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  1. Hi, Started using Marketconnect recently and concerned that all of the certs are from Symantec as root. Obviously this causes issues (the google Chrome argument). Any others have concerns / thoughts about this?
  2. This is what really frustrates me. It doesn't need reviewed by developers. You've done that already. It needs fixed. It's just a url and surely you need to FIX IT. Surely it's simple to do especially as this is a very fundamental part of speed in our support processes. Why do we have to wait for a review and a future release?
  3. After upgrading to 7.3, when I'm in support tickets and I click to insert kb article, the modal window opens with the article categories, (as normal) but clicking on any of them takes the modal window to the admin home page, rather than the category listings.
  4. Tearing our hair out with this one. Had used server ping for years with no issues. Now, customers are contacting their banks to find out why their cards are being declined, before contacting us. BECAUSE even now paying an invoice is impossible. Clearing the customers card from admin area no longer works in 7.2.3 AND paying an invoice manually for these customers creates the remote transaction failure please contact support message. All other customers (new and existing) who have not had to update cards, or are using new cards, can make payments. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sort this out WHMCS.
  5. Thanks Brian! Once again you come up 'trumps' (is that a word we're even allowed to use anymore)? Works a treat and shows just the first name every time. Great job!!
  6. Not exactly what I had in mind. But thanks for replying. I had this working via a third party module for the past number of years but it doesn't work in PHP 7 and hasn't been updated. So I do know it's possible.
  7. Just as the ticket title says: When replying to a ticket as admin, it would be great if the ticket pre-populated the start of the ticket with Hello {$client_first_name}, Anyone know how to do this?
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how I can make the client side search on the invoices page, include searching for domain names (i.e. for hosting services or domains themselves) - i.e. the invoice items. currently when clients type in 'mydomain.com' (without quotes) it returns a blank. Yet there are invoices with this information.
  9. Posting in the hope someone can point me in the direction of either a solution in WHMCS or a third party add-on. The problem: Customers hosting account is suspended due to being 'over quota'. Because the hosting account is suspended, they can not login to cPanel and so must contact support. What I would like the customer to do is login to their client account and if the account is suspended because it is over quota (not because of an unpaid invoice), they could manually unsuspended the account, while agreeing to either upgrade or bring the account under quota before the cron runs again. Or, a solution that would stop them having to contact support. i.e., the ability to upgrade their account even while suspended, so this would re-activate the account again. Anyone else come across this?
  10. Have emailed you. Looking forward to getting this up and running.
  11. Thanks brian, but if I'm not mistaken this normally stopped duplicate products for the same domain being ordered up, by disabling it, it now means a customer can order two products for the same domain. Not obviously possible on the server. Surely it's behaviour should apply to registering/transferring a domain when it already exists ? P.S. I can confirm unticking the Block Existing Domains, allows the product to be ordered up, (even if its a duplicate product).
  12. Could people please check what happens when you try to order a new hosting account for a domain already registered, (but with no hosting account) and select 'Use Existing Domain'. All I get are Invalid Domain messages. On my own install, and on a clean install with six template and default cart.
  13. It just doesn't make any sense to have product add-ons (which I use extensively) i.e. to add domains to an existing hosting account, and I am not able to ask the customer the name of the domain they wish to add. And there are many other scenarios. Totally illogical to have it's functionality in the setup and not make it appear in the shopping cart. We can configure to add text, textarea, dropdown boxes, tick boxes etc, and after all of that, none of it will be seen by the customer ? Come on WHMCS what is going on with your logic on any of this?
  14. Had this reply from WHMCS: We have heard back from our development team concerning this matter, and I wanted to follow up with you regarding this. The Product Addon Custom Field functionality was implemented solely with third-party developers in mind. The custom fields are designed to compliment the Service Property functionality and allow Product Addons to store data relevant to their parent Product/Service. You can read more about this at http://docs.whmcs.com/Service_Properties At this time, Product Addon Custom Fields are not designed to be displayed in the shopping cart area, and are not considered during checkout. This is why required fields can be skipped without issue - they are not designed for information input by customers going through the checkout process. I hope this information clears up why these fields do not display in the Client Area at this time. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. - - - Updated - - - My question in reply is: If those fields are set only for the admin to put information into by default, why are there the options as displayed in this image? Seems strange that it asks for admin only, if that's already the default? Why would it be required or not required if it is never presented to be completed? Why would it ask to show the field on the invoice if the field is never presented for completion during the order process? - - - Updated - - - Further, it also states on the form, after DESCRIPTION: "the explanation to show users" Getting worried now that the development team either don't know the product or I'm loosing the plot.

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