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  1. Using 7.7.1 I have myself Bcc'd into all emails from the system via the General > Mail tab. When I reply to a customer's support ticket - I get a COPY of the email. The customer does not receive anything. Not only that, but in their MAIL tab, there is no email logged. Anyone else see this?
  2. Just thought I'd update this thread as everyone has been helpful and others I'm sure will come across this. I solved the problem(s) by purchasing the nifty GoCardless module. https://in2computing.com/nifty-products/direct-debit-gocardless It took a bit of setting up but if you take your time and follow the instructions (especially if you have already started using another GC module) it is well worth it. Their support was great too. It just works. The functionality is great and it solves all of the issues I had with the WHMCS module. Best advice I would give would be to start with the nifty module if you are only starting with GC. If you've already started using another module, I would still not hesitate in recommending it. Always a risk using a third party for mods, but in this instance I really had no option and I couldn't wait on WHMCS to resolve the issues (we all know what thats like). Cheers everyone.
  3. Thanks - would really appreciate that. However.... surely the simplest/quickest solution I can see is that the WHMCS Automation Settings > Domain Sync Settings > Sync Next Due Date (set to 7+ days) would negate the issue completely. Problem is, the domain sync doesn't actually change the due date from anything different than the domain expiry date.
  4. Not sure, but I don't really want to have to upset other customers on other payment methods. Thanks for the heads up on I'm looking at the nifty GoCardless module brian! https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/3531 ......which after clarifying with their support, does indeed have a function to collect payments on certain number of days before the due dates but I'm loathe to start using a third party module because of bad experiences in the past when WHMCS is updated and modules are not kept up to date. Also, I've tried using the automation setting in the domain sync script within WHMCS to set domain due dates 7 days before the domain expiry date (as this would solve the problem also), but the domain sync script is not doing what it should. ie setting the due date to 7 days before the expiry date - so the problem remains.
  5. Just wondered how other people are handling this because its creating a real problem GC module is working fine - BUT, for example I have a customer with 3 domain names due for renewal yesterday - they appear on one invoice. This customer has his mandate up and running for more than 6 weeks now, so he is not waiting on a mandate being setup. The due date for the invoice is 20th March - which is the renewal date of the 3 .com domains. The invoice is now showing a status of 'payment pending' with GC. However, the registrar just sent me notification this morning that the 3 domains have expired. (Currently they are still working, but they are now showing as expired in a whois search). The invoice states that the payment via GC is due to clear on the 26th March. So, can I really wait another 5 days in the hoe that the payment clears running the risk that the clients websites/email will all go offline? If I renew the domain manually now, when the payment does come through from GC, the domain will be renewed again for a further year. Have I missed something or is this how this is supposed to work?
  6. Si

    GoCardless (stupid question)

    Thanks. I've set this up and a couple of customers have set up mandates - but it's going to take time to test and check. I just think these are operational things that should be documented / addressed by GC/WHMCS. Thanks again Steven99.
  7. Given that GC is now active in 7.7 onwards - from previous attempts at trying to implement GC with WHMCS (each with a massive fail) and now that we are told that our clients can only use GC OR Stripe and not both, this may seem like a really stupid question to many, but I have to ask it. When a customer sets up their mandate (and this is then recorded under the Credit Card Info section in the admin area), does that mean, the client only needs to set up one mandate for ALL of their products or do they have to set up individual mandates (as it was previously) for each service/product/domain they had. (Yes that was part of the issues previously, but that's the way it was - epic fail). So one mandate and that covers ALL the customers invoices when due? or not? Thanks.
  8. Si

    Invalid domain name provided

    was this ever resolved? I have the same problem after updating to 7.7.0 - which is now not beta but on general release. Invalid domain name provided Domains must begin with a letter or a number Please check your entry and try again.
  9. Yes cleared the templates_c folder completely and the browser cache. Still no success. Yes, I meant header.tpl and edited it immediately, but not quick enough for you 🧐 im not happy inserting the php code in the tpl file, so I’ve removed it and I’m now sitting with just the includes/hook/drop down.php file - but it’s not working. 😞
  10. BIt was some glitch on my phone. i just can’t get this to work and can’t believe I’m the only person facing this using an iPad or iPhone. I refuse to use the limited app for I devices (which hasn’t been updated for more than 2 years). Yes, I’m now back on my iPad and can reply to you to confirm i created a file called adminclientareadropdown.php, inserted your code and uploaded it to the includes/hooks folder. Nothing happened on the client summary page. The drop down still appears and so every time I view that page safari prompts me to validate my login again. On the iPhone X it requires Face ID and in my iPad Touch ID. I would view this as a bug. The only way I can get your code to work Brian, (and the only reason I did it was because the hook didn’t work), was to insert the code into the header.tpl file. That has solved the problem (while its an ugly solution....in that the php code appears on the client summary page where the drop down box was), but at least that means I’m not being prompted to validate login constantly. hope that makes sense and clears up any confusion.
  11. 🙄 I do indeed. I’m working on my phone. version 7.2 and Blend. have to remove the file from header as its now stopping logins with Face ID on my phone. 😧
  12. HI Brian, yes I understand that. I only put it in that file as a last resort as the includes/hook/adminareaclientdropdown.php file didn’t work. It’s ok. It’s doing the job I needed in the header.php file in the short term. Thanks
  13. The php code appears on the client summary page when viewed (in the place of the drop down).
  14. Hmmm, I did that, but it didnt work. For me. I have it in the header.php file of the /admin area. It has removed the drop down box (so in that respect it’s working), but the code appears on the client summary page.
  15. Hi Brian! thanks for this. Forgive me, but exactly where do i put this code please?

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