the changes immediately, you can either clear cache from cloudflare or activate Developer Mode in cloudflare settings.
  5. WHMCS Sachin

    Question about VPS for WHMCS

    Hello Reple, Welcome to the WHMCS community. WHMCS is a light weight script and is known to run fine even on shared hosting accounts for small installations (50-150 customers or more). The specs for the product you linked look good and should be more than sufficient for WHMCS with 100-200 users, on paper.
  6. WHMCS Sachin

    TinyMCE formats everything when I copy/paste

    Or you can just right click and select "Paste as plain text". Works for me in Chrome. 🙂
  7. WHMCS Sachin

    Billing cycle invoice question

    What @Kian said is absolutely correct. The invoice is generated on the basis of the value of the "Recurring Amount" field on the service/product page. So even if that particular cycle is disabled, WHMCS will generate the invoice using the amount configured as "Recurring Amount" for that service. Hope it clears it up a little.
  8. WHMCS Sachin

    Font Awesome 5 whmcs-brigde

    As you have already found out that the issue is not present when the client area is accessed directly. Only when the bridge is used, you face this issue. This would indicate some problem with the bridge plugin so contacting the plugin developers seems like the way to proceed in this case.
  9. WHMCS Sachin

    How to increase generated password characters?

    Hi Marina, It is not possible to define the length of the passwords for services, as of now. You can, however, increase the complexity of the passwords generated by WHMCS from the password strength related settings on the `Setup -> General Settings -> Security` tab.
  10. WHMCS Sachin

    Invalid tax percentage error

    In that case, can you switch to the default templates (Standard Cart and Six) and see if the issue persists?
  11. WHMCS Sachin

    Invoices are not getting marked as paid

    The link Brian shared should help in resolving this issue. @GoogieHost did it help?
  12. WHMCS Sachin

    Invoices are not getting marked as paid

    Have you checked the Gateway log in the Billing menu? Do you see any entries related to the invoices where are not being marked paid? It should give you some idea why the payments are not being applied to the invoices.
  13. WHMCS Sachin

    Another bugs found in Order form

    As @brian already mentioned, it is due to the new stricter hostname validation. Now it is not possible to order more than 1 VPS/Server product with the same domain name, same as you can not order more than 1 shared hosting product with the same domain name. Hostname/Domain names are the unique identifiers for the services, so can not be duplicated, AFAIK.
  14. WHMCS Sachin

    Another bugs found in Order form

    That is great. I am glad that it is working now. And as @Brian mentioned above, the validation process has been worked on in the latest version.

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