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I'm having an issue with Weebly Website Builder. See the screenshots!





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Hi there,


The reason you're receiving this message is just that you haven't yet provisioned a Weebly service. It's not until you make your first purchase of a Weebly Site Builder service that an account will get created for you.


Once you've made a purchase, this link will take you to where you can manage all the sites of your customers - until the first has been purchased, there's no sites to manage.



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i had the same, but an hour later, a client ordered weebly, so i had access. but the client cant use the sso login in the product details. alwasys "something went wrong".

via the manage button, i can login and i see his account.

it also created an ftp account for cpanel with credentials and stuff, so far so good.



a) the ftp path is wrong, cpanel does have the pages in /public_html/ folder, not just /

thats the first issue

and the second, as i described above, even the client paid, the sso button doesnt work, no login possible -> client mad and he ordered the second account directly at weebly, so i missed already a sale ;(

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Same issue, but if you go to the clients dashboard (as long as you have it enabled to appear there), the weebly login button is there and works for the client login. However, it does not work on the My Services > Manage page. Just be interested if your system was doing the same.

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