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  2. V2.1.0 Added Open Product Addons ticketsAdded Multiple Products per templateUpdated New menuUpdated Merge FieldsFixed Ticket Template editor changes to WHMCS Ticket EditorFixed Problems with WHMCS V8.3
  3. V 3.0.1 Added Sub Affiliates listFixed Problem with affiliates redirectionFixed WHMCS 8.3.0 SupportedUpdated Affiliates Commission History and Balance distribution
  4. Version: 2.0.0 Released (10/05/2021) Stable Added Ability to change client password from admin area Added Ability to disable the "Hide inactive client" toggle on admin area search Added Merge Hidden Services module Added Merge Hide Permissions module Added Add ability to disable/enable hiding canceled domain names Added Open a ticket when service unsuspension fails Added Open a ticket when domain renew fails Updated Rewrite the whole code Updated rename Hidden Services to Client Manager
  5. V2.2.1 * Fixed Working hours just show in support pages change * Fixed Problem with pages that don't have a sidebar * Fixed Currency Display * Updated About Page
  6. Version 4.0.0 Added Ioncube Logs - Ability to manually/automatically purge Ioncube LogsAdded Cron/Register Logs - Ability to manually/automatically purge Cron/Register LogsAdded Update Logs - Ability to manually/automatically purge Update LogsAdded Error Logs - Ability to manually/automatically purge Error LogsFixed count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
  7. V 3.0.0 Beta Added Direct linksAdded Tier RecruitingAdded URL GeneratorUpdated the Menu to show in addon page
  8. V 4.7.0 Added ask to access admin client summary Fixed Problem with admin header redirect
  9. V 1.8.0 Added Fraudlabs fraud module supportingAdded Auto Updated On This ModuleUpdated About Page
  10. Version 3.3.2 Fixed Problem with form submit after agreeFixed Problem with bootstrap 4Updated About PageAdded Auto Updated On This Module
  11. V 1.0.2 Updated notification for limited productsUpdated About page addedAdded Auto Updated On This Module
  12. Version 3.0.0 is coming out next week and feature on Direct Links: allow you to link directly to this site, from your own website, without an affiliate link Tier Recruiting: Offer affiliates the ability to recruit other affiliates URL Generator: Let Affiliates generate a link to any page on your website
  13. V 7.1.5 Fixed Problem with yes/no translate in notification pageFixed Problem with save custom field mobileFixed Problem with pending domains reminderFixed Problem with MSG9191 balance errorUpdated India DLT Template added for MSG91 gatewayUpdated About PageAdded OnVerify SMS GatewayAdded Auto Updated On This Module
  14. v2.80 Added ticket for invoice delayAdded Auto Update ModuleUpdated Some lang missing words
  15. V 2.3.5 Added verify after payment Added Auto Updated On Module Updated About Page Updated MSG91 API with DLT Updated Plivo Library Updated Amazon library Fixed Accessing client portal without phone verification
  16. Version 6.2.1 Updated SSL expire date monitorUpdated format in SMS and Email templatesFixed Problem with chart page languageFixed Multi-language version
  17. V 2.1.3 Added Affiliates bonus just for new clients Added Auto Update Module Fixed Problem with the report Fixed Problem with SwiftModders WHMCS Admin Theme Fixed Remove PayPal ID field Updated About Page
  18. Version 1.1.0 Added Products Group feature Added Auto Updated On Module Updated About Page
  19. V 4.6.3 Added Auto Updated On ModuleUpdated About PageUpdated Remove Support Update
  20. V 5.5.1 Added Auto Updated On ModuleUpdated About PageUpdated Remove Support Update
  21. You can download this free if you still use WHMCS 7.10.x, 8.0.x & 8.1.3
  22. Version 1.3.0 Added Policy Changes PopupAdded Auto UpdatedUpdated About Page
  23. Version 4.0.2 Fixed Allow Remote OriginFixed Popup images maker problemFixed Problem with image date Fixed Problem with twenty-one templateUpdated License system checkAdded Auto Updated
  24. If you like you can tester and let me know what you think before I release this week? Web Hosting: https://dev.citytecks.com/index.php?m=opc&pid=1 Dedicated Server: https://dev.citytecks.com/index.php?m=opc&pid=16 VPS: https://dev.citytecks.com/index.php?m=opc&pid=14 Domain Name: https://dev.citytecks.com/index.php?m=op...n=register VPN: https://dev.citytecks.com//index.php?m=opc&pid=6 .htaccess protection Username: demo .htaccess protection Password: #$CityTecks#$

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