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  1. It will take some time, but cPanel's greed will cost them. The industry will move on to other options - it already is.
  2. gei

    tweaking "overdue" invoices

    We have the same issue - when a client logs in to the WHMCS client area it shows that on the homepage that they have x number of "overdue" invoices, where in fact they are just unpaid invoices that are not yet due. These invoices have no payments against them. It seems to simply be using the wrong language string. This is a fairly major issue as now all of our clients log in and panic assuming they have an overdue invoice that will result in service suspension, where this is in fact not the case.
  3. FYI WHMCS has confirmed this is a bug: Thank you for following up. The initial issue (the validation of the CVV field) has been confirmed and opened as case #CORE-13710 with our development team for further investigation and correction. In the meantime, the fix provided in the community thread should be sufficient to work around it.
  4. Is it possible that our own custom gateway is "requiring" the CVV for some reason? If so, how do we remove this requirement. Our payment module is very simple and I don't see any documentation in your gateway module development docs to indicate how to make the CVV an optional field. This seems to be a similar issue to the one described here:
  5. We're using our own custom gateway, but the issue also occurs when using a built in gateway like offline payment. The issue isnt with the gateway itself, it's with the javascript.
  6. None of our existing clients were able to checkout since we upgraded to 7.8 - even after switching back to the standard six theme and standard_cart. Eventually we realized that even though the client was using their "existing card" and filling in the existing card CVV field on the checkout page, WHMCS would not let them click Complete Order because it was trying to verify the CVV in the "enter new card" section. We fixed this by editing templates/orderforms/standard_cart/js/scripts.js and moving this verification: if (!jQuery.payment.validateCardCVC(checkoutForm.find('#inputCardCVV').val(), cardType)) { checkoutForm.find('#inputCardCVV').showInputError(); submit = false; } Inside the if (newOrExisting === 'new') { conditional. This solved the issue. You then have to re-minify it and modify the scripts.min.js accordingly Considering this should affect everyone, I'm surprised no one else has pointed it out yet...
  7. FYI cPanel and WHMCS are now owned by the same company, so you can be sure that WHMCS will be coming out with something to count accounts. Oakley Capital will ensure of that 😉
  8. Again I don't think you understand how business works. A statement like there "should not be" $1 web hosting is just absurd, and there are many cases where this is justified. This is not "life", and this is not the way you treat your customers. It's only a matter of time before cPanel begins to lose their market share, and a new panel steps in as the leader.
  9. Jesus Christ. This is not a positive outlook, this is called being a sheep. If anything accepting something so unreasonable, instead of standing up against it, makes him a very poor candidate. Who is cPanel to dictate how much a web hosting provider should charge and who should "suffer"? If a client has a few static html pages and is paying his host $1/month for hosting, what is wrong with that? Why should cPanel be entitled to 20% of the revenue from this plan? Hopefully in another 1-2 years the market will shift away from cPanel entirely because of their greed, and we won't have to deal with this terrible pricing anymore, but in the meanwhile we don't need to bend over and accept it.
  10. Reseller hosting will no longer be feasible on cPanel - I think most resellers will want to be moved to DirectAdmin
  11. We are considering it only because cPanel have forced us into it. The insane cPanel price increases have essentially destroyed reseller hosting as a concept. It would not be beneficial whatsoever - it will anger our customers and likely push them away, or on to other platforms. It is only beneficial because of the cPanel price gouging and the need to pass on these prices.
  12. gei

    WHMCS is joining WebPros

    WebPros seems to be a group started by the Oakley Capital group - they've essentially purchased cPanel, Plesk, and now WHMCS, and have merged them all together. They effectively have a monopoly in the hosting industry. What does this mean? Most companies acquired by venture capital firms tend to focus on maximizing profit at all costs, like we are seeing now with cPanel. cPanel just switched to per-account pricing which has resulted in an enormous increase in costs for almost all hosting providers. They could care less about delivering a "high-quality product" - all they are about is milking as much money as they can from these companies (ultimately running them into the ground). If you're a current WHMCS customer, I think this means you should be afraid. Very afraid. Considering the dramatic pricing change they just made with cPanel - despite all the customer protest - it's likely only a matter of time before they start looking at doing the same with WHMCS. Luckily we have some lead time here unlike with cPanel, and I would strongly suggest people start investigating other billing platforms.
  13. Sarcasm fail? There's a fairly dramatic difference between offering clients optional upsells and dramatically increasing the licensing prices of a system they are more or less locked in to.
  14. Considering that they are owned by the same company, I think it would be prudent to start looking into other billing options as well.

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