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  1. "From a quick look at the site, it does seem a quite convoluted solution... the buggy redirection on language change would drive me nuts because it's not redirecting back to the original page." Yep, that is also one of the major issues to be fixed - you do have a PM in relation to that and a few other things 🙂 The problems with the WHMCS crappy language=xyz is approach are well documented - using the /local-code/ in the start of the URL is how I'm getting round that which then allows me to essentially make any element under that path unique. I have a fundamental (philosophical) issue with the concept of hooks and overrides for much of this - executing secondary code (hooks) to alter the behaviour/results of the primary code already executed seems simple lunacy for anything other than a tactical bug fix, similarly loading second config files to overwrite the content of the primary config file although less of an issue just shouldn't be necessary and is simply because a suitable update mechanism hasn't been designed and implemented - surely adding rows to text files isnt beyond the capability of the WHMCS developers ... Anyway, if you could have a look at the message I have sent you regarding some dev work and give me a shout it would be appreciated as I would like to get the language selector behaviour addressed!
  2. No, I am using a country.json as documented. The whole json mechanism for states, countries etc is flawed, consider the not so uncommon scenario of wanting to support multiple language - concurrently, like using the advertised feature of the 25 or 26 supported languages (supposedly) All these elements are in English only, overridable to an alternative language via states, domains. countries etc The fact all of this defaults to the site operators locale rather than the language chosen by the visitor/customer is all part of that same architectural flaw - you could say its a failure to design at all for this supposed advertised product capability... I have a very dirty and nasty mechanism which allows me to actually use a different file for these elements based on the language choosen - it's sounding like overwriting and reordering the dist.countries.json is going to be the easiest although most tedious option and I'll have to reinstate the modified files post upgrades
  3. I have an open bug with WHMCS but no response so far. The country list order is based on the physical order in the dist.countries.json rather than being ordered by the display name - however language overrides don't alter the order and once translated it looks a mess as it doesn't appear to be in any logical order (for the customer) - does anyone know how I can force the display sort order to be alphabetical without having to physically over write and reorder the json file? Thanks
  4. I was looking at product bundles today so apart from the obvious disappointment that this is another bug ridden and incomplete area (Restrict actually means Require on configurable options and you have to enter a quantity but cant specify this as relative to the parent quantity etc, no pricing option in currencies other than the default one and no translation on fields - so basically the same old sh1te issue as I am finding almost everywhere else ...) I was surprised to see that the bundle is then highlighted as Bundle Deal! (fair enough I guess and at least its actually in the language file) but ---- No actual price is shown until added to the basket! - I mean WTAF, are bundles not most often price based combos/promotions? It seems the most bizarre omission which undermines the usefulness of the feature for this to not be a calculated field that is displayed. Yes I have an option to manually specify the price in the bundle but that itself creates multiple issues 1) As only the base currency is supported who know how the other currencies will be calculated - probably dynamically from the exchange rate so they wont match the actual prices or align with the individual options 2) It creates a maintenance nightmare 3) The manual price, if used, should surely be an override of the calculated sum of the individual elements selected not the only price used ? - A bug to most of us presumably but by "design" according to WHMCS if I can be bothered to raise another bug ticket (I have 30 open at the moment ...) So getting to the point, where I am not using any price overrides etc and just want the sum of the product(s) with the selected configurable option(s) displayed how do I display that price - the bundles currently consist of one product with a configurable option on that product selected ? The page in question is here if that helps:- https://www.truffiere.co.uk/en_GB/store/microsoft-365-business-voice
  5. Ridiculous, still the same in 8.1.1 - do they take any notice of their customers requests? It seems as if the developers have only the most basic grasp of how their product could be used and no imagination or vision They will tell you to submit a feature request, refuse to approve the feature request for weeks or even months on end, restrict who can vote on said feature request and then when the next person that asks they will say its not implemented due to lack of votes/interest/demand - or more likely say nobody has ever mentioned it before
  6. As I'm sure you know logging tickets with the support team is a fairly pointless task - they even tried to defend that this wasnt that big a deal. This isnt "my" issue - this is a risk to all customers, having identified it I am protected as I have been able to mitigate/neutralise the problem I need to bypass the hell desk and reach someone competent, I was rather surprised to discover that they don't have a published security contact.
