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  1. Thanks, but I tried that. When I delete the card from the tblcreditcards I can no longer load the customer in whmcs admin. It doesn't appear in tblpaymentmethods
  2. This just gets worse. Upgraded to 7.8.2 as none of the hot fixes solved all of the issues. The remote transactions are now working. BUT Now I have a REALLY STRANGE situation. Can someone from WHMCS answer this please? Or has anyone else come across this? New customer of 6 months. Never paid via card, only debit card through GoCardless. At some point since the upgrade to 7.8 or 7.8.1 or 7.8.2 (or during the upload of the 3 hot fixes) - this has now appeared on his account: How on earth did that appear on a clients account? I can't remove it remotely. That fails. I removed it in the DB and then could no longer access the clients profile and he couldn't access payment methods in his client area. So 1) how can I get rid of it safely and 2) I had to login to his client account to manually pay his invoice via Direct Debit and 3) There are still random direct debit invoices not being processed via the cron (some are, some aren't) and I cannot for the life of me find out what is the common cause. All of this started from the 7.8 upgrade.
  3. Thanks for this, but it didn't work for me. I have a client who used to pay via master card. Now, in the admin area, he has no credit card listed - just NiftyDirect Debit (GoCardless) under PAY METHODS. His default payment method is set to Gocardless (and has been for months). So all invoices are generated with BUT, when I view an invoice (which has Direct Debit as the payment option) and then click ATTEMPT CAPTURE - credit card details appear in the modal. ? I've run the SQL query above for this client, and it executes 1 line (as expected) but nothing changes. The client still shows a credit card on the invoice, but not on the client account itself. Even more strange, when I login as the customer and view PAYMENT METHODS, the card shows up there. But if I try to delete it as the client, it generates the error: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. then a whole list of Remote Storage Errors in php files. It's just a complete mess. BTW - I'm currently running 7.8.1 and all of the 3 hot fixes available through this community . Really reluctant to update to 7.8.2 until I know for sure all of this is not going to become an even bigger mess.
  4. Just noticed this thread and it's already being addressed. Pretty fundamental issue again that surely would have been picked up by beta testers. Hopefully a fix soon.
  5. Anyone else seeing this? Using 7.8.1 Reports > Ticket Feedback Scores shows the staff and their score. Click on the staff name to read the reports and what customers have commented = nothing just blank. Searching using the date selector produces zero results, when I know there are hundreds of feedback comments.
  6. OK, I've upgraded to 7.8.1 - will wait to see what happens when the cron runs next after midnight tonight. 🤞
  7. No. Does it address / fix the issues ? Don't want to upgrade / create more issues or be told to roll back.
  8. This is all over the place. Not sure now it has anything to do with nifty direct debit at all. I'm having to manually process cards every morning because they failed during the cron overnight. I go to the invoice 'ATTEMPT CAPTURE' and get the 'no credit card details stored for this client' message. Then I view the client, and see that they have a credit card and a history of invoices paid automatically with the card using the cron. No Direct Debit details. Some have Stripe as the payment gateway, some have nothing. then....back to the invoice, click on ATTEMPT CAPTURE again. This time the card does show in the modal. ??????? I process the payment manually and all goes through without issue. Something somewhere is fundamentally wrong.
  9. I can manually edit tblpaymethods in phpmyadmin - (which I've now done for each client) to make their payment method stripe. (It was showing as nifty_direct_debit) but yet they have never paid any invoices using direct debit. Once changed to stripe, I am able to process the payment. At this point, I don't know how many more of my customers are affected by this, or what caused it. It appears to be random. (Incidentally changing the payment method default in the clients account to Stripe didn't make any difference).
  10. Lots of failed payments (but strangely not all) with the new 7.8 using the Stripe Gateway. Here's the process each morning. Look at the FAILED PAYMENTS in admin area. Click on the invoice and select ATTTEMPT CAPTURE Result is "No Credit Card Details are stored for this client so the capture could not be attempted." Click on Customer's Profile and voila.....there is a card under PAYMENT METHODS, (which they have used for years as payment). Click on the card to Open the modal. (the modal opens and shows the card details). Modal opens for Payment Method with all details completed EXCEPT: the gateway is not STRIPE it is Nifty Direct Debit (Gocardless) I can't delete the card. I can't charge the card. Stuck in limbo. Obviously because the remote operations are all failing. HELP
  11. Si

    Beware server sync

    Its pretty remedial stuff to be honest and would have thought someone would have picked this up during beta. That said, caps and lower case in a search through a server ? Should not be an issue at this level of software.
  12. With the upcoming charges for cPanel for individual hosting accounts I used the server sync tool to identify hosting accounts on my server which had no paying customers. After running the sync, I was amazed at how many there were. (Wondered why they weren't terminated and deleted by WHMCS automatically over the years). Anyway, so I checked about 20 of them manually (all the white banded ones)......and for all of them, they were correct. So with about 60 to get rid off, I was satisfied (foolishly) that the sync tool was correct. I then manually deleted the accounts in WHM > Terminate Accounts. Today I had a couple of customers contact me to tell me their website had disappeared and their email wasn't working. Sure enough the paid for hosting accounts were gone. I had to recreate them on the server, and running the sync tool again, the same sites appeared as 'not linked to any WHMCS account again'. But they are. Paying customers with accounts that use the cPanel auto-login to the server etc etc. It now seems that the only explanation I have is that the customer ordered the hosting account using a capital letter in the domain. So the sync tool MUST be searching for the domain with all lower case and not allowing for (as WHMCS allows) the listing of capital letters in the client account. So beware. Obviously, if my conclusion is correct, this is something WHMCS would need to address. If it's not, then something else is going on which is more worrying.
  13. Using 7.7.1 I have myself Bcc'd into all emails from the system via the General > Mail tab. When I reply to a customer's support ticket - I get a COPY of the email. The customer does not receive anything. Not only that, but in their MAIL tab, there is no email logged. Anyone else see this?
  14. Just thought I'd update this thread as everyone has been helpful and others I'm sure will come across this. I solved the problem(s) by purchasing the nifty GoCardless module. https://in2computing.com/nifty-products/direct-debit-gocardless It took a bit of setting up but if you take your time and follow the instructions (especially if you have already started using another GC module) it is well worth it. Their support was great too. It just works. The functionality is great and it solves all of the issues I had with the WHMCS module. Best advice I would give would be to start with the nifty module if you are only starting with GC. If you've already started using another module, I would still not hesitate in recommending it. Always a risk using a third party for mods, but in this instance I really had no option and I couldn't wait on WHMCS to resolve the issues (we all know what thats like). Cheers everyone.
  15. Thanks - would really appreciate that. However.... surely the simplest/quickest solution I can see is that the WHMCS Automation Settings > Domain Sync Settings > Sync Next Due Date (set to 7+ days) would negate the issue completely. Problem is, the domain sync doesn't actually change the due date from anything different than the domain expiry date.

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