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How can we freezee widget on WHMCS admin?

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Hello there

I have see that widget can be freezee on WHMCS admin. How can we we freeze for example market connect widget on first position ?

Example: Lara module has a google analytic freezed and displayes always first position.



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42 minutes ago, steven99 said:

Setting the widget's weight to a high value, like a billion, will guarantee  it is always first until another widget has it set to a trillion. 

From my experience that only sets it's position in the list that opens when you click the gear. On the page it's still the "dancing blocks" thing. 

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Just did a test on a built-in widget and the weight has to be lowest number to win the first position.  So if you set a weight to 100 while all the others are set to 20, that one will be dead last.  If you set a weight of -10 and no others have something lower, it will show first. 

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I did on mine as well. It's still following the "I need to fill spaces when the window changes" mode, and more or less ignore the weights defined. They change in the list behind the gear, but on the page still fails. In addition, if you shift them manually, then change the window width, it goes right back. 

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16 hours ago, bear said:

Latest, 8.1.3, having been forced to use it.

even if you modified the weights in the code (which I don't think would work in v8 as i'm seeing the same as him), those changes would still get overwritten during an update - so you 'd be back to square one.

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