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Invalid domain name provided

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On 11/01/2019 at 14:50, HOSKIA INDIA said:

after update my whmcs to latest version facing issues like this ( whmcs version 7.7.0 )

three points that I can see...

  1. you shouldn't update a production site with a beta - they are notoriously buggy and are only suitable for testing, not live public access.
  2. if you're using custom theme/orderform (e.g ClientX from @WGS), then you shouldn't update WHMCS at all until the theme's developers have confirmed that it's compatible with the new version - which they are unlikely to do while it's still in beta.
  3. you might want to update your license details with WHMCS - your installation seems to be unlicensed. headshake.gif

btw - I couldn't reproduce the error that you saw on your site.

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was this ever resolved?  I have the same problem after updating to 7.7.0 - which is now not beta but on general release.

Invalid domain name provided

Domains must begin with a letter or a number
Please check your entry and try again.


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We fixed this by manually copying the "standard cart" files. Which order template you are using?

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