  7. Sorry I disagree - the same password hardcoded in every WHMCS installation and obfuscated php so you have no idea what is actually going on? It should scare the crap out of you and everyone else using it
  8. I reported a security vulnerability to WHMCS a week ago, the logged a ticket which has now been closed. The vulnerability relates to a hardcoded password in WHMCS installations - can someone please give me the contact details of whoever is responsible for security
  9. I am rather confused by the latest update to the language files, apart from the fact that there are keys supplied by WHMCS in response to tickets still missing I needed to do some analysis so I could update the language files I have produced for those languages not supported out of the box by WHMCS. Now I'm sure like me you would expect new keys to be added to the end of the language files and certainly not before the annotations for previous versions but no, they are added all over the places which obviously makes it rather difficult to maintain language files for other languages:- Line Key 70 $_LANG['announcementscontinue'] = "Continue reading"; 263 $_LANG['contactUs'] = "Contact Us"; 539 $_LANG['networkIssuesAware'] = "We are aware of a potentially service impacting issue."; 540 $_LANG['networkIssuesScheduled'] = "There are upcoming maintenance events which may impact our services."; 852 $_LANG['user'] = "User"; 853 $_LANG['loggedInAs'] = "Logged in as"; 854 $_LANG['viewAllPricing'] = "View all pricing"; 856 Annotated as Version 4.1 so WTF are there changes BEFORE this? 894 Version 4.2 942 Version 4.3 1024 Version 4.4 1031 Version 4.5 1112 Version 4.5.2 1118 Version 5.0.0 1250 $_LANG['copy'] = "Copy"; 1411 Version 5.2 1491 Version 5.3 1532 $_LANG['domaincontactdetails']['Phone Country Code'] = "Phone Country Code"; 1560 Version 6.0 1792 $_LANG['clientHomePanels']['productsAndServices'] = "Browse our Products/Services"; 3185 $_LANG['forJust'] = "for just"; 3743 $_LANG['userLogin']['notRegistered'] = "Not registered?"; So that is a change made to fix an error in the 21 theme at row 854 for example, prior to the version 4.1 annotations - it really doesnt make any sense and appears completely arbitrary So this is a direct appeal to the developers as I cant be bothered wasting my time arguing with support while they say its by design and try and justify changes prior to annotated versions or context. Context is key in translations so phrases such as just two examples below can be very difficult to translate suitably as their is no context on what the word or phrase relates to $_LANG['forJust'] = "for just"; $_LANG['copy'] = "Copy"; Please properly qualify the words and phrases to aid translation and make all additions to the language files sequential as it makes it very difficult to identify changes and maintain them otherwise and it is these sorts of things which deter people from supporting or maintaining them. Having translated a couple of languages from close to scratch sometimes I just have to hope that I have guessed the correct context ...
  10. Thanks Brian, My first post on here took 3 weeks to be approved, and I still have loads of feature requests that they are stalling on approving. It really is a poor effort and those figures you quoted perhaps show how many potential customers they have lost as a result of the experiences with support - something that should be making senior management sit up and pay vert serious attention .... As it turns out all that was required was to change from toPrefix() to toBoth() in domainregister,tpl - why the hell that isnt the defaut to start with god only knows and similarly in a few other templates Annoyingly that doesnt work on domain-pricing.tpl for some reason - your code does thanks once more <snipped>
  11. Thanks @brian! That works for the cart on both currencies but only in euros and not gbp in /portal/domain/pricing
  12. And that is fundamentally what is "boiling my piss" to use one of my favourite expressions. Software has bugs, we all make mistakes, we all make oversights, we can all often learn from others viewpoints, none of us know it all (although you appear to be close 😉 ) Nobody reporting anything either on here, as a bug or a feature request has any desire but to fix/improve the product and this is endlessly frustrated (as I may have already mentioned in my first short 6 weeks here) by outright obstructiveness from the support team. Because I am a stubborn person (my wife's phrase sanitised) I will fight when they try and sweep my tickets and issues under the carpet - one of us will break at some point and I wont put money on it either way but I wont go quietly that's for sure! So sad that so much potential is lost ...
  13. I want to display the domain pricing in the appropriate format dependent on the currency so for GBP it would be £10.00/yr and for Euros would be 10,00€/an (in French or whatever the translated short year is) The bit of code below in domainregister.tpl and domain-pricing.tpl means currencies with suffixes are displayed without the currency symbol {$tldinfo.register->toPrefixed()}{if $tldinfo.period > 1}{lang key="orderForm.shortPerYears" years={$tldinfo.period}}{else}{lang key="orderForm.shortPerYear" years=''} Changing toPrefixed to toSuffixed causes the € to be displayed however that obviously breaks GBP Want I want to do is an if currency = GBP then use toPrefixed else use toSuffixed However my coding skills are not up to that .... I have raised tickets with WHMCS but as always they insist that this is by design and not a bug (although it seems pretty fundamental to display pricing correctly and others might consider it a bug if it didnt)
  14. Thanks once more brian!. This does feel like a bit of minefield, I've applied to red.es to allow my IP to their whois - now that I know I need to How do I find out which extensions have issues/restrictions like this - .es is "meant" to be supported out of the box although it appears to be pointing at the wrong servers anyway in the json file anyway (I am also aware of the .nl limits you highlighted to me previously which I haven't followed up on yet.) - .es is also enabled through the Enom sync again with no indication of anything being required I cant see anything in the WHMCS documentation which identifies this issue although I may be looking in the wrong place - I feel another couple of bug reports coming on! lol
  15. I understand the theory of that - what I don't understand is why they allow a support operation to behave in a way which can only have a detrimental effect on the product and ultimately the bottom line simply from a business perspective. How many customers have they lost/would they have if this wasn't the case - 100, 1000 even 10,000 ? They claim 35,000 customers but I suspect many of those are "free" resellers of resellers accounts based on their financial records - so probably more like 5000 "real" users for want of a better term - which is what I consider myself as and it is us who will be reportign bugs and issues - so from that perspective pissing off only a handful of us could make a measurable impact on their bottom line
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