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  1. @Kian send me a PM. I may have an idea, and it's something I'm actually trying to work on.
  2. I agree! Use Capsule! I've taken the time to learn how to interact with the database using Capsule, and it's very easy 🙂 Good Luck!
  3. In our system, for non paid orders or overdue services we terminate and have the order drop within X amount of days. You can set all of this up in the automation settings 🙂
  4. I actually agree with alot on this post! The Management staff are great folks. I've had many of them go above and beyond scope to help on an issue. I would agree that WHMCS should be more open source. While I can see the need to IonCube it, the competitor Blesta only has 3 files encoded, and they use MVC framework, instead of Smarty. You have other billing systems, like ClientEx that are encoded though. It's all to protect the code. I do believe though that more of WHMCS should be opened up to developers. On some products I am building, I am learning to add on to the WHMCS API, to interact with the database. I can't wait to see what the feature holds for WHMCS.
  5. Do you have a subscription ID field in your gateway for your clients to enter?
  6. Explain what you are trying to do, and why you would need a Test API permission.
  7. At Beast Web Services, we believe in the REAL reason for Christmas, and also believe that while Christmas is about family, it is about giving. For This Christmas (December 20th - 25th) we have a promotion for the Square Gateway! If you purchase an OWNED License you may use the following Discount Codes at Checkout: KO06Y5RNV0 - 30% off the OWNED Square Gateway License CPOH78T7X8 - Free Branding Removal for two months with the purchase of the owned license. You will need to add the branding removal as an Addon at the time of check out! At the end of the two months, Branding Removal is $25.00 a month. You may then cancel your branding removal addon if you wish to not keep the branding removal at current rates at the end of your free trial. This deal expires on December 26th, 2019! https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/4816 Client Portal to purchase: https://mybeastportal.com/cart.php?gid=10
  8. Hello, I'm working on an Addon Module to store a License Key for an addon. I can have it verify the get the license key from the table.. but what I'm trying to do is figure out how to put a check_license within this: class License extends Model { /** @var string $table The table in which the addon settings are stored. (mod_mylicensetable) */ protected $table = 'mod_squareLicensing'; //protected function results($results); private $vString = "16da9d4d6fc1e1ec25ce622d59d3d34e2b147bed894296693492985d85d27868"; } $Licensedata = License::where('id', '1')->first( As such, I can get my License data as expected, however, within the Addon Module itself -- to ideally get everything, the check needs to be inside the Class. I'd like to do something like function verify_license { //--get information from original license call and do our actions for invalid or active } Can someone give me guidance? I'm new working with Laravel. I know how to do a license call with the default check_sample.php and have adapted that as needed, and have built upon it.. but working with the classes are new to me. Any help and pointers would be greatly appreciated 🙂
  9. Well -- couldn't figure out the ajax part.. but I was able to make the autoupgrade.php like WHMCS has, however, to submit the data, you gotta click a submit button. WHMCS does not have that, and it's something they need to look into, since there's doesn't function right.
  10. Sounds fun.. NOT lol. I did the above, and was able to create the enable_auto_upgrades. Now playing with ajax to see if I can have it auto change the db lol. <script> function getXMLHTTPRequest() { var req = false; try { /* for Firefox */ req = new XMLHttpRequest(); } catch (err) { try { /* for some versions of IE */ req = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"); } catch (err) { try { /* for some other versions of IE */ req = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } catch (err) { req = false; } } } return req; } function updateToggle(obj,id){ obj.style.backgroundColor = '#cc0000'; var updReq = getXMLHTTPRequest(); var url = 'autoupgStatus.php'; var vars = 'id='+id+'&value='+obj.value; updReq.open('POST', url, true); updReq.setRequestHeader('Content-type', 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'); updReq.onreadystatechange = function() { //Call a function when the state changes. if(updReq.readyState == 4 && updReq.status == 200) { if(updReq.responseText == 'N'){ obj.style.backgroundColor = '#cc8800'; }else{ if(obj.value == '1'){ obj.value = '0'; }else{ obj.value = '1'; } obj.src = updReq.responseText; obj.style.backgroundColor = '#0000cc'; } } } updReq.send(vars); } </script> Problem is, it's not working lol. I can go to the status page direct and change the value in the php code lol.. but the ajax part is being a twit! I even have the form with the onclick event.. and nerp.. it's not working lol. It changes to OFF or ON when you click respectively, but doesn't update the db as it should lol.
  11. Changed DB structure temporarily: 54 created_at timestamp No CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Change Change Drop Drop More More 55 updated_at timestamp No CURRENT_TIMESTAMP Change Change Drop Drop More More 56 pwresetexpiry timestamp Yes NULL I have an open ticket at WHMCS too, we'll see what happens, and what they recommend.
  12. I can't change my sql mode either, and I tried @brian!'s method, and it says the next field has the same issue. Tried changing them at the same time, and no go. lol. I have WHMCS working on it as well. Hope they can figure this mess out.
  13. It's not even letting me update the db lol.
  14. @caygri Awesome. You will need to set this up as a product in WHMCS. Also, I highly recommend that you use IonCube to protect your code. If you need assistance, you can DM me, and I'll be glad to offer up some help.
  15. @Kian Here's the value for Created At 0000-00-00 00:00:00
  16. Hey all! I'm making a feature for my WHMCS for license auto upgrades, and I'm running into an error when adding to the database structure for tblclients. SQL query: ALTER TABLE `tblclients` ADD `enable_auto_upgrades` INT NOT NULL DEFAULT '0' AFTER `marketing_emails_opt_in` MySQL said: Documentation #1067 - Invalid default value for 'created_at' Can I get some guidance as to why I'd be getting the invalid default value when I'm just trying to add a custom field to the row. This specific field I don't want to show on the client details page, as I'm making a specific page for this.
  17. What exactly are you trying to use this on? I actually use this with the WHMCS Licensing Addon.
  18. Hello, I'm wanting to get everyone's thought on this. With the Licensing Addon, expired licenses just sit in the database. Is there any way that could be feasible to have this auto prune and remove from the database after they expire? I did create a topic on the requests page, but would love to know your thoughts! https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/auto-prune-expired-license-keys-in-licensing-addon Thanks!
  19. I think making the user number longer would benefit if you were sending the invoice off to collection company, etc if your company did that. Unless you were to keep the user ID normal, and add a custom field with some random numbers through php... Just a thought.
  20. I haven't had an issue yet, but that would suck royally. I have seen some sites using it without a license lol, and actually having a nulled whmcs too lol. Maybe WHMCS should more open source their software, OR improve upon the data feeds and API. You can EASILY use the API to code some php into your wordpress site quite simply 🙂
  21. Also, if you use something like elementor or something with WordPress, you can generally use the Data Feeds if you don't want to use WHMPress. For the vast majority, you will likely need WHMPress, which integrates your client area into WordPress 🙂 HostX as mentioned above would eliminate the need for two separate sites. You could manage pages, etc within HostX!
  22. I actually have a great idea for you! https://whmcsglobalservices.com/whmcs-themes-templates/ HostX by WHMCS Global Services is AMAZING! I actually use it. You can make pages and add content. I'd also contact @NadalKumar for the CMSE Framework for WHMCS 🙂
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