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  2. V 4.0.1 * Fixed PHPMail WHMCS 7.8.x * Fixed some emails spam problem * Updated Menu renewed * Updated Email Template Changes * Updated the Licence System
  3. Version 6.5.2 Fixed 2FA to work with WHMCS 7.8.1 Fixed problem with invoice merge fields Fixed custom field problem with WHMCS 7.8.1 Fixed password show in logs
  4. V 6.0.6 Fixed PHPMailer problem Bypass verification bug fixed
  5. V 3.1.2 Fixed problem with PHPMailer Fixed Email Sender name
  6. V 2.6.4 Fixed PHPMailer problem Fixed problem with WHMCS 7.8
  7. V1.6.4 Fixed the module to work with new MaxMind Fixed module to work with WHMCS v7.8.1 Updated Remove some of the old code Updated Remove some unused merge fields Added WHMCSServices help page
  8. V 1.0.1 * Fixed a bug with gateway variables * Removed stripe class folder and used WHMCS class folder * Removed global function language and use WHMCS function language * Added a button to activate the stripe gateway * Updated Restyle the Stripe Widget
  9. V2.2.1 Fixed hiding passwords in logs Fixed SMS Log
  10. Version 6.5.1 Fixed Customer place order Fixed Wrong characters send
  11. I am planning on launching this new module, WS MailerLite for WHMCS, next week. To find out more about what it does, please click here. We are also taking pre-orders for this module. The full cost is $24.99 USD but if you were pre-order now you can get it of $19.99 USD by using this coupon code MailerLite. DO NOT miss this great Offer! On this fantastic deal! The next ten (10) people who purchase this WS MailerLite Module will get $5.00 off the Sale Price. To get this $5.00 discount, you must use this discount code, MailerLite, when you order. If you do not use this discount code when you order you will NOT get the $5.00 off. Do You Need Custom Development? Don't hesitate any longer! Contact us now! Looking for help with WHMCS? We also provide WHMCS Themes, WHMCS installation, WHMCS configuration & WHMCS integration services. Chat with us through live support, or send in a ticket if you would like more information at https://www.whmcsservices.com There you will find all your questions answered. Save even more! Thanks again for choosing WHMCS Services. We appreciate your business
  12. V3.2.0 Added New menu and about pages Added Don't Force after register Updated WS prefix added to Email Template Updated Licence code Updated Apps & Integrations Fixed Locked email not sending
  13. V1.1.1 Fixed issue with Selected Clients on new installations. Fixed Version Number Updated Added more information to Selected Clients selection overview Updated Changed the visibility of the sidebar on the network status page, it's now only visible when a client is logged in or when there are public monitors. Updated Require login for UptimeRobot statistics page when there are no public reports. Updated License Code
  14. V 5.3.0 Added Quote terms features Fixed Contact Modify Master Account Profile Fixed Misspelled Word Fixed Lagom template Updated License code
  15. V2.2.0 Added Amazon SNS - SMS gateway Updated BulkSMS API renewed Updated License code Fixed login whmcs Fixed Missing word Fixed Logam template Fixed Change verified number
  16. Version 6.5.0 Added Amazon SNS SMS Gateway Added 46elks SMS Gateway Added boomcast.io SMS Gateway Added gw1202-gsm-series SMS Gateway Added Jawwal SMS Gateway Added Birthday Message Added MSG91 Balance Added BulkSMS Balance Fixed MASS SMS Option does not send sms using WHMCS contact number Fixed misspelled word Fixed encoded characters Fixed same time different gateways Fixed domain name in invoice creation Updated rename connectbind to RA Mobile Updated MSG91 select API type Updated BulkSMS API
  17. Should I develop mailerlite.com for WHMCS module The reason why I see alot companies are stopped to use MailChimp and use other services. Plus they have better price then MailChimp Will you be interested to buy it? Please vote here
  18. We are pleased to announce that as of today, 28 June 2019, WHMCS Services and SwiftModders, LLC are official partners. The partnership with SwiftModders provides clients with all kinds of themes. We have been thinking a great deal about forming the partnership since we have been working together for some time now; and finally, after careful consideration and deliberations, we have decided to form partnerships with SwiftModders. WHMCS Services has partnered with SwiftModders to supply you with the best and most beautiful, and responsive WHMCS themes. If you're looking for a beautiful WHMCS Themes our partner's SwiftModders have you covered! They specialize in feature-rich themes with quality support. All of their themes include exclusive settings area; multi-language support; multi-display options; are fully responsive; and include many more features. WHMCS Services clients can get a 15% discount on any SwiftModders purchase! Enter the coupon code "whmcsservices" on checkout. View the SwiftModders themes and Order Now About SwiftModders, LLC SwiftModders was first released and launched back in 2007 -- Experienced frontend web developer with a demonstrated history of working in the events services industry. Skilled in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SASS/LESS, UI/UX and custom WordPress theme development. Strong marketing professional with a BS focused in Visual Arts For More information. Please visit https://swiftmodders.com/ About WHMCS Services Based in New York City, WHMCS Services was established in 2004; WHMCS Services develops and deploys innovative software solutions for Web hosting providers and Internet users. Some of the most popular products in our menu are WHMCS Modules; we also offer WHMCS Integration, custom works, Web design, and affiliate marketing. We are a one-stop-shop for all your software needs. WHMCS Services is based in New York City, New York. For More information. Please visit https://www.whmcsservices.com WHMCS Services

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