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  1. Thank you for those ideas. Do you think email templates can be used on a per service basis, and a custom date can be added? For example, a notice that says the service will be suspended on the due date + 5days and terminated on the suspension date + 15 days ? To the user.
  2. Hi, I want to open a ticket automatically when an invoice becomes overdue. I do not need this for all products/services. I only need to open a ticket for a few products/services or a for a single product group. Any help and suggestion is welcome.
  3. Thank you or contacting me. Yes, I have received a reply and actively communicating with you. Just so you know that I am still getting 500 error when I visit that link.
  4. Thanks. The link was giving me a 500 error, so I went ahead and opened a ticket. I would appreciate if you or anyone else help me solve the issue.
  5. I have opened a ticket with you and waiting for your update. Anyone else willing to help me on this?
  6. Hi, I use 2Checkout as my payment gateway. Today I received a warning from them for allowing recurring payments on Biennial and Triennial billing terms. They are saying they do not allow recurring payments on Biennial and Triennial billing terms. I use WHMCS's default 2Checkout module and prorata billing. That is, all invoices are due on the first day of the month. How do I disable this recurring payment button when a biennial/triennial item exist on an invoice?
  7. You certainly deserve some praise. Whenever someone needs any help, you are right at it!
  8. 2 months of testing isn't really sufficient to produce a stable version. They should really focus more on stability rather than feature upgrades that nobody needs. Perhaps feature upgrades every year and only security updates every month?
  9. This is correct. @WHMCS John Would request to add this section in some form, perhaps as notification icons or dropdowns if space is an issue ?
  10. Thanks a lot. This seems close to what I need. Yes, I did. You came first to my mind, and you know why.
  11. Hi, I need a solution to force users to pay using a specific payment gateway when the invoice total becomes larger than X amount. I use two payment gateways now. So, essentially when the total amount exceeds X, then the buttons and dropdown entries of one payment gateway needs to be removed from the invoice page so that the user is forced to pay using the gateway of my choice. It needs to be able to accept exceptions based on invoice number / user id. That is, some users will be able to pay using all t5he payment gateways. It can be a variable or a file that I need to manually edit. The solution doesn't need any GUI. I am using two gateways now, and might add more later.
  12. Add me to the list. We do not accept PayPal subscriptions. So, an option to disable subscriptions in the new PayPal module is a required feature for us.
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