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  1. WHMCS Nate

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    rkatz0, every issue I listed has been fixed in 7.6.1. I'm not aware of any outstanding font awesome issues with the templates we ship.
  2. WHMCS Nate

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    Hi Brian, FYI the issue you reported had a case created (CORE-12636) and was triaged and discussed, it is a case we expect to resolve, but it didn't make the time cut off to be released in 7.6.1. It moved down the list of priorities for a few reasons: While the bug prevents the use of some icons for customization, it doesn't have the same impact as a broken icon. Its about improving the customization of the product. We didn't want to make any more template changes for our themers and people who update then possible in a maintenance release. Some of the ways we are considering implementing this change could impact how third party modules work and we don't want to introduce any kind of compatibility issues in a maintenance release. Because this is in a template if you absolutely must make this customization right now, you can edit the template and do that - issues where a customer can perform a work around are typically considered lower priority then issues where a work around is not possible. See the work around for an example of how to include a branding logo in a sidebar hook: Hope that context helps. Nate
  3. The domainsync.php cron file we shipped in 7.6.1 looks like this: whmcsqa@testing.qa.whmcs.com [~/public_html/whmcs/crons]# stat domainsync.php File: `domainsync.php' Size: 5032 Blocks: 16 IO Block: 4096 regular file Device: fd00h/64768d Inode: 949353 Links: 1 Access: (0644/-rw-r--r--) Uid: (62476/ whmcsqa) Gid: (62469/ whmcsqa) Access: 2018-08-28 12:09:08.067646700 -0500 Modify: 2018-08-27 13:55:04.000000000 -0500 Change: 2018-08-28 07:32:01.955131303 -0500 whmcsqa@testing.qa.whmcs.com [~/public_html/whmcs/crons]# md5sum domainsync.php 253d9baf93317e7ec98b57b47dd9c4dd domainsync.php Ioncube encoding adds a fixed header and some other things in their encoding process, so even a simple hello world can look more complex.
  4. WHMCS ships with a single cron.php script, this script takes various arguments and runs a series of tasks. Everytime the cron.php script (without lots of argument flags) runs, it checks the database for all known tasks and the last time each of them executed and decides which tasks to run. If the cron is executed at a specific hour set by the daily cron it includes lots of tasks that are run once a day (most of which were in the old "daily cron" script). This fix just means we honor the schedule setting for domain syncing for the domain sync tasks. i.e. if you set the domain sync to happen every 4 hours, but 2 hours since last run we realize we are doing the daily cron tasks, we don't include the domain sync tasks cause they ran less then 4 hours ago. In 7.6.0 we would execute the domain sync tasks. The domainsync.php file is an empty file and calling it does not do anything. In 7.6 we moved that code from the domainsync.php file to our new task system.
  5. WHMCS Nate

    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    Bear, Fair enough about your concerns and frustrations. I personally use GNOME instead of KDE because I want my interface to be opinionated and consistent and I don't want to have to customize everything. I don't think we will really succeed in talking about it much more. I don't make the calls about what gets encoded and not encoded in WHMCS. I hear where you and other folks I respect in this thread are coming from and will make sure that view is represented and discussed when those conversations happen. Are you coming to cPanel conference this year? If so I'd be happy to buy you a beer and talk face to face about this or anything else you'd like - same goes for anyone else in this thread. I'm going to stop following this thread and won't be replying again. Nate
  6. WHMCS Nate

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    You're welcome, the cases were provided so you can quickly review the changelog to decide about when is the best time for you and your business to update.
  7. WHMCS Nate

