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  1. The issue seemed to fix itself, so probrably was a stripe issue.
  2. This message appears when someone presses the "Submit Payment" on the Stripe Checkout ... Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. Please go back to the previous page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact us. « Back to Homepage For additional assistance, please reference the WHMCS TroubleShooting Guide » Stripe\Error\InvalidRequest: You cannot cancel this PaymentIntent because it has a status of succeeded. Only a PaymentIntent with one of the following statuses may be canceled: requires_payment_method, requires_capture, requires_confirmation, requires_action. in /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php:210 from API request 'req_C17DABEAzJTVZl' Stack trace: #0 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php(173): Stripe\ApiRequestor::_specificAPIError('{\n "error": {\n...', 400, Object(Stripe\Util\CaseInsensitiveArray), Array, Array) #1 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php(473): Stripe\ApiRequestor->handleErrorResponse('{\n "error": {\n...', 400, Object(Stripe\Util\CaseInsensitiveArray), Array) #2 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiRequestor.php(126): Stripe\ApiRequestor->_interpretResponse('{\n "error": {\n...', 400, Object(Stripe\Util\CaseInsensitiveArray)) #3 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiOperations/Request.php(57): Stripe\ApiRequestor->request('post', '/v1/payment_int...', Array, Array) #4 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/ApiOperations/Request.php(39): Stripe\ApiResource::_staticRequest('post', '/v1/payment_int...', NULL, Object(Stripe\Util\RequestOptions)) #5 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/stripe/stripe-php/lib/PaymentIntent.php(74): Stripe\ApiResource->_request('post', '/v1/payment_int...', NULL, NULL) #6 /home/clients/public_html/modules/gateways/stripe.php(0): Stripe\PaymentIntent->cancel() #7 [internal function]: stripe_post_checkout(Array) #8 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Module/AbstractModule.php(0): call_user_func('stripe_post_che...', Array) #9 /home/clients/public_html/vendor/whmcs/whmcs-foundation/lib/Module/Gateway.php(0): WHMCS\Module\AbstractModule->call('post_checkout', Array) #10 /home/clients/public_html/cart.php(0): WHMCS\Module\Gateway->call('post_checkout', Array) #11 {main}
  3. Once I realised it was subscription only, I reverted back to the Paypal Basic module as well. Paypal Subscriptions are a bad head!
  4. @gp_geo Do the following, go into the domain pricing of any domains which do not have an one year price on them .. enable the one year, save it, disable the one year, save it. You will now find that domain tld will work. Looks like the domain pricing table has probrably changed in the new verison and there's a bug in the upgrade script.
  5. gp_geo, does your .au domains have an one year price on them? It appears my issue is related to domains which do not have an "one year" price on them. This must be a new bug since v7.9.x I have also noticed on domain which do have one year prices (e.g. .com), that I am unable to change the number of year on "Add New Order" to anything other than a year, even though the domain pricing has pricing for 2 and 5 years. There is definatly a bug in the ordersadd.php file!
  6. Hi John, I've just followed this in the Network window of the Firefox Developer Tools - it's produced no errors and from what I can see, it completed correctly, but still no Client ID or Client Secret filled in!
  7. My site still has this bug, and I've submitted a support ticket, but I managed to find a work around so that I could get my .co.uk domain transferred. Add New order, but make it a .com and override the prices ... do not generate invoice, send email or order confirmation. Now accept the order, but untick send to registrar etc. Now goto the actual domain details, change it so that it's now a .co.uk and click Transfer. It's messy and needs fixed, but at least until they find the possible bug, its a work around. PS Out of interest, I'm running PHP 7.3 - what version of PHP are you running gp_geo?
  8. I have tried Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera - I have even tried my mobile browsers as well to get Paypal to link ... and whatever I do, all I get is a " Thanks for signing up. You now have an account and you've successfully integrated PayPal with WHMCS. " message and no link! PS I'm running PHP 7.3
  9. I'm currently using Paypal Basic and therefore trying to enable the new Paypal module (as I don't need subscriptions), but each time I try to link my account - I am able to login my paypal account and accept all prompts which then gives me a "Thanks for signing up. You now have an account and you've successfully integrated PayPal with WHMCS." message, but that's it - my account doesn't seem to link to my WHMCS. Any thoughts?
  10. I'm having the same issue with mine and I use ENOM, and was trying to transfer in a .co.uk domain.
  11. I can confirm two bugs ... which have been acknowledged. "Case #MODULE-6830 for the nameservers issue and case #MODULE-6816 for the transfer issue is open with our developers in order to have this reviewed for future releases. "
  12. Thank you pauldy - that fixed it for me as well
  13. Since upgrading to the latest verison of WHMCS, the invoice PDF's are not showing anything which is generated using $pdf>writeHTML. any ideas?
  14. Getting this message when accessing the admin pages, after upgrading to the new version. Fatal error: Cannot access private property WHMCS_License::$keydata in /home/clients/public_html/dist/index.php on line 0 Any ideas?
  15. When I see that a .eu renewal has been paid and I get the error message, I log into enom, set the domain to auto renew, and then add a to-do into whmcs remaining me to switch off auto renew after 30 days. This could be time consuming if you have lots of .eu domains but for me this works.
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