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  1. Hello there I have a simple module (script .php file) and I am looking a way to restrict\limit it access by my authorization only. I have heard that ioncube can encrypt file, but I guess it only obfuscate other to not see code it self, but not restrict it uses against authorization. There is a WHMCS license addon, but as I do not intend to sell this module online, it looks to much hard job for that purpose... So let me explain in more details: - I have a payment gateway module (2 files in php) and there is a managed partners hosting account under our company managements that as a partner we could allow ("rent") they to use our module while they have a package WHMCS system with us. So module belongs to us which is a added value these days for online payment , and I would like to have control on it...I could just upload encrypted module to my partner environment, but would be better if I found a way to in case If do not want Partner to use a module to lock it (lets say a partner decide go away and keep my module even encrypt to use it). Should I use license addon for that purpose or there is a easy way to achieve that. My other idea would be if a module prompt for a password on first installation, where this partner would not know that password... When I start thinking on License addon I get sick😰
  2. Phone Manufacturer: Alcatel Phone Model: 5033D Operating System: Android Operating System Version: 8.1.0 View Mode: LIght Mode
  3. Idea would be, not have an app with full futures like browser, but at list: case 1: Admin will have full access to app with all futuresβœ”οΈ case 2: Support departments would be able to reply tickets with predefined replies (of course not all tickets would be able to get fixed by cellphone, due to deeper troubleshooting needed), but some of them with predefined replies are possibleβœ”οΈ case 3: Sales or any kind department that would be able to access client list and see client details. PS: If you are a company that only works on web without local office, and never known your clients personal, those requested would never be missed, but otherwise you have local office, clients can visit your store locally, you interact more with your clients, so have their client details on your hand on app is a must. While company is growing sometimes you as company owner needs to pass responsibility to senior and trusted company staff, and having an app that also think in those issues is a must. Example: Our company provide a full support to a medium size company (support for hosting, domains, website management, office desktop maintenance plan, antivirus for all company desktop and workstation, these days clients wants a package for everything and more 😬). So as a company owner, I have a hired Supervisor working for me where he needs to visit those company for regular follow-up...Take in consideration that this supervisor I would not want to give him full access to app to see my global income πŸ˜… But he could access to app to see some client details, respond others tickets while he is supper-visioning starter entry staffs working on customer office. After he finished work in that customer he could needs to take a car and go to another customer (another local small business)...So see client details on app would gets these more friendly and working fast....Without need to login on browser+copy and paste 2Fauthentication 6 digit and confirm, and click a lots). With app with could be done very easily. PS: This is one of example...but having a app more flexible would make WHMCS better...expetially when your company has a team...if you just work alone, this mean only you will access app, wich is most of case of WHMCS users, but thinking in growing your company.... That is my 2 cents contribution!
  4. Sure, but there is a massive users that also using those code and we never see them here because they only comes here without login. I think perhaps I am who spent more time logged in this community. Average daily logged in users perhaps less than 30... Would be great if a community guidelines cover something like that (regarding donations), making it not be treated hidden on inbox (guidelines I guess do not allow that 3.4), while it would not be known after several posts and even new users. Perhaps 90% of users on community knows Brian or have a see their posts more then all of community staff. If you have a suggestions feel free. While donation did not start working, Like button is the fastest way to be courteousness for someone spent their time and share their precious knowledge in most cases with strange. If you have a idea in mind, please share it with us, perhaps we found a balance.πŸ‘
  5. Do not forget hit Like button, for such a post like that.πŸ™ƒ
  6. Thanks Alex, it helps, your feedback is most welcome...it gives a basic idea, considering coincidence that my machine has 4 cores. As my VPS is managed by Advanced hosting service provider I can reach them anytime in future for more info...πŸ‘
  7. Hello there Hi @WHMCS John First impression like others users it that this new app improves. I can say that too, especially because it is being tested on very basic cellphone ( a cellphone that I would not offer to my enemy)...and even in that circumstance this app could give me a great feeling. I started using aWHMCS 2 years ago and cancelled, after 30 days I guess...One of the reason for cancellation was App Limitation (ticket #AOU-582509) With COVID more than ever companies are recognized importance of staff being able to work home or wherever they are, it makes you being ahead over competitors and growing fast. WHMCS apps are only designated for super Admin, because it only supports one API. So this means a sales department or support department can not using this app, if support department uses app it gets a mess, a support department will became a Super Admin (it sounds like a joking). Currently OLD apps works in that way (I tested and confirmed it). While I need my sales and support department to uses App too, that is why I cancelled and never pay for this app again. WHMCS has designated App to be used only for Owner company (Admin) but personally I think if technically would be possible to allow sales and support with restrict roles would be a must. For example, now app on testing mode only allows access to tickets, so maybe could be light at the end of tunnel. The App born great, but for me if it is only me to using this app in my company, I would survive with browser access and save money. COVID is here, lets make App multi-useful πŸ‘
  8. Hello there I have a VPS with few cpanel accounts...Last week I got some wordpress hosted (and looks that wordpress sites requests more server hardware), and maybe server load may increase a little... So, as my server is small and got few accounts I do not have experience when bellow values would be critical. Avg load will increase for 0 to 1 or it could be up to 1 or 1,5 or 2 ? From what values should I start getting more attention?
