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  2. V6.0.0 Added Admin User many updates and improvements Added New predefined popup listAdded New template notificationAdded Archive notification featureAdded Start at notificationAdded Preview popupAdded index.php to all directoriesFixed Admin issuesFixed htaccess rewrite URLFixed breaking the Control theme (Impressive Themes)Updated Module tables renewedUpdated Remove v4 Admin theme from distributionUpdated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0
  3. V2.3.1 Fixed problem with client summary page Fixed conflict with Email Plus+ module Fixed Problem with client verify default country Updated Remove v4 Admin theme from distribution Updated Remove boxes order form template from distribution Updated Remove modern order form template from distribution Updated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0
  4. V 2.1.1 Added Affiliates details in the product services pageFixed Problem with multi-currency
  5. V2.0.3 Fixed Problem with Cron job running on WHMCS v8 Fixed Problem with new MySQL versions Fixed Problem with multi-currency in notification page on WHMCS v
  6. Version 3.4.1 Fixed Problem with WHMCS V8 Updated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0
  7. Version 2.0.2 Fixed Problem with WHMCS v8 Client Area Updated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0
  8. V2.7.2 Fixed Problem with WHMCS v8 DB changesUpdated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0Updated Remove v4 Admin theme from distribution
  9. V 4.6.1 Fixed Problem with admin role pages on WHMCS v8Fixed Support Pin Widget on WHMCS v8Fixed redirect after new pin generateUpdated Remove Support for PHP 5.6 to 7.0Updated Remove v4 Admin theme from distribution
  10. V2.1.0 Added Commissions History in client area addedFixed Affiliates RedirectFixed Notification HidingFixed Click It dont showFixed Affiliates IdFixed WHMCS 8.0.0 Supported
  11. This the new look of WS Client Notification for WHMCS
  12. V 1.1.2 Fixed Problem with DB in hooks fileFixed License codes too
  13. Version 2.0.1 Added Credit Balance NotificationAdded index.php to all directoriesFixed Problem with never expire creditFixed Sort Date problemFixed Menu Title problemFixed Problem with date formatUpdated Remove v4 Admin themeUpdated About Page
  14. Version 3.4.0 Added Search clientsAdded Bulk Delete Client By AdminFixed Admin Deletion emailFixed Keep close email sendFixed Wrong information in emailsFixed problem with the client have an active creditFixed Problem with date search
  15. Version 2.0.1 Fixed License Key has a problem with Commission payout report
  16. Version 2.0.0 Added show/hide affiliate links in the client areaAdded next due date on affiliates pages listAdded apply to become affiliates by admin onlyUpdated show/hide PayPal client field
  17. Version 2.0.1 Fixed One Time payment billing cycleFixed Multi-Currency Prices
  18. I'm looking for feedback on a new Addon Module called OnePage Checkout. I am planning on launching this new module next week but before I do I would first like to get feedback from you -- tell me what you think of the module. This OnePage Checkout is not a template like other One Page checkout out they Do I need to add any other features? Here are the pages to review and send your feedback: Web hosting https://www.modulesdemos.com/index.php?m=onepagecheckout&pid=1 VPS hosting https://www.modulesdemos.com/index.php?m=onepagecheckout&pid=40 Dedicated Services https://www.modulesdemos.com/index.php?m=onepagecheckout&pid=44 Standard Order https://www.modulesdemos.com/index.php?m=onepagecheckout&pid=57 Please give all feedback here We are also doing a pre-order for this module. The full cost is $59.99 USD but if you pre-order now you can get it of $49.99 USD by using this coupon code opc. I appreciate and thank you in advance for all your feedback!
  19. Version 7.1.1 Added fontech.com.br SMS GatewayAdded smsgateway.me SMS GatewayAdded textlocal.in SMS GatewayAdded phone.com SMS GatewayUpdated Help PageUpdated MiM SMS gateway name renewedFixed All SMS are sent twiceFixed Default CountryFixed SMS on open ticketFixed MSG91 gateway codes renewFixed Not enabled for International SMS but It's delivering (MSG91)Fixed Problem with mysubmail gatewayFixed Problem with cron job SMS sendingFixed Problem with Swiftmodders ThemesFixed logs send SMS statusFixed invoice merge fieldsFixed clients list icon is missing
  20. V 4.6.0 Added Never expire pin Added View All PIN pagination added Added WHMCS activity log on pin change Updated About PAge
  21. V 1.3.0 Implemented the WHMCS SSO oAuth IntegrationAdded Mobile SupportDiscontinue WHMCS AuthAuth This is only compatible with WHMCS v7.10.2+ due to a bug in WHMCS: CORE-14583 - Ensure optimized OpenSSL library is used with GMP is not present
  22. V1.1.1 Fixed This will ignore the termination date IF it is set to 00/00/0000 (which is the WHMCS blank date value)
  23. V1.1.0 Added the ability to specify the number of days past expiration to begin hiding products/servicesAdded Introduced the hiding of Product AddonsAdded the ability to show expired domain names
  24. Here is a screenshot of my new module
  25. Version 7.1.0 Added 2FA Code Length Added Admin Invoice Payment Notification Added Clickatell Balance show Added mysubmail china SMS gateway Added Hide SMS Notifications Menu Item in Client Area Side Bar Updated eSMS and DOT DB SMS gateway Fixed resellerclubmods_tools module from resellerclub-mods.com Fixed SMSAPI SMS Gateway Fixed Schedule Send SMS Fixed Twilio SMS gateway Fixed Send SMS Date Time
  26. V5.4.1 Fixed problem with quote logs Fixed problem with optional terms Fixed Correct language Fixed Correct typo in optional Fixed Problem with admin profile logs Fixed Problem with search

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