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  1. Hi Guys, A warning regarding the automated process for deleting inactive clients following a ticket I raised...... Firstly, the fourth criteria here https://docs.whmcs.com/Data_Retention_Policy_Automation is completely "reversed". An affiliate with a credit balance will NOT be deleted. However, what is more relevant (well, it occurred to me at least) is that any client who is not an affiliate but has a "genuine" credit balance on their account WILL be deleted, as this falls outside of the 4 criteria being checked. I have been asked (and duly complied 🙄) to submit a feature request: https://requests.whmcs.com/idea/include-credit-balance-check-before-deleting-inactive-clients I just thought that I should share this in case someone gets caught out.
  2. Hi @WHMCS John, The documentation in that link needs to be corrected then. As it specifically refers to that condition meeting the criteria for deletion:
  3. Hi @james322232, Using your example of an order placed on 1st but the payment not clearing until 5th you can just change the "Next Due Date" in the Client Profile > Products/Services from 01/01/2021 to 05/01/2021 (or quarterly or annually whatever). That way the items will be billed on the correct date next time round. As for the initial invoice, you could always go into the invoice and change the service dates to match and then send an "Invoice Modified" email.
  4. Hi @MakarSima182, As I said in the reply to the DM that you sent me, please ask any questions on these Forums. That way it will help everyone, as you can virtually guarantee that another user will have the same question at some time and would benefit from the proposed suggestions or solutions. From my understanding, what you wanted was the customer to setup a Direct Debit, but wanted to provision their services without waiting the seven days or so for the payment to be received. @WHMCS John covered this earlier in this topic by suggesting that you could accept the order manually. It really comes down to how you much risk you are prepared to take in provisioning services before you have received payment.
  5. Hi @james322232, That screenshot looks like there is an error accessing the URL for SagePay Forms. Is the module configured correctly with your SagePay details? I do not use that gateway so maybe someone else can advise you, or alternatively contact SagePay support for assistance.
  6. Hi @james322232, There is a hook here to remove the GoCardless option from the checkout. Beware though, some customers still change the payment method when they get to pay the invoice.
  7. Hi @asil, Have you applied the hot fixes for v8.0.4? If not try this one:
  8. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Has there been any progress on this yet?
  9. Hi @Jafar Muhammed, Clearly I am not an accomplished coder like @brian! (whose code I have used on many occasions) so I would come at this from a different perspective... So, you know when the "due date" was and you know when you will suspend the account from your automation settings ("x" days after suspension). So why not set a rule (or rules) to send the clients notifications "y" days after the due date if their services are currently suspended? I have to use that form of logic because I cannot code!! 😀
  10. Exactly........close down the "back-end" if you must but please allow us "non-coders" to configure the product....😣
  11. Hi @steph.hope, Thanks very much for that. Don't you just love it when you have to resort to coding to do anything in WHMCS!
  12. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if you can sort the To-Do List? I rarely use this but have just noticed that it is ordered showing the most distant tasks first and the upcoming one's last (see screenshot). I nearly missed an action as it was below the break in the widget display and hence not showing! I would prefer to see the what is coming up imminently rather than what is required in 2 months time..
  13. Yes, it's always good when an "Automated Billing System" manages to get the invoice status, charge and clearance dates correct! 😂
  14. Just for info....... The "Payment Pending" status issues are being addressed "at some stage" (MODULE-7471) and the issue regarding the charge and clearance dates will also be addressed "at some stage" by NOT using the debit/credit card workflow. 😉
  15. Hi @Remitur, No problem. That had me scratching my head for quite a while a couple of months ago.
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