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  1. Hello, welcome! What will be your concern then? šŸ™‚
  2. It' seemed overcrowded at the main page, perhaps you can do something with it.
  3. I did play badminton every day as we have our own court in the backyard. But since my cousin went back home, I don't have anyone to play it with.
  4. "As a novel coronavirus swept the world in early 2020, thousands of software devel-opers began working from home. Many did so on short notice, under difficult and stressfulconditions. This study investigates the effects of the pandemic on developersā€™ wellbeing andproductivity. A questionnaire survey was created mainly from existing, validated scales andtranslated into 12 languages. The data was analyzed using non-parametric inferentialstatistics and structural equation modeling. The questionnaire received 2225 usable responses from 53 countries. Factor analy-sis supported the validity of the scales and the structural model achieved a good fit (CFI =0.961, RMSEA =0.051, SRMR =0.067). Confirmatory results include: the pandemichas had a negative effect on developersā€™ wellbeing and productivity; productivity andwellbeing are closely related; disaster preparedness, fear related to the pandemic andhome office ergonomics all affect wellbeing or productivity. Exploratory analysis suggeststhat: women, parents and people with disabilities may be disproportionately affected; different people need different kinds of support." Given how stressed we are right now with the current price tag of WHMCS services. As a fellow software developer, don't you think it's too much? How do you process these on your daily life?
  5. Still looking forward for Admin to answer this..
  6. Is there an easier way to show which clients have a positive credit balance?
  7. Oh apologies, just sharing. :)
  8. This is really useful if you earn money from your site so better protect the code. This prevents anyone from injecting scripts or malicious codes then youll see in the results in search engines the "this website maybe harmful". If you got this you can easily go back to the clean version of your site.
  9. My business is growing rapidly and I want to implement the best solution possible. Ideally customers could login to SaaS product and handle billing under the same account as the SaaS product is in. Currently they have to log into a completely separate billing system (whmcs) and they have different login/password for that. What do companies use who sell multiple different products and handle billing under the same dashboard?
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