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  2. Take look at one of the feature that MailerSend have 2FA SMS
  3. Version 1.2.2 Fixed Multi currency supportFixed Issue with missing translate varsFixed Issue with load wrong language file in first load
  4. Version 1.2.1 Fixed Issue with twice sales domainFixed Domain favorites list moved to tabsUpdated Disable Sale By Contact
  5. V 4.8.1 Fixed Issue with upgrade to latest versionFixed Issue with Lagom 2Fixed Issue with client profile summary with Email Plus+ Module
  6. V 4.8.0 Added Staff required to approval or pin to access all client dataAdded Time based agents limit for accessing client dataAdded Auto change password option after staffs see client passwordFixed Issue with PHP 7.x and 8.xFixed Issue with staff direct access to client dataUpdate rename the folder name
  7. Version 6.0.0 Added Domain GroupsAdded Profile PhotosAdded Auto set client/user when email changesAdded Limit products per client groups and products groups
  8. V 1.4.0 Added Promotions/Coupons for refer clientsFixed Facebook share button issue
  9. Version 5.1.2 Added Note in donations featureFixed Issue with Lara admin template panelsFixed Issue with Donation menu item language
  10. V 2.1.1 Fixed Problem with creating tickets when payment and accepting orders Fixed Issue with a ticket after invoice payment Fixed Issue with admin ticket username Fixed Problem with addons ordering cart
  11. V 2.3.7 Fixed Issue with checkout page verification Added Mysubmail SMS Gateway Added YourBulkSMS SMS Gateway
  12. I had a chat with string and it is all cleared up. We both agree that no code was copied. There are similarities in the text because the modules do similar things, but no code was copied at any point. @string can confirm that.
  13. I didnt said anything about Code. Just that it is a copy and Scrrenshots on both pages shows 100% exact columns, even Popup with three columns 100% same. Text on your homepage, at least that sentence 100% same xD So mostly quite a copy. Anyways. I must go now.
  14. You total wrong this module is not the same coding like Deploymentcode.com. That case how many company out they did my Email Verification module look close but coding is not the same or my Support pin module.
  15. Its nearly exact copy except of some CSS 🙂 Even every Column is 100% same. And as i already stated above: The Text is copied 1:1. How can that be a coincidence? Looking at @griffinhosting and his email Plus Modul is something else. This here is 98% Copy. Don't understand. And as i said, the 99,9% same hint "Please note" is confirming that.
  16. Oh, thanks for tagging me @Danse The module of wsa probably performs a similar task, so similarities in the description are normal, but yes, I also recognize a few "coincidences". The example you brought is awesome 😂. But don't worry, no matter if it's "wordspinned" like you say (the one section is obviously copied 1:1) or not, I'm happy if our modules (and textes) give inspiration. I really don't mind at all. The only reason I'm even going into this is because of this: So this is the first time I've heard that. The module is used well and when there were reports that something was not recognized, it was always due to the customer. There has been an enormous amount of time invested in self-developed tricks to trick the Google / Hotmail image proxy, for example, even with self-hosted domains and so on. First taking over the text (at least partially, see example of @Danse), and then making wild claims - I actually find that a bit cheeky. I would like to have examples with which provider our module doesn't work, but works with yours 🤷‍♂️.
  17. Number one this module is not the same and this module maybe don't detect some email this why i put this to let peoples know about it. Am still tester with alot email system or software and try to making work with all 🙂 But you can see the whole screenshot that nothing the same as Deploymentcode.com
  18. The texts of your "full story" look pretty familiar to me. So I looked at the module I use myself for tracking mails and found that your texts are only wordspinned, like a bad copy 😞 By the way, you made a mistake while copying the original text: https://www.whmcsservices.com/edstatus.php >Please note that this system like any other mail tracking system - cannot detect with 100% accuracy whether an email has been opened. If the recipient blocks external content, the module will not be able to detect whether the mail has been opened. Text from Deploymentcode: https://documentation.deploymentcode.com/display/MailTrackingWHMCS >Please note that this system - like any other mail tracking system - cannot detect with 100% accuracy whether an email has been opened. If the recipient blocks external content, the module will not be able to detect wether the mail has been opened. You forgot to remove the second "-". Sorry if that sounds rude. I just think it's sad when a great module is imitated like this and you don't even bother to at least formulate the text yourself. Tagging @string so they see it as well.
  19. Poughkeepsie, NY - June 28, 2022 - WHMCS Services Expert on Modules and Custom Modules has just launched a new module called WS Email Delivery Status for WHMCS. As a business, you send many important emails to your customers. Invoices, renewal notices, quotes, and important announcements are just a few of the many things you may communicate to your customers via e-mail. Full story: Email Delivery Status -- About WHMCS Services Our goal is to continually innovate and provide advanced, quality products and solutions, complemented by responsive and knowledgeable customer service personnel ready to provide timely support. We also aim to provide value for money packages to the price conscious consumer. Founded in 2009, WHMCS Services develops and deploys innovative software solutions for Web hosting providers and Internet users. Some of the most popular products in our menu are WHMCS Modules; we also offer WHMCS Integration, WHMCS Themes, custom works and affiliate marketing. We are a one-stop-shop for all your software needs. WHMCS Services is based in New York. For more information, go to www.whmcsservices.com
  20. InSync Business Group (IBG) customers if you have a Product Image Module we can add any feature you like if you have the source code or if you like you can try my WS Products/Addons Images module that does close the same I can give you 25% off if you sent me your receipt that you bought the Product Image from IBG I give you a discount code.
  21. V 1.0.2 Fixed Problem with product domain adding Fixed Problem with phone field county Fixed Cart duplicate domain in WHMCS 8.5.x Fixed Some problems with the new hosting order Fixed currency Fixed issue with PHP 7. x
  22. Version 5.1.1 Fixed issue with user change password redirectionFixed Issue with Password reset using different character set does not allow login
  23. Version 5.1.0 Added Client Area Advanced SearchAdded DonationsAdded Disable Store Credit Cards After Client Invoice PaidAdded Restricted ProductsFixed Partial PayPal Payment
  24. Version 1.2.0 Added Mark Domains as favoritesAdded Filter DomainAdded Deposit when adding bidAdded Auto Category when domain addingFixed Domains Auctions Page template changes and issue with currencyFixed Issue with domain market list height

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