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  1. Hi @brian!, Thanks for that. 👍 My community search skills clearly need a lot more work!
  2. Hi @brian!, That's a shame, it could be such a useful function....😞 From my perspective, if I'm looking for a customer with a discrete credit balance of say 17.64, the chances are I already know who the customer is.... Thanks for the tip on the custom report!
  3. When you open the "View/Search Clients" tab there is an "Advanced Search" option. Can anyone tell me how to use the "Credit Balance" field to show all clients with a positive credit balance? I've tried everything that I can think of (e.g. >, gt, neq, etc) but it only seems to work for discrete values e.g. 1 or 22.99 etc I know that I can go to the "Reports" section and start running specific reports for this info and then go back and search for each individual client but this seems a bit of a waste of time. If we have got a specific field shown in the "Advanced Search"I would expect that this is just "basic" functionality - or am I mistaken? Please see the attached screenshot.
  4. Hi Guys, Is this not an issue for anyone else? They are just slowly growing. Do you just delete them? The only thing that I use that may contribute to these records is that I have enabled "Application Links". Any help or comments would be appreciated.
  5. Hi Guys, Just doing a routine check on database status and tables and have noticed that some of the tables for tbloauthserver_xxx are bloated (over 23,000 rows for client_scopes....) where some are empty. I guess these are for Single Sign On in conjunction with cPanel. Anyone know exactly what these different tables are used for and why they are growing at such a rate. Also is it ok to purge them?
  6. Hi @WHMCS John, I will explain what a HUGE car-crash this is at the moment... I have a client who has transferred their domain registration to me. However, his site is currently hosted elsewhere but also subsequently redirected to another site. In his client area it is showing a Green Padlock for the domain. His final destination site does not support https and there is no SSL installed (which he wants). It would seem from doing an SSL check that you are picking up the server SSL of where the redirect is in place. He is asking me now why he is getting a Green padlock but cannot access his site via https Now I'm getting drawn in to a whole load of support issues that are not my making, I do not have the time or effort to waste on this! Are WHMCS now going to provide support direct to this client for me because I do not have the time or the inclination. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE FARCE.
  7. Hi @Superjedi, In Setup > General settings have you got both the Domain and WHMCS System URL set to use https? Have you tried different setting for Friendly URLs?
  8. Hi @ZeProf2Coding, Yes, it is. Each Admin has their own signature and you can put exactly the same under each one.
  9. Hi @Superjedi, Have you visited https://example.com directly in your browser and "clicked" the padlock to check that the certificate is valid for https://example.com?
  10. Hi @ZeProf2Coding, Just add your Support Ticket Signature as described here: https://docs.whmcs.com/My_Account#Support_Ticket_Signature
  11. They cannot be serious!!! WHMCS has every right to make money from offering value add services. But OFFER the service to users who want to take them but please do not try to FORCE it onto me or my customers...... I could not agree more! I have used WHMCS for quite some time now and have overlooked the odd frustration, as it performs an essential part of automating the process of managing a business and on the whole does that fairly well. However, directly interacting with my customers for their financial gain and talking that control out of my hands may be a step too far. I do not use Market Connect as (I guess like a lot of other users here) I either include or offer these products (or their equivalent) in my services already. If I have to make interventions (or maybe I cannot) to remove any confusion or "clutter" for my customers, that is creating a whole chunk of work that I do not need or want to do. Is the WHMCS strategy to really back users into a corner? Do your business through us or go elsewhere and use another software solution? Because that what is looks like to me..... So, I either just accept it (.... no), do not upgrade to the next version (.... not really sustainable in the long term) or use another solution. Let me think 🤔
  12. That is why I wait for the WHMCS "live customer testing" period to advance for a month or so until things stabilise at which point they have either produced a maintenance release or a bunch of hot fixes. I agree entirely! But they want you to use their Market Connect to resell their SSL's. The more they can force users to channel their business through them the better.....
  13. Hi @melotel, Have you forced the cron using the guide here: https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation/l/683269-advanced-cron-troubleshooting Or maybe before that there are a couple of steps to check with useful guides here: https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation/l/678272-troubleshooting-the-cron-not-completing
  14. Hi @Dale Schibbelhut, Have you set your cron to run every 5 mins? What do your logs say when you review them and what does your automation dashboard show? There is a useful guide along with troubleshooting tips here: https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation
  15. Hi @Mac78, I had exactly the same back in May with no timeline on the resolution from ENOM. It would seem that ENOM have had major issues since the GDPR compliance work they undertook back in May with all the *.uk domain names. There are numerous threads on here detailing the various issues e.g. registrant information being changed on transfer, registrations failing etc. It may be worth using another registrar just to get your clients domain registered in the short term.

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