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2Checkout force recurring bug

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From the WHMCS documentation:




There are three conditions that must be met for the PayPal subscribe button to appear:


PayPal Subscriptions/Recurring Billing


1. The invoice's Due Date must be in the future


Does it make sense?


Of course, because if you add late fees, you don't want the late fees in the recurring payment each month. The second reason why that check 1 makes sense is because you don't want users creating a recurring subscription when a service is late mainly for the following reasons:


The subscription date would be the same, this means that if the account was already suspended when the customer paid, or he received several late payment emails after due date and/or you added late fees, this would happen every single month (he will get suspended and receive late due emails) even when the customer already has a subscription active. This is why WHMCS makes this first check.


Now here is the bug.


Why in the world is this check not applied to the other payment systems?


I had a customer paying with 2checkout late. His service was suspended already, he had late fees, I had the force subscription to ON in WHMCS but the customer now created a subscription each month for the amount which is incorrect. The subscription is higher than his service because it includes the late fees.


Not only that, he would be still be suspended each month by the automation because he created the subscription after the due date. And he would still receive all the late emails before the subscription date is hit.


BUG: Check number 1 does not work in 2checkout. Recurring options should be disable for invoices which are due. Only the one time payment option should appear.

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Hello Yggdrasill,


Thanks for this report. When I was discussing this report with some of our support team they were happy to hear you agreed with the limits on the paypal subscription button. They report getting regular complaints from customers who think its a bug. I agree that things would be best if we did not allow 2checkout subscriptions when late fees were due / included.


For my purposes a bug represents something where the software does not behave as the developer who wrote it intends it. In this case the developer did not decide to add those limits. With 2checkout its more complicated because we allow the admin to require a subscription be created. If the admin checks the force subscription box and the payment is late, should we ignore the admin's request or do it? Other questions like this should be discussed.


That is why we have a feature request system where we can collect feedback from a number of different users and make sure that we have a good plan going forward. Please submit this in the feature request system so we can discuss the best way forward.


Have a great day,


Nate C

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