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  1. Hi @Remitur, No problem. That had me scratching my head for quite a while a couple of months ago.
  2. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Seems to be a bit of sleepy topic this one........... Just got another question on this, the "Direct Debit Payment Pending" email notifications are being generated when the credit card capture is run on the automated cron job as you would expect. However, the status of the Invoice is "Unpaid" in both the status description in the email body and the attached PDF Invoice. When you login, you can clearly see that the status of the Invoice is "Payment Pending". Is this a "bug" I need to report or a "feature" I need to request?
  3. Hi @Remitur, Are you using MultiPHP INI and where is your crons folder relative to your WHMCS install? If your crons folder is in your "home" directory it will use the local PHP INI and values for there. If none are set it will inherit the system values. So even if you change the values in your WHMCS install directory (I guess within public_html) it will report your changes accurately for that "folder" but not the values that are being applied when your cron jobs run in their particular location.
  4. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Yes. Just to confirm the details in my post on 7th April..... both payments shown as confirmed in the GoCardless dashboard, both payments had identical transactions in the gateway log, both invoices marked as "paid", but one still had a GoCardless status of "Payment Pending" which eventually updated. As you can see from the screenshots, the payment notifications were a minute apart, 11:12 and 11:13.
  5. Hi @WHMCS John, Any thoughts?
  6. Hi @WHMCS John, Just to update you on this process........ the "Payment Pending" message on the invoice above has now disappeared. No transactions are visible in either the Gateway Log or Activity log. Is this a "timing" issue triggered by the automation cron?
  7. Hi @WHMCS John, Further to my response above I have had some confirmation from GoCardless about the charge date and when the payment should clear: Therefore with a charge date of 6th April we can expect to see the payment clear on 7th April. And as if by magic that happened shortly after I posted my previous response this morning. It would be really useful to change to the wording/statement in WHMCS on the invoice regarding processing and clearing........ Further to this though I have another issue now. I actually had 2 invoices that were generated on 29th March which customers elected to pay by GoCardless and both had shown the message on them posted in the previous response i.e. "A payment is being processed that will clear on 06/04/20" Now both invoices have been marked as paid and they both received the exact same messages in the Gateway Transaction Log (apart from ID and payment - clearly). Both received a "Payment Confirmed" message and a "Payments Confirmed" message. However, both invoices now have a different status message as follows. Any ideas as to why one is still showing as "Payment Pending"?
  8. Hi @WHMCS John, As I said previously there is no real documentation or explanation for this module other than enable it so I've got a question about the workflow. When I check the invoice in WHMCS that has been setup to pay by GoCardless I can see that a payment is pending and should have "cleared" by 6th April. However, the GoCardless dashboard does not reflect any activity for the charge date of 6th April. Is this normal process workflow and if so what do the different meanings in WHMCS and GoCardless mean? Please see the attached screenshots.
  9. Hi @WHMCS John, I would have thought that by "unticking" the box in Setup > Payment > Payment Gateways > Manage Existing Gateways > GoCardless > "Show on Order Form" would have had this exact effect. However, "unticking" the box removes the gateway from both the order form and then also as a payment method on any invoices. Or am I mistaken? As I couldn't get it to work. I really do not like modifying standard templates so have resorted to using a hook. Now I am no coder (despite using WHMCS for over 10 years now......😣) so have modified the code provided by @bendrop and @brian! in this thread: So here it is for anyone else. It seems to work for me but clearly I am not an expert so please test.......... <?php function cart_remove_gocardless_gateway($vars) { if ($vars['templatefile']=='viewcart'){ // List of gateways to remove $disallowed = array('gocardless'); $gateways = $vars['gateways']; foreach ($gateways as $k => $item) { if (in_array($item['sysname'],$disallowed)) { unset($gateways[$k]); } } return array("gateways" => $gateways); } } add_hook("ClientAreaPageCart", 1, "cart_remove_gocardless_gateway");
  10. Hi @Anders, Here'a a couple of links that should explain everything for you: https://docs.whmcs.com/Enom https://help.whmcs.com/m/getting_started/l/1113504-configure-the-enom-registrar
  11. Hi @ocastaned, 644 should be ok but the question really is do you know if your cron jobs completing or not? If they are everything is fine.... If not then what do you see in your Automation Settings or the Activity logs? Here are some references for you if you are experiencing issues: https://docs.whmcs.com/Crons https://help.whmcs.com/m/87388/l/1075205 https://help.whmcs.com/m/automation/l/678272-troubleshooting-the-cron-not-completing https://help.whmcs.com/m/64751/l/683269
  12. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, Found it..... Settings > Invoices > Clients Choose Gateway: Tick to allow clients to choose the gateway they pay with
  13. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD, I've now enabled GoCardless. Any existing invoices for customers still only show the existing credit card payment button and their payment method is still showing on the invoice is credit card (with no option to change this). There is no way I can see to change this logging in as a customer and having just generated an invoice the GoCardless option is not there. Just the clients default payment method - Credit Card. Is there something else I need to enable?
  14. Hi @WHMCS ChrisD and @WHMCS John, Thanks for that. So it would seem the only thing I have to manage is how I would "hide" the Direct Debit option if required.
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