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  2. Version 7.0.2 Release on 2/5/2020 Fixed Problem with Domain Reminder Fixed Problem with Admin Numbers Fixed Problem with turn/off Settings Fixed Clickatell SMS Status Fixed Problem with Lagom Theme Fixed Problem Client Area Design Fixed Problem with Merge Fields Fixed Problem with on many clients list Fixed Problem Configuration Save Updated Mass Send Client Group Updated ISmart SMS Gateway
  3. V 2.7.1 Fixed problem with Exclude Clients
  4. Version 4.5.1 Maintenance Fixed Problem with search encrypted pinsFixed Problem with client area vars
  5. Here is a screenshot of my new module
  6. Version 3.0.0 Stable Added Watermark featuredAdded Email client when document not acceptedAdded Front and Back document upload featureAdded Setup different settings for domain/productsAdded PDF file allowed as documentsAdded The date/time of the uploadFixed Problem with the filename
  7. Version 4.5.0 Added Pin Encrypted in DBUpdated About PageFixed Duplicated PinFixed Language FilesFixed Time in Addon Pages
  8. V2.3.0 Added Clickatell SMS GatewayAdded SMSBao SMS GatewayAdded Verify Manually ClientFixed OnVerify API changes
  9. Here is a screenshot of my new module
  10. Version 7.0.1 Updated MSG91 API Updated MessageBird Balance API Updated Mim SMS Balance API Updated Mim SMS API Updated Plivo Balance API Updated Plivo API Updated Dita Selia API Fixed Jawwal PS API Fixed SMSGlobal Name Fixed Clickatell (Platform) API Fixed Template Icons Fixed Admin 2FA Activation Fixed Invoice merge fields Fixed 2FA moved to WHMCS 2FA settings Fixed Register and services hooks Fixed Client merge fields Fixed Saving hook language Fixed Multi lang show Fixed Invoice total showing Fixed Invoice Balance Notification
  11. V 7.0.0 Added SMSAPI SMS GatewayAdded BulkGate SMS GatewayAdded SMSGlobel SMS Gateway Added MiM SMS GatewayAdded Client can choose what they like to receiveAdded Schedule SMS SendAdded client enables the 2FA they need to verify firstAdded index.php to all directoriesAdded Sub-Contact now receive SMSAdded Admin can see what client enable/disable for NotificationAdded Invoice SMS Status Added Twilio Balance APIUpdated Improve UIUpdated BulkSMS APIUpdated 46elks APIUpdated Improve Log Fixed Plivo API Fixed MSG91 API
  12. V2.7.0 Added Exclude clients Updated About Page Fixed Problem with credit adding Fixed Problem with when many products Fixed Grammar word
  13. We are proud to announce our five official contests giving you the opportunity to decide which module we will create and officially release! You can see all the detail at http://www.whmcsservices.com/upcomingwhmcs.php Note: We will update a module every week depending on the highest vote To Vote click here
  14. Version: 6.0.0Added Amazon SNS GatewayFixed Blacklisted IP monitoring show problemFixed Problem when service deletingFixed Menu issue is some templatesVersion: 6.0.0 B1Added Improved ReportAdded Allow to use other databasesAdded Client add Multiple Location MonitoringAdded Configurable OptionsAdded Admin can add client MonitoringUpdated BulksSMS APIUpdated licensing system implementedFixed PHPMailer problemFixed Pricing columnFixed intervalsFixed Statistics
  15. V1.0.1 Fixed problem with PHPMailerFixed Spell WordFixed Multiple ProductsFixed Qty ProductUpdated About PageUpdated the License System
  16. V1.1.2 Added Improved DashboardAdded the ability to make monitor agents only available for clients who have a specified productAdded index.php to all directoriesUpdated licensing system implementedFixed Remove PHPMailer problem
  17. V1.6.5 Fixed problem with PHPMailerFixed Spell WordUpdated About PageUpdated the License System
  18. V3.1.3 Fixed problem with PHPMailerFixed Spell WordUpdated About PageUpdated the License System
  19. V2.1.2 * Fixed PHPMail WHMCS 7.8.x * Fixed Spell Word * Updated About Page * Updated the License System
  20. You can see the new look of WS SMS Manager 7.0.0 here What do you think?
  21. We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing WS SMS Manager 7.0.0 to you! We have recently made several major improvements and added new features to WS SMS Manager. WS SMS Manager 7.0.0 coming out very soon. Here is the list of features and Implement new and improved: Better Log Choose SMS Notifications to receive 3 New SMS Gateway Sub-Contact now receive SMS The client enables the 2FA and needs to verify Admin can see what client enable/disable for Notification and more I will email you once it has been made available so you can test it. Thanks again for choosing WHMCS Services. We appreciate your business!
  22. V2.6.3 * Added option to cancel overdue 'Add Funds' invoices * Fixed applied credits to a canceled invoice not being restored * Fixed PHPMailer problem * Fixed problem with WHMCS 7.8 * Fixed Grammar word * Updated about page * Updated the Licence System
  23. V 4.0.1 * Fixed PHPMail WHMCS 7.8.x * Fixed some emails spam problem * Updated Menu renewed * Updated Email Template Changes * Updated the Licence System
  24. Version 6.5.2 Fixed 2FA to work with WHMCS 7.8.1 Fixed problem with invoice merge fields Fixed custom field problem with WHMCS 7.8.1 Fixed password show in logs

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