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  1. Mechanic

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Then you are aware that one such user got banned on WHT. Their assumptions are targetted and flawed on the face. No web hosting provider is going to put only 200 accounts on a server without charging a hefty price.
  2. Mechanic

    MASSIVE cPanel price increases

    Helm and HSPHere once ruled the web hosting control panel industry. They have fallen and cPanel has taken the throne. It can change anytime again. Who are those people? Are they web hosting providers or a bunch of VPS users? If anything, cPanel's new pricing encourages denser servers as the more account you put on a server, the less expensive it gets for a provider.
  3. WHMCS Support acknowledged that this is indeed a bug and they will develop a fix. However, they didn't provide any timeframe for such.
  4. HI, In WHMCS 7.8.3 + 2Checkout payment gateway, the discount is being applied twice when a client tries to create a recurring subscription. This does not happen when they try to make a one off payment. This can be reproduced by creating a similar invoice under any other client account.
  5. Could you provide more details on what issue you are having? For example, how many line items on the invoice, was there any discount or credit applied, multiple products from different billing cycles, the first line item was a negative value etc.?
  6. This may have been current behavior but not logical. WHMCS should fallback to the default template only if 1) There are multiple products from different product groups and different product groups have different templates and 2) There is a conflict between product characteristics and the template set in the product group.
  7. Go to WHMCS > Products / Services > Edit Group > Specify a Template A specific product in a specific group should use the template specified in the group settings, regardless of how many products you have or not. This is why there is an option to set cart templates on per group basis. You are not confusing client area templates with cart templates, are you?
  8. Mechanic

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    Nope, I have defined a different template in the Product Group. For further discussion regarding this, let's reply in the thread.
  9. Nope, it should use the template defined in the Product Group. This is why this setting exists.
  10. Mechanic

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    I already did. Creating a custom cart template based on the standard cart and then editing viewcart.tpl does not work at all:
  11. Hi, I have created a duplicate template of the [standard cart] and edited the [configureproduct.tpl] and [viewcart.tpl] to display a few lines of text. While testing to check the texts display properly, I noticed the text in [product.tpl] shows up properly but the text in [viewcart.tpl] does not display at all. The new templates name is [myonecart]. It has all the files the [standard cart] has. Only the [configureproduct.tpl] and [viewcart.tpl] files were modified. All other files were untouched. The [standard cart] is set as the default template in [Setup > General Settings > Ordering]. The [myonecart] is set as the default template in [Setup > Products/Services > Edit Group] However, if I set [myonecart] as the default template in [Setup > General Settings > Ordering], the text in [viewcart.tpl] displays without any issue - when 1) [myonecart] is set as default in [Setup > Products/Services > Edit Group] 2) [Use System Default] is set as default in [Setup > Products/Services > Edit Group] Without putting lines of texts, I have tried using a single word but the results are the same. Is this the expected behavior or is it a bug? I am using WHMCS 7.8.3 with a development license to test things out. Would appreciate if anyone could confirm if this is a bug in WHMCS.
  12. Mechanic

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    Exceptions like a gateway throwing a deadline doesn't happen overnight or every other day. Exceptions can be handled with exceptions. Considering the past few years of development, it seems WHMCS does not have any clear development path or plan, version upgrades are their reactions to something, not parts of any plan.
  13. Mechanic

    SCA compliance vs 7.8 Bugs

    While an upcoming maintenance release is good news, the way the past few updates were handled, questions in relying on further frequent development. These 7.8.x updates have increased concerns in reliability. What we don't need is errors in WHMCS. WHMCS is a billing platform at its core and not a game that it would need updates and eye candy features every other day. Instead of focusing on developing marketplace products, they should keep their focus on the core. And it should seriously reconsider their update flights and limit them to once per year.
  14. Hi, Is it possible to create a reseller hosting package and give the client a choice of how many cPanel accounts they want in a radio button/text field/drop down? For example, when a client orders the reseller1 reseller hosting package, he will be given 3 options: 10 cPanel accounts, 20 cPanel accounts or 30 cPanel accounts. If the client chooses an option and an additional amount will be added to his invoice. Is this possible?
  15. Mechanic

    Sever Sync for Resellers

    Hi @WHMCS John Thank you for your quick reply. WHMCS could omit the information to be displayed in case of a server is a reseller.

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