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  1. And now they add friendly URLs in 8.3 - without translation support
  2. It works great, thank you very much indeed. I had to change the allowqty to use the post add logic you had as thats not available on the API The only thing I'm still trying to work out is how (if) I can add multiple currencies to the price table in one go - I will carry on fiddling 🙂
  3. Thank you so much, you really are very kind 🙂 I will test
  4. That is incredibly kind string, I am most grateful for your offer An example with header row and text below - the header rows correspond to the WHMCS tblproducts and the last two columns to tblpricing database (MFG & MPN are two columns that I have added to the WHMCS database) type,gid,name,description,MFG,MPN,welcomeemail,paytype,allowqty,servertype,tax,currency,monthy other,21,Test Product,This is a test product,Test,ABC-01234,21,onetime,2,,1,1,99.99 Regards Rob
  5. Thanks String, I did see the API and can add a single product using the sample code however I am not a developer so taking it further so that I can bulk import is beyond me, I'm not too bad at hacking and adapting working scripts though I am a little baffled why this is still not a capability of WHMCS itself as there seem to have been many requests over the years and would obviously help anyone who wanted to migrate to WHMCS although the trend does seem to be to move away ...
  6. I have the need to import a number of products from a csv/txt file, preferably including dynamic translations but its not essential. Does anyone have a solution they would be willing to share? Many thanks in advance Rob
  7. I am not saying its not WHMCS but the product has many deficiencies for it to be SEO friendly without customisations Take a look at it with https://www.ionos.com/tools/seo-check
  8. There are numerous extensions that the WHMCS additional fields incorrectly identifies information as required including unnecessary personal details which makes it a GDPR issue in my view. No registrar should be requesting informaton not required by the registry As usual I gave up banging my head against the wall with support to try and get them to recognise and address this even giving them the specific extensions and registry requirements so expect it will remain as it is until everyone has abandoned the sinking ship
  9. I am not sure that using WHMCS, one of the most unfriendly SEO products around , for an SEO solution is a good decision
  10. But still modertaed until and not automatically accepted - there does seem to be a determination to keep the system unusable
  11. Does this new system mean 1) New feature requests don’t sit in the wilderness for some arbitrary period before they are approved? 2) The restrictions on the number of features that can be voted on in a given period have been removed? 3) Feature requests with the most votes will be prioritised over all others? 4) Feature requests won’t be marked Under Consideration (or whatever the term was) unless they actually are? 5) Feature requests will be owned & managed by the development team rather than the support
  12. As always Brian thank you You are quite correct and using toNumeric as you showed above gives the desired result I have changed in the template for now to achieve the desired result but will take your advice and refine the PHP and template Once more -
  13. Hi all, Hopefully someone has encountered his before I am using a custom product page and template, I am succesfully retrieving all the product and pricing information however have a glitch for prices of -1 Some products have recurring costs monthly or annually and others annually or triennially Displaying all the price options on the product details page works with the biiling cycle which isnt available returing the value in the DB which is -1 The problem is that I obviously dont wnt the unsupported billing cycle and -1 value rendered on the page so used if statements in the template but whatever I do the match/doesn't match criteria doesnt appear to work I am using the following in the PHP page to get the data $getproduct_price = Capsule::table('tblpricing')->where('type','product')->where('relid',$pid)->where('currency',$currencyId)->first(); $monthlyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->monthly, $currencyId); $annuallyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->annually, $currencyId); $trienniallyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->triennially, $currencyId); and the following in the template {if ($monthlyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$monthlyprice}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} {if ($annuallyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$annuallyprice}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} {if ($trienniallyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$trienniallyprice}</span> {$LANG.truffiere.orderpaymentterm.Triennially} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} I have tried numerous varations ie for both match or doesnt match the criteria such as < '0' !> '0' and = '-1' But none of them seem to work against the negative value Any ideas or particularly soutions gratefully accepted!
  14. It really is a laughable state of affairs - having been using WHMCS for 6 months now I am really at a loss as to how they have the market share they do/had - it really is a staeming pile of bodges, badly (or not) thought through ideas and then badly or only partially implemented. I will be abandoning the product as soon as I can - there are just too many fundamental flaws which would cost me more to have fixed as custom development, assuming they could be fixed, and then to have those customisations at risk from every WHMCS version upgrade than migrating to another product including any customisations needed - plus new customisations to fix the bugs in each of those releases. It simply isnt a sensible commercial model ....
  15. To my mind the WHMCS logic is wrong here - the renewal price should be the current not historical price. I'm curious to know other peoples views on the behaviour and if they think it is correct the rationale for that
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