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  1. Hello everyone, A couple of months ago I activated the OX App Suite service via MarketConnect and started reselling this great email solution. I noticed almost everything was setup automatically and all I needed to do was to begin reselling. One issue I came across with was that OX App Suite was setup as a hidden product/service and also as product add-on, the problem with this is that the email template that is included as default welcome email for this service, doesn't include important configuration details for the email accounts. More specifically the MX records and other DNS records that need to be setup by the client in order to have this email service work property, are not included. I contacted WHMCS MarketConnect support and got an explanation about this. Basically the DNS details will not be emailed to the customers because WHMCS will not include this information in the welcome email if the service being purchased is an Add-on product. I was told that I could change this service to be a stand alone product/service, and in that case the welcome email will include all details. With this response I see two problems: 1. WHMCS MarketConnect configures the service as I explained in the beginning, as add-on product/service and as hidden product/service as well, so is this intentional or an unknown problem. 2. If I attempt to edit the hidden product/service, it won't allow me to change the pricing nor the module details, only product description and name. Which is another issue that I'm facing, because in the incomplete welcome email the customers receive, the product name is the name of the parent product and not OX App Suite product name specifically. I would really appreciate if any of you know a solution to these issues, or if you can point me in right direction/workaround. I think OX App Suite is a great email service and a great solution for businesses, but the automation part is giving a bit of headache. Thank you, -ED
  2. After a little bit more than a year, I’m facing what I call ... a continuation of vague template design ... but life’s good, that’s the important thing. So, I’m using version 8.1 and the standard cart with a custom template that is just a copy of the 2021 default template. The issue with the captcha is that I enabled it and select only to show up for contact forms ... (domain checker, login, registration and tickets check boxes are disabled) ... but the captcha is showing up on domain transfers page as well, and I really want to get rid of this. Is there a workaround, as usual, to remove maybe the code or using a hook to remove the captcha from the domain transfer page? I appreciate your help and support, always solving WHMCS template developers mediocre work. Thanks!
  3. Yes, this is it! Thanks Brian!
  4. Is there a way to mass delete all emails sent to the clients instead of having to delete one by one in the WHMCS client management area? Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, shopping cart / review & checkout Not sure if this is a bug or simple poor design but the secondary box that scrolls automatically as you scroll down the page ... or if you open the Debit or Credit Card button ... moves straight to the bottom or to the top, not allowing the user to type the debit/credit card information. I noticed the viewcart.tpl file code line 482 (standard cart) the element has ID = scrollingPanelContainer. I tried removing it to see if this prevents the auto scrolling but it makes it worst. Any idea what class/id to add/remove in order to prevent this behavior? Thank you, -ED
  6. not sure what SCC.tpl file is ... but yes, only one. Actually I have to edit the file within the parent template form in order to make it work ... but just one.
  7. Well, this is funny. 3 years later I'm having issues with a custom order form template not overwriting the parent standard form. It's pulling code from some files, because I did some changes, but the sidebar-categories-collapsed.tpl is giving me hard times. Any ideas why this is happening? I confirmed in General Settings > Default Order Form, my custom form Template has been selected. And also all product groups are using this same form template. Folder structure for my custom form is good, based on docs. Weird thing is, if I go to standard_cart folder and edit sidebar-categories-collapsed.tpl it works. Please let me know, thank you.
  8. Never mind, it worked perfectly, I was inserting the wrong URL. Thank you!
  9. Almost worked! but it's adding the WHMCS installation path url as a prefix of the new url. The result is something like: https://www.mysite.com/whmcs/mysite.com/new-url 😞
  10. Yes, its OX App Suite ... Learn More ... link. I need this to redirect to my website. Do you have a sample hook for this one by any change? Thank you,
  11. Hey Cowboy, I don't think OX offers the aliases option, instead users have to create a separate email account so that they can use it as an alias. In your example sales@ department will have an email account sales@my-business.com ... and so all users will be able to setup that email account as a separate inbox into their personal accounts (like nesting the department accounts) using OX App interface. Regarding question 2 its pretty simple, you just use a good email client, can be Outlook or other, and import/export all email data. But I'm sure you can import/export directly into OX App inboxes. So whatever email client or service your customers are using now, they can easily move to OX App by importing the entire inboxes. Thanks for the comments, good thing we can learn from each other! -ED
  12. Great, perfect, good to know! Yes, I pretty sure they won't even bother in answering a contact form request for just a couple of email accounts 🙂 ... Good thing we have these solutions available in WHMCS.
