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  1. This is my hook to force the curency to a different one from the defaut, I dont know if it will do what you want for the country. I dont think the default will change though, but I guess its the active one rather the default that is relevant <?php use WHMCS\Session; // Provide your new default currency ID $currencyId = 9; if (!Session::get('uid') && !Session::get('currency')) { Session::set('currency', $currencyId); }
  2. I have this hook, with the assistance of WHMCS which changes the currency before page load, so that it achieves the desired result as stated above. Hopefully it will be usefull for someone else <?php use WHMCS\Session; // Provide your new default currency ID $currencyId = 9; if (!Session::get('uid') && !Session::get('currency')) { Session::set('currency', $currencyId); }
  3. I need to include the product ID on order emails and invoices as descriptions are simply too vague. I have to say that having noticed this I'm very surprised that this isnt already the case and that in the admin area the items in the order arent hyperlinked back to the actual product I can see that the product ID is stored in tblhosting using the orderid as packageid but I really don't know where to start to have it included in order emails and invoices Any help greatly appreciated
  4. You will find it in header.tpl <div class="navbar navbar-light"> <div class="container"> <a class="navbar-brand mr-3" href="{$WEB_ROOT}/index.php"> {if $assetLogoPath} <img src="{$assetLogoPath}" alt="{$companyname}" class="logo-img"> {else} {$companyname} {/if} </a>
  5. WHMCS are exposing themselves to legal action for defamation with this, I contacted the legal department and got a potted response and then they ceased communication and havent responded I also raised it with support and have had multiple exchanges with them but they appear to constantly and I can only assume deliberately miss the point. I couldnt care less whether they have an internal system that thinks my installation isnt licenced - its the publication of the incorrect and defamatory statement that I am not using licenced and legitimate software that I have an issue with
  6. Thanks Brian, There are a few factors behind this including usability and SEO so the horrible currency=n option wont achieve what I want Background:- I have products that have country specific variants - ie different keyboard layouts, part numbers and even manufacturers warranty length, so I have two occurences of these products - one with only a GBP price and another with only a Euro price, so chosing the currency reveals different products. As I have language specifc presentations of the site ie en_GB and fr_FR (and they only provide that single language which forces it to the default (lets ignore Belgium and Switzerland on that for now) etc - so I want to adjust the site to choose a country rather than language, remove the currency selector option and force the currency (there are other reasons for this such as not exposing me to EU import/export issues, exchange rate fluctuations and conversion costs). I have found I can set the currency via session with a hook and I think that works for most pages - BUT found two issues. 1) Cookie Consent stops the hook running on page load - whether accepted or declined it then runs on a page refresh or change but that may be too late if there are no products initially displayed 2) As far as I can establish setting this via session wont work for search engines/indexing bots - ie my installations default is GBP so they will only see products in that As an example https://www.truffiere.co.uk/en_GB/store/microsoft-surface-laptop-4 should show one set of products exclusively for the UK (and Ireland) as they are only priced in GBP And https://www.truffiere.co.uk/fr_FR/store/microsoft-surface-laptop-4 should only show another set of products that are only priced in Euros Currently flipping the currency between £ and € on those pages reveals different sets of products and the Euro products will never be found as the default returned for the group is in the installation currency I'm open to ideas and suggestions
  7. And now the next question 🙂 I need to force a specific currency to be the default for a subsite, I have had a fiddle around but cant find a way to do this - basically I need to cause the equivalent of currency=9 to be the default for that subsite. I am hoping that you have the answer somewhere in your deep vaults!
  8. The license verification page has recently been updated to only show licenses with a “Last Access” date within the last 10 days show as valid. The last access is you as an admin logging in - so yes that can only be a dial home of some sort on admin login. The reason I needed to force mine was that a developer tried to access the admin site from the wrong URL and that then caused their crappy verification to continue to try and use that invalid URL (it was when a test site was being copied and the admin element was then removed)
  9. It is showing my site is valid but only because I forced the registration... They said they are "dialling home" when you log into the admin area, so any firewall rules you have to stop outbound access will also result in your site being show as not authrorised. It is really unaccepable from multiple angles 1) They are attemting to "diall home" without permissions or notification 2) Who knows what they are capturing, they are at least capturing your internal IP - my guess is active user count and this is all linked to the recent price changes so that they can identify sudden reductions ... 3) They already have the list of licenced domains in their database 4) They are publicly showing the status of licenced domains as unlicenced
  10. What I am most concerned about is that any man/woman/being and his/her/its dog/cat/creature can put my domain name in and be given this incorrect information which could result in reputational damage and/or loss of potential customers and partners or more To publically declare my site as unlicenced because of their shitty coding is totally unacceptable - any Americans could sue for it I am sure, I would recommend someone does ...
  11. Out of idle curiosity I put my own site in the licence checker earlier and was rather alarmed when it reported "This domain is not authorized to be using WHMCS" I raised a ticket and this was their response:- Thank you for contacting us today. The license verification page has recently been updated to only show licenses with a “Last Access” date within the last 10 days show as valid. Accessing your installations admin area and forcing a license update would refresh our licensing servers. To do this, first login to your admin area and navigate to Help > License Information. Then click the 'Force License Update' button. Please let me know if I can assist you with any further questions or concerns. Apart from the total invalidity of that change it doesnt actually work as I am logged in every single day
  12. Brilliant, thanks so much Brian, that works like a dream! You've got to wonder why all these simple usability enhancements arent in the product to start with ...
  13. As far as can be seen he has no active involvment with the company anymore - he may have a title and salary but for WHMCS to imply that he is actively involved is misleading
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