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  1. Thanks for the insight. Yes, it shows the lowest cycle price on available add-on page, and when taken to cart, it automatically coverts to the billing cycle of the active product without any option to change billing cycle. Though, it's not a major concern for me at this moment, as most of my clients don't bother about add-ons, and I am not offering much, it has some problem in the designing for sure. If an active product is in yearly cycle and has only 3-4 months left, why would someone purchase an add-on paying for whole one year! Instead, ability for choosing monthly cycle (if set from admin) would have been the right choice.
  2. So, this is not any error? This is how it works?
  3. @WHMCS ChrisD yes, both the product and add-on (in this case sitelock defend) has Monthly, Annually, Biennially and Triennially pricing setup and activated. I did a bit more testing. It looks like add-on billing cycle only honors the billing cycle of active product. If the active product is activated with yearly cycle, add-on gets added to cart with only yearly term without any option to change cycle. And if active product is in monthly cycle, add-on gets added to cart with only monthly term without any option to change cycle.
  4. Hello, I have activated product addon with monthly, yearly, biennial pricing. When a customer tries to order addon from "Services > View Available Addons (cart.php?gid=addons)" page, it shows only monthly pricing. And when click on "Order Now", it adds product to cart with 1 year term, and no option to update billing cycle (i.e. choosing monthly or biennial). How to fix this, so clients can choose billing cycle? Note: selected active product is under one year recurring cycle.
  5. sufi

    WordPress + WHMCS

    Thanks for the complements. I have modified only header, footer and one support ticket tpl file of the "Six" template. Everything else was done with hooks and custom css. It makes upgrade process very easy, as I only have to check (and possibly modify) 3 tpl files!
  6. sufi

    WordPress + WHMCS

    Thanks for the complements 🙂
  7. Hello Good People, Main site was built with WordPress, using a premium theme, with a heavy modification in design. WHMCS part was done using SIX as base, with mostly css modification, some html modification (mostly header and footer). Front end: https://dctit.host/ WHMCS: https://dctit.host/shop/ View Cart page: https://dctit.host/shop/cart.php?a=view Will appreciate your feedback. Kindly let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
  8. Hello, If automated credit use is on, when an invoice is generated, it adds available credit to the invoice. But, for some reason, if that invoice is cancelled, those applied credit amount doesn't get removed automatically. It's really hard to manually remove them one by one. What is the solution in this scenario? Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am trying to override smarty template from `ClientAreaPage` hook. But, when I fetch custom template, it keeps loading and loading until memory runs out, and gives a 500 internal server error! Can't seem to figure it out. Any help will be appreciable. This is what I am doing: add_hook('ClientAreaPage', 1, function( $vars ) { global $smarty; $version = $GLOBALS['CONFIG']['Version']; //tried with "post" and "output" filter - without any luck. $smarty->registerFilter('pre','template_override_output_filter'); }); function template_override_output_filter($tpl_output, Smarty_Internal_Template $template) { global $smarty; $template_file_path = $template->_current_file; //getting filename $parts = explode('/', $template_file_path); $template_file_name = array_pop($parts); $custom_directory = 'custom'; $new_file = ROOTDIR . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . 'templates' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $custom_directory . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $template_file_name; if (!file_exists($new_file)) { return $tpl_output; } $tpl_output = $smarty->fetch($new_file); return $tpl_output; }
  10. Thanks for this. I have used global $CONFIG to get the system url.
  11. Title says it all. How do I get system url in a variable inside a module I am developing?
  12. Thanks Chris, for your recommendation. But is there any other way, apart from setting up new subscription? I would like to avoid that if possible.
  13. How do I add 2CO recurring payment (subscribed without WHMCS) to WHMCS invoice?
  14. Thanks. I was checking if there was any builtin function i can use. But, yes database query also solved my problem.

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