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  1. As always Brian thank you You are quite correct and using toNumeric as you showed above gives the desired result I have changed in the template for now to achieve the desired result but will take your advice and refine the PHP and template Once more -
  2. Hi all, Hopefully someone has encountered his before I am using a custom product page and template, I am succesfully retrieving all the product and pricing information however have a glitch for prices of -1 Some products have recurring costs monthly or annually and others annually or triennially Displaying all the price options on the product details page works with the biiling cycle which isnt available returing the value in the DB which is -1 The problem is that I obviously dont wnt the unsupported billing cycle and -1 value rendered on the page so used if statements in the template but whatever I do the match/doesn't match criteria doesnt appear to work I am using the following in the PHP page to get the data $getproduct_price = Capsule::table('tblpricing')->where('type','product')->where('relid',$pid)->where('currency',$currencyId)->first(); $monthlyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->monthly, $currencyId); $annuallyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->annually, $currencyId); $trienniallyprice = formatCurrency($getproduct_price->triennially, $currencyId); and the following in the template {if ($monthlyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$monthlyprice}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermmonthly} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} {if ($annuallyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$annuallyprice}</span> {$LANG.orderpaymenttermannually} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} {if ($trienniallyprice > '0')} <span class="price">{$trienniallyprice}</span> {$LANG.truffiere.orderpaymentterm.Triennially} {$LANG.truffiere.VatOnOff}<br> {/if} I have tried numerous varations ie for both match or doesnt match the criteria such as < '0' !> '0' and = '-1' But none of them seem to work against the negative value Any ideas or particularly soutions gratefully accepted!
  3. It really is a laughable state of affairs - having been using WHMCS for 6 months now I am really at a loss as to how they have the market share they do/had - it really is a staeming pile of bodges, badly (or not) thought through ideas and then badly or only partially implemented. I will be abandoning the product as soon as I can - there are just too many fundamental flaws which would cost me more to have fixed as custom development, assuming they could be fixed, and then to have those customisations at risk from every WHMCS version upgrade than migrating to another product including any customisations needed - plus new customisations to fix the bugs in each of those releases. It simply isnt a sensible commercial model ....
  4. To my mind the WHMCS logic is wrong here - the renewal price should be the current not historical price. I'm curious to know other peoples views on the behaviour and if they think it is correct the rationale for that
  5. Yeah, and yes you did warn me 🙂 It has served my purposes for the brief initial period but I am actively looking to move away (after less than 6 months) The product is simply too unwieldly and cumbersome, sloppily coded. poorly tested and carries too high a maintenance overhead - as the 3rd party module developers move on to a product that has a growing rather than shrinking customer base it is going to become an increasingly unviable solution especially for non developer customers like me as modules we have bought stop working with a WHMCS upgrade. 8.2 looks like a great example of how the focus from WHMCS is pure short term financial self interest - as far as I can tell the only changes in it are to enable them to act as a reseller for more products and services rather than provide anything that existing customers actually want and even promised features remain missing. John has repeatedly told me that they are addressing the issues with translations/multi-lingual shortcomings - ie configurable options dont support dynamic translation and despite partially reworking add-ons in 8.2 you still cant have discrete products as add-ons despite god knows how many requests. It isnt just the price increases where they show contempt for their customers - it is their whole culture from obstructive support and refusal to acknowledge defects and bugs through to the utterly pointless feature request "system" and failure to deliver any real improvements to the product and instead just tinkering on the edges. When was the last time they actually delivered a feature that customers were asking for?
  6. You can change the starting number directly in the database in tblquotes - I couldnt see anyway to do it from the interface, you will need to create a first dummy quote with nothing on it and then you just change the id to the number you want as a starting point If you change any existing quotes here you also need to change the corresponding entries in tblquoteitems. This is what seems to be the classic WHMCS development thought process (or lack of) in that they implemnted this for invoices but it seemingly didnt register that applying the same to quotes would be useful/a good idea - I mean, what company wants to send a customer quote number 1??
  7. I think its just a discontent one on here for now 😉
  8. https://docs.whmcs.com/Reports#Customising_Reports
  9. And some of them multiple times from the same person who has only ever reviewed WHMCS - call me suspicious but ...
  10. Hostbill is likely to be the only viable option for my particulat use case, I'm not likely to be affected by the price changes in the short term - my reason for moving is more to do with the behaviour of WHMCS and the ridiculously slow speed to implement any improvements. In use I have simply found too many issues and bugs - then find out that some of them are over 5 years old and the outright obstructiveness of John in recording those as bugs and the utterly pointless feature request system. Even simply things like adding the customers title so that in countries where welcome emails should be addressed to M. Customer etc rather than firstname lastname are blocked IMHO the biggest two changes WHMCS need to make which is going to have the biggest long term improvement to the product are 1) An overhaul of the feature request system and for it to be managed by the development not support team - andactually implement what customers are asking for 2) Appointment of a product manager, who engages with customers on here and beyond and a restructuring of the support teams role/resonsibilities, why on earth John as support manager seems to be the self appointed product manager and company spokesman is beyond me and he is clearly, from the comments on here, not the right person to be fulfilling those roles. Support should not be involved in product decision making, simply informing the number of tickets received for a particular issue..
  11. Surely the payment gateways are up for redesign, both to support translations and the re-envisaged order/check out process Matt blogged about?
  12. Even with paid support you are going to hit a support department which is downright obstructive, particularly John, who probably sets the "standard" for the others to follow, and outright refusal to accept anything they possibly can as a bug or defect John in particular has made the feature request system unusable and refuses to change it, IMHO many of the issues and deficiencies with the product are a direct result of the behaviour of John and the support team combined with an usable feature request system meanign what customers want doesnt get fed back to the developers (although it has to be said many of the issues shouldnt need to be ..,.) I put in a feature request to overhall the system and for it to be managed by the development team not support - it was never approved and then mysteriously disappeared ....
  13. Well WHMCS support first claimed that they couldnt reproduce the issue and saying I must have changed the default language as thats the only time it could happen - which even if I had shouldnt have been adding the "new" default language to tbldynamic_translations They asked for a video, then access and then came back saying that this is the normal behaviour (despite previously claming they couldnt reproduce) and all languages, including the default, go into the tbldynamic_translations if that feature is enabled. Apart from the fact that this doesnt explain why if multiple language files are present content is served from tblproducts for the default language and only from dynamic translations if ONLY the default language file is present this has got to be the sloppiest laziest coding going .... A complete and unnecessary duplication of all product data bloating the database I'm only really posting so that if someone else stumbles across this there is something out here., it is particularly relevant if you ned to do bulk product name/description updates against the database
  14. Just a quick one to osee whether anyone else has encountered this. I noticed that when I add or edit a product the default language (English which was also the one at installation) is also being added to dynamic translations - an even quirkier behaviour is that if I only have the english language file present in the /lang directory the content from the english tbldynamic_translations is served but if multiple language files are present then the content from tblproducts is used. I have a suspicion that this only started happening after the 8.1.3 upgrade. I have tried switching the default language to somethng else and back again but the behaviour remains I have raised a ticket with support and they are unable to reproduce and I just wanted to see whether anyone else had encountered this before I reluctantly grant them access to my system
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