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  1. I have noticed some large companies using the support pin method. It seems to be effective without being too much of an inconvience for users.
  2. zomex

    Hello from ROCKHOST.COM, Inc.!

    Hello Seth, I noticed no one has replied and it's a old thread but figured I would chime in. Both are valid reasons. The bridge can be very buggy, I don't think it's the developers fault as much as it is almost an impossible task the plugin is trying to do. To support all themes is never going to work. Your WHMCS integration looks good, it's clean and the colors match your website but you've kept it simple so it will be easy to maintain with new WHMCS updates. I think this is one area people overlook by making vast changes to the structure of WHMCS content.
  3. zomex

    Feedback on store section

    Hello Keith, Looks like you have a coming soon page. Looking forward to see your website up and running.
  4. zomex

    New Website & New WHMCS Theme

    Hello John, You have a very nice design style. It's clean but also bold without being too minimal.
  5. Hello Christian, 1. Which order page do you mean, which type of product/service is this for? If you create a product in WHMCS it will show name servers for hosting products but not if you select "other" for the product type. 2. It looks like the attachment wasn't added. Thanks.
  6. Assuming you're using the Standard Cart template without modification (which from your screenshot it appears you are) then yes I believe your last question may be true. What you're seeing is most likely not a bug as such but is how it's designed right now. Perhaps the addon isn't showing due to your product. Another option is that WHMCS may have missed updating the addon section with the new VPN service.
  7. Thanks, Which WHMCS template and order form template are you using?
  8. zomex

    whmcs not working

    Hello, Was this a new installation or did you upgrade WHMCS? When did this issue first occur?
  9. zomex

    Forward page to another

    One thing to note is that WHMCS will redirect from contact.php to submitticket.php (your specific department) if you select a ticket department under WHMCS admin > setup > general settings > mail > Presales Form Destination
  10. Hello, Your screenshot seems to show the configuration of the Website Security (scanning service) from SiteLock. SiteLock are the provider of this and the VPN service but they are configured separately under WHMCS admin > setup > MarketConnect. Jack.
  11. zomex

    Payment Gateway on Order Form

    Whether or not the credit card information form is on your website or not depends on the payment gateway itself. Gateways that use a tokenised process will in many cases allow the credit card information to be entered directly on your website. I use Stripe for processing CCs and they support this. See attached.
  12. Based on your initial post it sounded like you want the first month to be free and then paid after. In this case creating a promotion to discount the first month should work: https://docs.whmcs.com/Promotions
  13. I am not sure what you mean by process the payment exactly? Once the payment has been sent to your bank and is available to you, you can then record it in WHMCS and mark the invoice as paid. There is no further action needed if the above is completed.
  14. zomex

    Accounting Software for WHMCS

    Perhaps Xero may be suitable? I have not used it for many years but it's worth checking out: https://marketplace.whmcs.com/product/718
  15. One option would be to use a promotional coupon which will discount the full first month price. That will keep the recurring amount active while allowing them to order it for free.
  16. Hello, One option would be to install and activate the bank transfer module: https://docs.whmcs.com/Bank_Transfer Once activated on the clients profile under invoices click on the add payment option. Then you can select bank transfer as the payment method to apply the transaction. This is what I do for my own website and it works well as direct debit payments are not too common. Regards, Jack
  17. zomex

    Payment Gateway on Order Form

    Hello, You can control the redirect settings in WHMCS under: setup > general settings > ordering > "Auto Redirect on Checkout" The majority of payment gateways will show under that section of the cart when activated and set to display on the cart. You can control your payment gateways under: setup > payments > payment gateways Jack
  18. zomex

    Removing Unused Addon Module

    That is also the steps I would have taken. The module should really remove the table from the DB when de-activated but that is down to the module itself. Some have any option to keep the table when de-activating.
  19. Haha yes that is true 😄
  20. Hello, I'm wondering how everyone handles failed emails sent by WHMCS. For example if a client is using a domain and has gone out of business and let their domain expire. If you send a marketing email and they have opted-in to receive the email then the email sent will of course fail. If you have 100 clients emails that no longer exist and send 10 marketing emails a year that's 100 returned emails per year. Do you ignore these and just accept that they will fail. Manually opt-out of marketing emails for these client accounts? Thanks, Jack
  21. That's very creative 😄 That's good to hear as I've spent a LONG time this week manually editing old client profiles. I have finished now so fully the next mass mail email will have 90% less returned emails.
  22. zomex

    Merchant Account?

    I will also throw out a recommendation for Stripe. I have used many payment providers over the years and none come close to Stripe. I avoided using it until WHMCS added a native gateway which they did a few versions back. The second WHMCS supported Stripe I switched and in many ways I would rate them higher than PayPal.
  23. zomex

    Problem cart.php whmcs

    Which cart are you using with WHMCS?
  24. zomex

    understanding whmcsbaseurl client area

    Hello, This is used by WHMCS, the variable being used within the files to ensure that the path to WHMCS is correct. It would not be recommended to remove it as it will be there for a reason. It was added a few versions back and has not always been part of WHMCS. I think anyone who is going to check your source code for signs that WHMCS is used will find many other tell-tale signs so removing it won't really stop someone being able to find out. For example the file names (all.min.css, scripts.min.css), the structure of HTML, the page URLs etc are all easy to notice signs for someone who is familiar with WHMCS. Regards, Jack
  25. Generally if you re-name a module it will disable it until re-named back e.g change: /modules/addons/custommodule/ to: /modules/addons/custommodule1/ That should disable it until you re-name it back.

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