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  1. Thanks a lot! I don't really want to mess with the database on my own, i do know how it works but still... I'll try with the support team. Thanks again
  2. Hi, Still it was at the same number, where it is, 6000+ And these 2 lines: TRUNCATE `mod_invoicedata` ; TRUNCATE `tblinvoicedata` ; displayed error, so i skipped them. I am researching since last month, and i can't find any other solution, except your suggestion. I hope there's something else.... 🙄
  3. Chris, None of them cleared the invoice numbers. They just continued from 6000+ again. Is there any other solution for it?
  4. Hey everyone, While my WHMCS was on a test mode i ended up setting invoice numbers to go from 6000+ Now i do have a clients, my site is live and invoice numbers are going higher. 🙂 Is there anyway, any module, any trick that will reset/clear invoice numbers and start from zero? Thanks!
  5. Hi, Currently i have set Monthly pricing breakdown on OFF, checkout page looks like this: 36 Months $142.20 USD (Save 60%, Regular Price: $358.20 USD) I would like to make it look like this this: 36 Months $3.95/month (Save 60%, Regular Price: $358.20 USD) Pay today: $142.20 I know if I enable Monthly pricing breakdown, it will work, but i can't get that Pay now: at the end. Is there any shortcode to pull total amount like that? I've been searching here and no luck. I am using https://www.docs.modulesgarden.com/Discount_Center_For_WHMCS for discounts i don't use coupons in links. Thanks!
  6. I figured how how to display them, but i overwrite the default template. I'll try what you've suggested. Thanks!!
  7. I would like to add server IP and nameservers visible for clients, i know i have to edit overview.tpl file in /modules/servers/cpanel/templates But how can i add server IP and nameservers? Example how to look like:Server IP: 888.345.657.65ns1.domainame.com (12.345.657.65)ns2.domainname.com (98.345.657.65
  8. How do i nameservers IP's too next to them? And server main IP besides nameservers? Example: Server IP: 888.345.657.65 ns1.domainame.com (12.345.657.65) ns2.domainname.com (98.345.657.65) Thanks!
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