  13. Hello everyone, This is just the subject I was looking for and I’m really curious about knowing the reselling process of OX services. Are we reselling plans that the people from MarketPlace bundled and make available in WHMCS (meaning reselling what they resell) or are we reselling the service directly from OX being the main provider? In any case, more importantly, where are these email accounts hosted? Is it OX proprietary infrastructure or is this running on MarketPlace/WHMCS servers as resellers. Is something I’ve been thinking about and cannot find any clues on the web. Thanks, -ED
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll stick with the defaults! BTW, what is the simplest way of redirecting links in WHMCS ... any link, nothing specific. Should I use a hook for this? The thing is, there is an add-on product which description shows a link to a landing page and I don't want this link to show up in the add-on description ... but after looking for hours for the template file or the code to edit it, I gave up with no success. So what I'm planning to do is simply redirect this link to a custom page on the main site. Lots of thanks, appreciate your dedication to the community 😎
  15. Yes, the domain pricing table data feed. It's fine then, I'm coding a custom pricing table on the main website and wanted to put a toggle switch to show pricing for 1,2,3 year registration, but I suppose the data feed has no option for that. Does it? Thanks for your replies, really helpful!
  16. Yes, the tags generated by the feed are closed. I switched to Classic Mode of the Builder and it's now letting me work fine. Thanks for the suggested plugin but I'm trying to work just with the WordPress theme and WHMCS. Is there a way to play with the variables for period registrations? The Domain Pricing Table only shows 1 year for all? Thank you for the help!
  17. Hi everyone, I noticed the src = file path ... should be relative to the path of your WHMCS installation folder. Also I’m trying to use this code with Bakery Builder and it’s causing the templates to break, it works but it messes up the rest of elements within the page. Is there a better way of using this dynamic code in a website built with Wordpress? Thank you!
  18. Really helpful, thank you Brian! exactly what I wanted to know.
  19. Hello everyone! I trying to redirect customers to my website content whenever they click on any product that is listed under the 'Store' menu within WMHCS. The question I have is if I can use the menu item name, for example: Web Hosting, SSL certificates and so on; or is there a better way to grab these links ... taking into account that my clients see the website in different languages therefore the menu item name changes depending on the language they choose ... to perform each redirect? Thanks for the knowledge! -ED
  20. Ok that was Hebrew for me 😞 ... how do I add this module back? Thanks for your help!
  21. Hi, I wanted to know if someone is experiencing this issue: When clients access their SSL certificate details page, the section at the bottom contains 3 buttons with different actions for the domain associated with the SSL certificate. The button named WHOIS Info is not taking my clients to the WHOIS information page but instead it takes them to WHMCS index page. Any ideas on how to resolve this or what could be causing the issue? I recently upgraded to V8. Thank you, -ED
  22. Hello everyone, I'm having an issue with the sticky box (order summary) that appears on the checkout page (left side on desktop). When clients choose a billing cycle different than 1 year, meaning a recurring charge, the PayPal Checkout and Debit or Credit Card buttons show up below the order summary details, and also the normal Complete Order button right below these options. This makes the section overflow on Y axis. The problem is that, because this section is sticky, when clients attempt to pay with a credit card and click on Debit or Credit Card PayPal button, the section expands downwards and the credit card fields cannot be scroll to because the entire section moves up or down depending on which direction you scroll to. Clearly the sticky action is causing this problem but I don't know how to remove it or code it to prevent this behavior. Hope I'm explaining this correctly. If you have experienced this or if you know a possible solution, I would really appreciate your response! Thank you, -ED
  23. Hello Mihn Vy, Were you able to fix this problem? You have to check the currency values and make sure the amount was setup correctly.
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