  9. It apear you have configured it right, just to make sure you are aware that those info are designated for sending email (outgoing), and not for receiving ticket (incoming). That been said if you are not sending emails, must be any errors. Activated display error on Setup>General Settings>others If there is any error paste it here, so we can look at possible issues. Also trying to send an email using cpanel roundcube or Horde mail and see if your email are delivered (double check spam folder on receiver). If t
  10. @snake @ramfToday while testing 7 days Modules Garden CRM, I found something interesting...CRM module from modules garden has an options where you can set-up your mail box (IMAP or SMTP) that allows you read emails on an Pop-up inside WHMCS, and for my surprising emails are open like they are (something that never seen on WHMCS before, with all HTML and CSS content...On my crazy thinking I could assume if modules Garden create that years ago...would be possible in somehow, have a module where, when we opened those crazy tickets we could just have a way to open an original email on an popup like happen on Modules garden CRM.....of couse I do not know if in terms of security it is good or not, but if Modules garden have it i should assume their module have passed on huge tests. https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/add-an-option-to-see-the-original-mail-from-the-client-with-the-original-html-formatting-etc I think @ModulesGarden could have the skills to create such module, considering that one of their modules already have half of job done!! This is a pop-up email message imported to WHMCS by CRM module After seeing this, now I think it should be possible having way to read original email inside WHMCS and even with a little good faith reading it without leaving ticket system. πŸ™‚
  11. Hello there I dos not found out on which category to post This..so I re-arrange my intro and also in some how my question. ...I need to learn more reading WordPress and wondering if there is outthere a community like WHMCS community or cPanel Community...after searching on google all I receive is theme from themeforest at top ranking. Where to go to learn more regarding WordPress?
  12. I suspect it need template edit, due custom.css will possible hide not just WHOIS info. but Brian should know what better way to achieve that.
  13. Guys... v8 is coming, lets wake-up this post...
  14. @Kian @brian! I found a way to deal with fake emails, without coding needs, and for now it it working fine. So, as I am using own cpanel email now, means I can create unlimited emails. So I changed my terms and use agreements, where if a client do not have any email to provide us, our company will: 1- assign an internal email (auto-email) which will be (firstname.lastname-auto-email@mydomain.com) for clients with no email; 2 - This auto email will be created manually on Cpanel (Emails Account) and restrict login on it, as nobody will use it, and also thinking in my mind it will get more secure πŸ™„. 3 - Will create an auto-respond for this emails. 4 - Now, every time, my WHMCS tries to sends an new invoice message or payment reminder or overdue, to this (auto-email), I will receive a ticket create informing me with above auto responde message. This will avoid my WHMCS sending emails to fake emails that at sometime could reduce your IP reputation πŸ™„. This will help me being on top of all my clients even for those that do not have email, helping me having a better followup on them and reduce overdue invoices and communication when automation has a lack due to fake emails.πŸ‘ PS: client will no have access to this auto-email, will never login to client area.
  15. Hello @bigideaguy So after 5 years, did you now using any CRM, I am starting now testing ones from modules garden...what was your experience on these 5 past years.?
  16. Hi @hardikjoshi did implement your CRM. I am made an intensive tests with CRM from modules garden these days. If you already been used CRM too on WHMCS we can exchange ideasπŸ‘
  17. Thanks @WHMCS Alex. As one of my domain registrar is ENOM, I can go ahead. πŸ‘
  18. Hello there I have this situation: - a client can register their domain with me for professional email purpose, and them want to use with an external mail like google gsuite or microsoft 360. So this client can register a domain, but he would be able to just go to their client area and setup MX records to pointing to (ex. google mail server) using client area interface? PS: this client do not want to buy hosting plan, only domain! DNS management works on WHMCS without having a cpanel account?
  19. Hello there Utilities>Logs>Activity logs or Admin Logs An user can delete those entries to hide what he done??. Examples: sometimes we ask support on official WHMCS website (www.whmcs.com) or even other custom modules development for some-kind trobleshooting or even an developer for something that need to have access to our WHMCS. 1 - Grant access to a staff from WHMCS sound resealable acceptable and most trusted (considering I am doing it from www.whmcs.com; 2- But when it is from other company modules developers less reputable than WHMCS sometimes I am not so comfortable in giving access full administrator especially if you never know exactly what time they will login (due different time zones). PS: there is those options to send confidential information on special fields provided, but.... An admin user, can just manipulate WHMCS logs and do bad things and erase history, or just snoop around your stuff and erase at the end? So what is you best practices when you need to provide confidencial information for your custom module development or a developer?
  20. Hello guys, when you say Get rid of {NUMBER} and use {ID}, means changed Setup>General>Settings>Invoices ??? Change it to...
  21. this would be much appreciated. Would help a lot on tracking things...that also is one those thing that WHMCS helps a lot....actually WHMCS could implement this as core of software...but when we think in future requests we start feel fever 😨
  22. Despite I am not a developer, and so do not understand above code...Sometimes after proforma gets paid, I had need to know what was that proforma number before that proforma converted to invoice (gets paid)...And I saw the only way I found was checking previous emails sent out...Would be a must have a way to track proforma invoice number to. Sometime clients pay me by bank transfer, so according to my custom email template I advice them to identify on bank payment description inform proforma number that they receive in their email and also their names on description...and it works fine, so in my bank history payment received I saw there and I make manual payment on WHMCS choosing one of custom mail in payment gateway I have created for each bank account. But after a made manual payment, like you said I can not easily track past proforma number...
  23. Hello there Can some one find what is wrong in this .htaccess code, and what could be possible solution to try? RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d RewriteRule ^(.)crm.php(. )$ /admin/crm.php [QSA, L] <Limit PUT DELETE OPTIONS> Order allow,deny Allow from all </Limit> After run this n this website http://www.htaccesscheck.com/ I receive that there is error on line 3 RewriteRule ^(.)crm.php(. )$ /admin/crm.php [QSA, L] that issue is causing 500 Internal Server Error Any idea how to fix it? Thank you!
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