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whmcs 7 cronjob task


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we recently upgraded whmcs to V7.

in new version cronjob email interface has been changed



In the previous version after runing cronjob, we recive email that shows:


Accounts that were suspended

Factors that were issued

Or errors that occurred runtime module


but in new version, We do not know where we can see this information

Screen Shot 1396-02-17 at 21.22.10.png

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In WHMCS V7 you should still get a cron report, but the email is now HTML based with a better design. It could be that the email has been blocked or marked as spam by your email client for this reason.


I would also recommend checking the activity log to confirm that the cron is running correctly.



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We've introduced a new look Daily Cron Notification in V7.1 I've included the release notes below


New Daily Cron Notification Format - The WHMCS Daily Cron Notification email format has been changed. The email is now intended to provide a high level overview of the daily cron activities and the new Automation Status feature within the admin interface will allow for reviewing more in depth information for any recent cron run.


As Part of this we've introduced a new Automation Status Dashboard. To view the automation status, click any summary graph shown in the Automation Overview widget on the admin dashboard. Or alternatively navigate to Utilities > System > Automation Status.

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please see the photo


in old version We could see the module log


For example, DirectAdmin license is not suspended automatically and need to be manually suspension

In New Report, we can't see which product must be manually suspension


in automation status we have 4 failed overdue suspension

when go to queue , 2 service has been listed


new version can't tell stuff witch service must suspend or terminate


- - - Updated - - -


image attached

Screen Shot 1396-02-19 at 12.18.14.png

Screen Shot 1396-02-19 at 12.23.16.png

Screen Shot 1396-02-19 at 12.28.06.png

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Unfortunately, I agree, this has all been a backwards step. Not everything is automated and requires some manual intervention.


For me, even the html email stopped coming through after 7.1 and I have to check the cron logs to see what needs to be cancelled/suspended/terminated manually. Bummer


the only email I get now is from the daily cPanel cron which states this:



Running Pre-Cron Hooks

Starting Updating Currency Exchange Rates

- Done

Starting Updating Product Pricing for Current Exchange Rates

- Done

Starting Generating Invoices

Starting Applying Late Fees


Not html, just txt. Tells me nothing.

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On 11/17/2017 at 10:42 PM, WHMCS John said:


Thanks for your feedback. Please help us track demand for this request by adding you vote to it here: https://requests.whmcs.com/topic/restore-the-previous-style-of-cron-job-email-template

please bring back old cronjob report format in the next release, it's very important for us to review all cronjob activity easier

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