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  1. Add me to the list. We do not accept PayPal subscriptions. So, an option to disable subscriptions in the new PayPal module is a required feature for us.
  2. Hi John, Thank you for investigating this. I don't see any products created under my 2checkout account after replicating this behavior. If you confirm that it is something for 2Checkout to look into, I will contact them to look into the issue. Could you speed up a hotfix for # MODULE-7206 (the original issue) and make sure it is thoroughly checked by WHMCS, not the beta testers so that there are fewer chances to cause any new bug? It is a payment gateway bug after all and doesn't deserve to wait until a new version releases.
  3. Hi @WHMCS John In addition to that, there might be another bug. I just switched to Standard mode from Inline but all of the invoices are showing the Inline mode. I have cleared the template cache and used a different browser. All the same.
  4. Hi @WHMCS John I am still waiting for your reply. Do you still think these behaviors are normal for WHMCS?
  5. Hi @WHMCS John Are you suggesting that a manual edit in the "Recurring Amount" filed in the client's Products/Services? WHMCS automatically calculates and updates this value once an order is placed, is it not? Today, the issue occurred multiple times. all with the same behavior I will provide details of two new orders, not recurring: 01. The client ordered a Reseller Hosting, prorated on the 1st. Added an Addon. A 40% recurring discount was applied with coupon. Ordered for three years. Regular price for 3 years is: 2486.25 On the Product Details page: First Payment Amount: 1834.39 Recurring Amount: 1491.75 Invoice: Reseller Hosting: (protated: 29/11/2019 - 31/10/2022) 2424.95 40% Recurring Discount -969.98 Addon 379.42 Invoice Total: 1,834.39 When they click on "Create Automated Recurring Subscription", they see 1871.17 When they click on "Make One Off Payment", they see 2804.37 I lost this first client. 02. The client ordered a Reseller Hosting2, prorated on the 1st. A 40% recurring discount was applied with coupon. Ordered for Quarterly. Regular price for Quarterly is: 50.59 On the Product Details page: First Payment Amount: 21.11 Recurring Amount: 30.35 Invoice: Reseller Hosting2: (protated: 29/11/2019 - 31/01/2020) 35.19 40% Recurring Discount -14.08 Invoice Total: 21.11 When they click on "Create Automated Recurring Subscription", they see 30.35 on the credit card tab, when they go to PayPal, PayPal payment page shows: 35.19 When they click on "Make One Off Payment", they see 35.19 Had to create a custom invoice for them to pay. So, how do you explain the logic behind these? Is this normal for a billing application to behave and you are still calling it a fix?
  6. Thank you for your reply. I had several tickets open with you, my comment on the support quality was based on those tickets. I appreciate that you are trying to help. Though a single test cannot tell whether a hotfix works or not. I can give you a lot of scenarios where the hotfix failed. These hotfix files are integrated into v7.9, so it is too, bound to fail. 1. The issue appears randomly, with random symptoms, seemingly only for recurring services. 2. Create a renewal invoice (currency: USD) for an existing product. 3. The renewal date should be in the future. 4. Edit the invoice and include the following line items: anything 14.26 anything -4.28 5. The invoice total should now be 9.98 6. Log in as a client, or via the link from the client profile 7. Click on "Create Automated Recurring Subscription" and you will see the amount shown is 9.20 8. Close the popup 9. Click on "Make One Off Payment", you will see the amount shown is 9.98 This was when I tried to replicate an issue of a client invoice. The second line item was a 30% recurring discount code, and the first line item was a monthly reseller hosting service. But you don't need to enter anything more than "anything". The client faced a different issue on their invoice. Instead of paying 9.98 or 9.20, they paid 14.26 which means the discount was never deducted while WHMCS passed the values to 2CO. Again, these issues do not appear on all invoices, but they do appear frequently enough to lose clients.
  7. Have you tested the hotfix or it's a theory that you believe that the issue was fixed after re-writing some code? Can you state publicly how many transactions WHMCS has performed with the hotfix applied and what are the nature of the line of items of those invoices? I bet you can't tell because you fixed the issue only in theory, didn't test the hotfix at all. The hotfix that you applied in v7.9 REVERSED the issue, fixed nothing: You really need a good QA team. As furious and hopeless as I am, seeing your quality of support going so low saddens me. Your entire team should do their homework without quoting from a predefined set of replies.
  8. @WHMCS ChrisD Any word whether we would get a fix for this payment gateway bug? It seems you have put aside your development for a new WHMCS version. If a payment gateway bug is not important, which type of WHMCS bug is important to you?
  9. No, the issue hasn't been fixed. The problem reversed actually. In the past sometimes discount coupons were being deducted twice from the price, now they are not being deducted at all. I really don't understand why WHMCS was not able to fix the issue. This is just calculation via scripting, not some complex algorithm.
  10. @WHMCS ChrisD I just applied the hotfix and it just worsened the issue. Now the coupon is not being deducted at all.
  11. Thank you for the hotfix. You would expect a bug as important as a payment gateway bug would be fixed as fast as possible. You seem to have aother priorities which speak a volume about your development path. Every other day we see features being developed which nobody wants. But this is not the only reason for introducing another billing solution to our clients. You might want to work on how you provide support and bug fixes.
  12. HI @WHMCS ChrisD Thank you for the response. Seeing no action from your part, we started offering Blesta to our clients, and inspecting HostBill for us, as your lack of action both via support and community hurt our confidence in WHMCS. I didn't expect your quality of service to take so much downhill. We are stuck with WHMCS for now, but that too might change.
  13. Then you are aware that one such user got banned on WHT. Their assumptions are targetted and flawed on the face. No web hosting provider is going to put only 200 accounts on a server without charging a hefty price.
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