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I am looking for some beta testers to test out a Stripe gateway module out before release.  As this is a beta, early access, bugs are to be expected but it has been running smoothly on our install.  Testers are expected to actually test the module and report any issues or comments.  I am only looking for a few testers with varying amounts of activity and so this is a limited opening.  When the module is released, beta testers will receive a discount on the released version and the beta version will be disabled. 

If you are interested in beta testing this module, please contact me for further details. 

Details on the module:

  1. Uses Stripe.js Elements to collect card info
  2. Uses a custom form for card info on both manage credit card and checkout pages
  3. Options to force usage of the module if you are switching card gateways
  4. Currently supports card payments and not items like Apple Pay.
  5. USD currency only supported at this time
  6. Offers a one time payment option where the card token is removed from Stripe after usage. 

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Not in the current version for this beta testing.  If there are not many testers for this module, I may change it back to alpha and start work on that and a few other features.

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      Hello @WHMCS John,
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