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  1. My first impressions were great and design-wise I think it looks nice 😃
  2. I see, I think this topic is really important and that we should hear from them the sooner the better.
  3. Are they still visiting these threads?
  4. As the title says. Everyone's having their own rough times these days especially at work, what are you doing to overcome it?
  5. Just as I expected to happen since last month.
  6. That or they'll just send you an advertisement.
  7. Yes, but I got nothing from that community, and until now until I realize I forgot about this issue, that I posted it here. I sent another inquiry with the dev, still got no answer from them.
  8. Hi, When we create a new hosting, we have this error on WHMCS : CreateAccount Fault: (Code: -999, Message: Fault: An unknown error occured (Code: -999). Please reference SolidCP BusinessErrorCodes for further information I have checked the error codes list, but -999 is not referenced SolidCP is in 1.4.2 (we will update in 1.4.7 when it will be available) Thanks in advance.
  9. Yeah, found only 1 bad feedback but 0 good feedbacks as well. Better follow your intuition, man.
  10. I found an itinerary for a road trip to Denver/Las Vegas. I think it will be good this year! https://www.10best.com/interests/explore/las-vegas-denver-road-trip-loop-2-week-itinerary/
  11. I remember about almost 15 years ago people thinking that email would soon die because of spam overtaking all email systems and defeating emails functionality. Well, still hasn't happened. Apple computer, with all of its security features on the iPhone, was unable to stop the government from breaking in. Hilary Clinton was unable to prevent her personal server from being broken into (I believe that she had some of the best IT folks working for her.) So when will computers be totally secure? Probably never.
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