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  1. Yea, but at least in vimeo they let you download the video so I uploaded it to my own site and embedded it. There are more annoyances though with marketgoo. they limit you auditing your site on the lite version to once per week. I ordered it to test, acted on a couple of changes it suggested, and clicked on the audit my site button.....but nothing happened. Other links don't work on it either. ie optimise pages does absolutely nothing. So, contacted WHMCS support. They got confirmation about the once per week audit limitation (and nothing on their site telling you that the buttons weren't faulty). And it's just a complete piece of crap to be honest. Not for me until significant changes are made all round.
  2. So as a customer I purchase a marketgoo subscription - and find it takes me to a dashboard with this url: https://whmcs.marketgoo Is it just me, or is that not defeating the purpose of paying for the removal of WHMCS branding in our WHMCS licence, only to find it appearing elsewhere?
  3. Running 7.9.2 (latest version as I type) and it continues to work a treat. No issues. I don't think much would change in the tpl files to stop this working. Works for account holders and additional account holders (dependent on whoever raises the support ticket).
  4. Thanks - just raised a ticket for this. Appreciate the response.
  5. same issue - but it's not resolving - have to manually refresh each hosting account when customers complain. Just waiting for the disaster of overage billing and customer complaints at the end of the month...... Mine is showing customers using all of their disk space when they've used around 2% as example.
  6. Yes, its a PayPal business account which I've been using for many years on the basic whmcs PayPal module with no issues. But when the popup box opens for clients to pay and they login to their paypal account it shows my name (personally and not my business name - even though it is configured in PayPal) as the person to pay - along with my full private address. Cannot use the new module because of this. Should that be happening?
  7. Using 7.9.1 Invoices on random products/services being sent with just the PDF when cron runs. ie, no text in the email body. Other emails have the text with the PDF attached as normal. (Hence it's random) On one occasion, clicking on the PDF results in an error on my mac - stating the file is in a format that preview cannot open. (Yet it's a PDF and opens all other invoice pdfs) Some PDF's are closed - ie show as a file icon, while others open in my email client showing the full invoice displayed as a browser would show it. This is really weird. Anyone else seeing random behaviour like this? P.S. I have the system set to send me copies of all emails that the system sends to clients. I've never seen anything like this in more than 12 years using WHMCS until 7.9.1
  8. Thanks, but I tried that. When I delete the card from the tblcreditcards I can no longer load the customer in whmcs admin. It doesn't appear in tblpaymentmethods
  9. This just gets worse. Upgraded to 7.8.2 as none of the hot fixes solved all of the issues. The remote transactions are now working. BUT Now I have a REALLY STRANGE situation. Can someone from WHMCS answer this please? Or has anyone else come across this? New customer of 6 months. Never paid via card, only debit card through GoCardless. At some point since the upgrade to 7.8 or 7.8.1 or 7.8.2 (or during the upload of the 3 hot fixes) - this has now appeared on his account: How on earth did that appear on a clients account? I can't remove it remotely. That fails. I removed it in the DB and then could no longer access the clients profile and he couldn't access payment methods in his client area. So 1) how can I get rid of it safely and 2) I had to login to his client account to manually pay his invoice via Direct Debit and 3) There are still random direct debit invoices not being processed via the cron (some are, some aren't) and I cannot for the life of me find out what is the common cause. All of this started from the 7.8 upgrade.
  10. Thanks for this, but it didn't work for me. I have a client who used to pay via master card. Now, in the admin area, he has no credit card listed - just NiftyDirect Debit (GoCardless) under PAY METHODS. His default payment method is set to Gocardless (and has been for months). So all invoices are generated with BUT, when I view an invoice (which has Direct Debit as the payment option) and then click ATTEMPT CAPTURE - credit card details appear in the modal. ? I've run the SQL query above for this client, and it executes 1 line (as expected) but nothing changes. The client still shows a credit card on the invoice, but not on the client account itself. Even more strange, when I login as the customer and view PAYMENT METHODS, the card shows up there. But if I try to delete it as the client, it generates the error: Oops! Something went wrong and we couldn't process your request. then a whole list of Remote Storage Errors in php files. It's just a complete mess. BTW - I'm currently running 7.8.1 and all of the 3 hot fixes available through this community . Really reluctant to update to 7.8.2 until I know for sure all of this is not going to become an even bigger mess.
  11. Just noticed this thread and it's already being addressed. Pretty fundamental issue again that surely would have been picked up by beta testers. Hopefully a fix soon.
  12. Anyone else seeing this? Using 7.8.1 Reports > Ticket Feedback Scores shows the staff and their score. Click on the staff name to read the reports and what customers have commented = nothing just blank. Searching using the date selector produces zero results, when I know there are hundreds of feedback comments.
  13. OK, I've upgraded to 7.8.1 - will wait to see what happens when the cron runs next after midnight tonight. 🤞
  14. No. Does it address / fix the issues ? Don't want to upgrade / create more issues or be told to roll back.
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