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  2. Version 1.2.0 Added Mark Domains as favoritesAdded Filter DomainAdded Deposit when adding bidAdded Auto Category when domain addingFixed Domains Auctions Page template changes and issue with currencyFixed Issue with domain market list height
  3. April 2022 1. SMS Manager2. Email Verification Pro3. Services Fee4. Affiliates Plus5. Client Notifications6. Discount Manager7. Phone Verification8. Product Limiter9. Cancel Invoices10l Agree Term
  4. Version 7.2.0 Added Msegat SMS gatewayAdded Netgsm SMS gatewayAdded MDP Network SMS GatewayAdded ClickSend SMS GatewayAdded HostPinnacle SMS GatewayUpdated SMSEagle Gateway APIFixed Issue mimsms.com.bd gateway with Unicode SMSFixed Issue with validate custom mobile fieldFixed Issue with localization country code custom mobile fieldFixed Issue with admin area home page logs paginationFixed Issues with PHP 7.xFixed Issue with styling two-factor tpl
  5. January 2022 1. SMS Manager 2. Client Manager 3. Client Notifications 4. Support Pin 5. Affiliates Plus 6. Product Limiter 7. Log Prune 8. Email Verification Pro 9. Cancel Invoices 10. Agree Terms February 2022 1. Services Fee 2. Affiliates Plus 3. SMS Manager 4. Client Username 5. BTCPay Payment Gateway 6. GDPR Tools 7. Product Limiter 8. Server Monitoring 9. Support Pin 10. Client Verification March 2022 1. Email Verification Pro 2. SMS Manager 3. Agree Terms 4. Server Monitoring 5. Services Fee 6. Affiliates Plus 7. Support Pin 8. Client Manager 9. Refer A Friend 10. Products/Addons Images
  6. Self-host Sendy and send email newsletters via Amazon SES at 100x cheaper than other hosted services plus get a WHMCS Module at https://whmcsservices.com/sendy.php
  7. V 4.0.2 Fixed Issues with WHMCS v8.xUpdated whmcs.jsonUpdated About page
  8. Version 5.0.0 Added merge Partial PayPal PaymentAdded Admin Area Advanced Badges DashboardAdded Maintenance mode while daily cron job runningAdded MG DirectaAmin Extended auto loginFixed Issue with email verification moduleFixed Issue with PHP v7.x
  9. V 3.0.2 Added Multi-level commission for productsFixed Issue with client full name in affiliates pageFixed Issue with sort datatableFixed Issue with PHP 7. x
  10. V 3.1.0 Fixed Issue with credit history date sortAdded Set all clients active for funds feature
  11. Version 2.1.0 Added One Time only discountAdded Any RecurringFixed One Page checkoutFixed Issue with PHP 7.xFixed Not showing up with PremiumFixed Issue with domain extension in view cartFixed Issue with free domains in billing cycles
  12. V 2.9.0 Added Cancel services after termination/suspendFixed Issue with client invoices languageFixed Issue with partially invoice payment cancellation
  13. V 1.3.0 Added Opt-In clients need to agree term before starting use Refer Added Opt-In Logs Fixed Small issues with WHMCS v8 Fixed copy link URL button
  14. Version 4.0.1 Fixed issue with wrong spelling via client overviewFixed issue with WHMCS v8 databaseFixed language files
  15. We also offer custom WHMCS Modules. We will work with you and give you the best that you deserve. We go far beyond the norm to bring you high quality software that is user friendly. Not only that, but we will also provide you with help files to minimize your customer service time. If you are looking for someone to develop a Custom WHMCS Application for you, whether it's for you to sell to other people, for your company to use or whatever the reason, feel free to contact us for a quote. We will discuss the project with you and come up with a very reasonable and cost effective price. Our web programming company in USA is primarily designed with the view to offer quality web solutions at affordable rates. Small enterprises can greatly benefit by getting affordable web solutions of high standards. More information you can go to https://www.whmcsservices.com/customwhmcs.php
  16. V 5.5.3 Fixed Issue with the upgrade database columnFixed WHMCS 8.4Updated whmcs.json
  17. Version 3.1.3 Fixed Issue with email template merge fields Fixed Issue with admin area client summary page Fixed WHMCS 8.4
  18. Version 7.1.6 Added SMS Alert SMS GatewayAdded SMS Deals GatewayAdded SMS Gateway Hub GatewayAdded SMSing.app GatewayAdded AakashSMS GatewayAdded SMSgateway.me Gateway APIFixed Client languages in 2FAFixed BulkSMS Unicode messagesFixed 2FA Missing LanguagesFixed Problem with cron job CLIUpdated BulkGate Problem with Unicode parametersUpdated Twilio APIUpdated Dita Selia APIUpdated BulkSMS API
  19. Version 1.1.2 Fixed Empty Data for ChartFixed issue with parse domainsFixed Lagom 2 Themes
  20. V 2.3.6 Fixed Issue with regions and sender id in Amazon SNSFixed Auto phone country set in the order verification pageFixed Lagom V2.1 ThemesUpdated whmcs.json
  21. V 6.1.0 Added Add Fund Page Note Updated New WHMCSServices menu to work with WHMCS 8. x Fixed Problem with PHP 7. x Fixed Problem with popup predefined styles Fixed Button Not Functioning
  22. Version 3.1.2 Fixed Problem with verification mode selectionFixed Problem with Lagom templateFixed Issue with WHMCS v8Update About Page
  23. V 3.3.0 Added Access Logs in Admin Area with ability to delete individual onesAdded Access Logs in Client AreaAdded Automatically challenge a client by sending a code to their email address if their IP changed since last successfully logging in using Login Verify PinAdded The unlock button will now remove a challenge from a clients accountImprovement Only show unlock button when the clients pin is either locked or challengedImprovement Renamed 'mod_loginverifypin' database table to 'ws_loginverifypin'Improvement Renamed the '{triesleft}' placeholder in the language file to '{failedattempts}' for better understanding of what it doesFixed 'count(): Parameter must be an array or an object' bug in hooks.phpFixed 'TypeError: Argument 2 passed to sendMessage() must be of the type int, null give' bug in loginverifypin.php
  24. Version 4.0.0 Added Accept Free Order Added Accept All Paid Orders Added Display Client Overview Added Email Subscribe and Unsubscribe Count Added Automatically login to cPanel or DirectAdmin
  25. Version: 4.0.0 ReleasedAdded Full Restriction (All Pages)Added Full Restriction (Exclude invoice pay)Added Restriction Support TicketsUpdated whmcsservices About PageUpdated whmcs.jsonFixed Problem with redirection

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