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  1. After recently installing the new version of WHMCS, I am unable to login to the admin panel and just displays the following error Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/site/public_html/whmcs/init.php on line 0 I have looked inside the init.php file, however it looks the contents is encoded. Can somebody help me please? Thanks
  2. Hi, wondered if anybody was still developing this module? and also if anybody knew where to download the current version, as the link goes to a 404 error page
  3. I have recently purchased the licencing module, and have a couple of comments/features I feel would improve the module. Client (Remote) Side - *Python scripts, so not reliant on PHP Lock by - *MAC address *Operating System *Number of CPU cores Additionally - *Maybe when checking the license it can also post the version number your application installed Any thoughts? I'm not a coder, but would think this is achievable.
  4. Hello, For some of the products/services I want to provide will need a client to sign a document. To speed up the process instead of having to post documents out and wait for a return, so I have been looking in to Adobe Echosign and similar offerings. due to cost and API access I have decided to go with a service from PandaDoc. My thoughts would be to integrate PandaDoc with WHMCS in the admin area. *Import client contact details in to PandaDoc *When creating products select if document should be sent for signature *Track status of documents from admin area I wonder how many other people be interested in this? Thanks
  5. I am already a DuoSecurity Enterprise client, so I don't want to be paying again to WHMCS. Is there a way of entering API information from my DuoSecurity account so I can use my existing account?
  6. Hello, I am new to WHMCS but am interested in monitoring the following logs for security, is there any other logs worth monitoring? Activity Log Admin Login Log Gateway Log From my understanding the logs are not held in text files but the MySQL database, is this correct? Is there and issue of a service connecting to the database at the same time as WHMCS to pull copies of the logs? Thanks - - - Updated - - - oh, add which tables etc are effected etc
  7. Hello I have recently installed the NHP2014 Theme It may be coincidence, but not I am unable to login to my admin account. I am prompted for my credentials which I enter, and am then presented with a blank page at URL ../admin/dologin.php I don't know what to try? Please help if you can
  8. I am interested in the module. However I do not use it enough to warrant the cost, and would not be able to add that kind of product to my portfolio However, if it is developed I may be interested in purchasing depending on the price. Thanks
  9. Hello, I am thinking of using WHMCS for what I am trying to achieve, none of which include hosting services so I am not sure if WHMCS is the right tool for the job. I need something that provides account management and billing functionality (subscription and one off payment). While a user is logged in to their account there should be an icon which will take the user to an area where the user can run a search, the user will then be charged a set fee each time the a search is run. A new transaction should created each time the search is run, and logged against the user. Cheers
  10. managed to sort it... it was the API signature... when copying it added an extra character and when pasting it in to WHMCS as it hashes out the info so I couldn't see it had added it. Working now anyway, thanks for the help guys
  11. Hello, On login to the admin panel I keep seeing error "PayPal Balance: Error: Security header is not valid" this is obviously with the Paypal addon enabled. Has anybody had this before and got a fix? I am fairly new to thew forum so i'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I was unable to find anything on it. Thanks Guy
  12. Hi BryanB, Scriptlisans looks like it has some of the features that I am looking for, but also it only mentions about intergration with Clickatel which is no good for me as it would have to work with my current SMS gateway http://www.itagg.com
  13. Hello, I wonderd the there was an intergration to use any other SMS Gateway except Clickatel? As I already use Itagg as my SMS gateway in the UK, so it doesn't make sense to have two account with different companies. Thanks Guy
  14. Hello, I am a new WHMCS user and I am trying to use the "Import Domains from cPanel/WHM" utility in WHMCS 4.2, however every time that I try it it fails on all of the domains and gives no error message. Anybody got any advice? Thanks Guy
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