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  1. This is really useful if you earn money from your site so better protect the code. This prevents anyone from injecting scripts or malicious codes then youll see in the results in search engines the "this website maybe harmful". If you got this you can easily go back to the clean version of your site.
  2. My business is growing rapidly and I want to implement the best solution possible. Ideally customers could login to SaaS product and handle billing under the same account as the SaaS product is in. Currently they have to log into a completely separate billing system (whmcs) and they have different login/password for that. What do companies use who sell multiple different products and handle billing under the same dashboard?
  3. Exacty, WHMCS still in my top list in this category.
  4. Dude, I can relate, sadly, there's no comfort words I can think of saying as we are all implicated on this issue.
  5. What's your opinion on who's better between Zammad or Chatwoot? Would like to learn more, thanks!
  6. Hey guys, actually I'd like to find a simpler way to handle all of this. Maybe just having my programmer write code for triggering emails in the saas backend would be the best option?
  7. Are any of you using a billing system other than WHMCS for your web hosting company? I have a web hosting/SaaS company with 200+ paying customers and I'm trying to find a way to simplify the billing and email automation process. Here is what I have now: Whmcs for billing Convertkit for marketing automation Sendgrid for sending email
  8. How does Webflow compare to Drupal? Is webflow better than it?
  9. Did you find the fix for this already? Thanks.
  10. Yes, also Freshdesk makes managing incoming requests simple. Quite rocks.
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