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i have empty in knowledgebase meta Description

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Why when I change a page of pages is added meta but in the knowledge base is not there is something? missing

this is my meta

    {if $metadescription}<meta name="description" content="{$metadescription}" />{/if}

this is my hook

   if ($vars['filename'] == "knowledgebase"){ 
        $metakeywords = $_LANG['keywordsknowledgebase'];
        $metadescription = $_LANG['descriptionknowledgebase'];


is there a problem

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    • By McAtze
      Hi everybody,
      i found an issue in knowledgebase articles. When is rate one article i get the message "Thanks for rating the article for us", but if i go now to another article it seems that i have rated this article also. This goes with all articles. If i have rated one article, i've rated all articles.
      I have tested this at my installation and also in the whmcs knowledgebase (https://www.whmcs.com/members/index.php/knowledgebase).

    • By leeyondking
      So far I've hooked dedicated ip from tblhosting to viewinvoice.tpl and is assigned to paid services accordingly.

      What I'm trying to figure out :
      -> To show dedicated ip assigned in WHMCS Billing for -> Where you can view dedicated ip in the description as well. ( To help our billing member search for dedicated ip to be cancelled at ease by looking at customer's invoice items in WHMCS->Billing)
      For example :

      What is in my mind :
      How do I query the database tblhosting [dedicatedip] into WHMC->Billing->Invoices->Any customer's Invoice id description as shown above ?
      As far as I know, WHMCS admin .php file is encoded where we do not able to edit.
      Hopefully and I believe there is a way to append to show the dedicated ip !
    • By zitu4life
      Hello  there
      I find   this   client   area   searching   on google, I can assume   it is WHMCS 🙄  but i have saw  that  it uses  pictures on knowledgebase client area...from WHMCS  admin  I did not see a way to add pictures.
      Any idea how to add pictures? 
      PS:   I have edit   named   and   some  picture   due to   possible   copyright  and not to  expose   others   website.

    • By cdeese8
      How do I display client tickets tablelist (like in clientarea home panel) on knowledgebase.tpl or static page?
      When i explored the /feed/ folder, it doesn't look like anything relevant is there - perhaps data feeds are not available option (https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Feeds).
      So would I make a hook? That makese sense. I tried to make an includes/hook/display-tickets-help.php file and copy / pasted things I gathered on forums but that's not good. I get oops error and break site.
      Stock theme on WHMCS 7.4.* - this is the hook that is giving me trouble: https://pastebin.com/r1wYxYE7 https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks/hook-index/ https://whmcs.community/topic/284977-hook-to-display-todo-list-to-public-or-logged-in-clients/ tried changing 1 to 0 at the very bottom "add_hook("ClientAreaPage", 0, "display_help_tickets");" (don't think it matters though) Thanks for looking this over if you are thinking about helping out.
    • By cdeese8
      Howdy WHMCS Community, using WHMCS 7.4.1 I was wondering how I could tweak / adjust the breadcrump for knowledgebase. It looks like when I use {debug} the top level or parent category isn't loaded on the article page.
      kb home > cat 1 > subcat 2 > kb article OR kb home > cat 1 > subcat 2 > subcat 3 > kb article
      (what i desire)
      kb home > cat 2 > kb article
      (what it currently is)
      The breadcrumbs just remove and wipe out the parent cat. Might you know of a hook to possible to display full breadcrumb?
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