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Is there a Discord channel for WHMCS users?

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On 31/05/2021 at 17:51, edherroj said:

Do you know or have you heard about a good Discord channel for WHMCS users.

you wouldn't need WHMCS to create this for you, you could do it yourself... there would only be two issues.

  1. publicising users about it... though build it, make it useful and they will come springs to mind!
  2. ensuring there are enough users able to give good replies... asking questions is easy, knowing the answers is not!

that last point being the most important one - if I were to try to list those who have been here over the last 8+ years and who are a) still around using/deving WHMCS and b) would be willing to visit a discord server on a regular basis, then i'm really struggling to think of anyone that would do it... that's a sad indictment of the current situation.

last time I used a discord server was during the Nominet EGM - though I suppose I should think of it as EGM1 as there looks like they'll need to be another EGM2 to completely clear out the board.... it was a lot more interactive, faster and useful than forums.

personally, I wouldn't use a WHMCS-run Discord server... a private one, I might visit, but definitely not one monitored/staffed by WHMCS.

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Yes, those are good points. I just like the way these channels/servers give people the option to receive answers ‘almost’ immediately … but as you said that’s the challenge … instead of waiting for ticket replies.

This community is fine I guess, secure and stable is important. Problem is when you face an issue with the product (WHMCS) and/or are in a rush to implement something, that’s when you think about your business and what your paying for these services.

Thanks for all the comments, have a good one!

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