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    Hi Randy, Super quickly: CORE-12587 Update index twitter icons for FA5 - update the twitterfeed.tpl file as discussed in this thread. CORE-12601 FA5 - Credit Card icons in Client Summary - "Credit Card Information" window do not display due to incorrect class of icon - templates/orderforms/standard_cart/checkout.tpl needs updates on lines 18-30 to change add the fab class. And to remove the fas class from lines 527 and 516. The icons are also broken in the admin area but that will require a hotfix as that file in not templated. CORE-12605 v4 and Blend Ticket Editor Missing Heading Icon - this requires updating the MDE editor as it uses FA 4, will need to wait for a new release to restore that single icon in admin area. CORE-12596 Ticket Feedback Stars Not Working - Not a template change but a css change all.min.css for theme: ticket-reply .rating span.star, .ticket-reply .rating-done span.star { font-family: FontAwesome; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; display: inline-block; } .ticket-reply .rating span.star:before, .ticket-reply .rating-done span.star:before { content: "\f006"; padding-right: 0; color: #999; } Updating this to the following resolves the issue: ticket-reply .rating span.star, .ticket-reply .rating-done span.star { font-family: "Font Awesome 5 Pro"; font-weight: 400; font-style: normal; display: inline-block; } .ticket-reply .rating span.star:before, .ticket-reply .rating-done span.star:before { content: "\f005"; padding-right: 0; color: #999; }
  8. WHMCS Nate

    Many of the new fa fonts broken

    @rkatz0, I'm not 100% sure what response you are looking for exactly. Let me say that I've seen a few patterns in my review around the reports of issues re:FontAwesome: There are some places where we miss converting the icons or converted them incorrectly. Here is the full list of cases I'm aware of that are related to the Font Awesome update: CORE-12587 Update index twitter icons for FA5 CORE-12601 FA5 - Credit Card icons in Client Summary - "Credit Card Information" window do not display due to incorrect class of icon CORE-12605 v4 and Blend Ticket Editor Missing Heading Icon CORE-12596 Ticket Feedback Stars Not Working We've gotten a number of tickets where FA-4 references in custom templates or hooks or third party modules/addons are not working or have not been converted correctly. This is not totally unexpected, the number of files and changes from 7.5 -> 7.6 was across 89 files: "Showing with 16,604 additions and 2,824 deletions." while from 7.4-7.5 was across 45 files "Showing with 1,872 additions and 259 deletions". We've also seen reports where items were cached in browsers and that caused issues as reported in this thread. Other FA challenges, like the Ad Blocker blocking how FA 5 works, etc. The majority of the cases can be fixed with quick templates and so we decided against releasing hotfixes for them. If there are specific ones of these issues that are critical for you, that is important feedback. That said when I see a report that: "many of the icons are not working" and in actuality we are talking about less then half of 1% the icons not working correctly, I suspect its more a case of #2 then #1. Hopefully that is closer to the kind of information you're looking for. If you have other specific questions about those cases, I'm happy to try and answer them. Nate C
  9. WHMCS Nate

    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    Bear, my concern was that your reply after I clarified might lead someone else to think we are encoding TinyMCE. Is that you don't acknowledge that in this case we are not protecting code we didn't write. I agree with your statement in general, respecting licenses is important to me. If you find a place where we are encoding someone else's code, that is something that is important to me/us to address quickly. TinyMCE introduced a new option to allow you to set h1,h2, css attributes in your articles that when displayed should use the client's CSS for those operations. I think using those is better then allowing the customer to pick font families and font sizes outside of the block content stuff more often then not leads to unexpected behavior for users not familiar with html. Once it got out we got feedback that it was really important and responded accordingly. I also totally understand how frustrating it is when you want to change something and can't make it fit exactly how it works best for you. I also know that every configurable thing we introduce adds more cyclomatic complexity, more chance of bugs, more developer work, and longer testing cycles. It works counter to adding other new features people want. Balance those competing concerns is one of the challenges of writing software.
  10. WHMCS Nate

    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    Ok, so we are totally clear: We do not encode TinyMCE full stop. The suggestion that we do is a misreading of the conversation above it. Bear I think it would be helpful for future readers of the thread who miss that while scanning if you'd acknowledge that WHMCS does not encode TinyMCE. I think there have been some valid concerns raised about a desire to customize how TinyMCE is initialized and used within the product. I'll be discussing them internally and am also happy to see a feature request that shows how many people want to customize this and what is relevant there. I would let you know that I recently worked a case to restore the fontsize and fontselect buttons back to the TinyMCE editor and I expect that to be part of 7.6.1-release.1 when it comes out. That should address the initial immediate need of @eugenevdm in this thread. My goal in replying to this thread was to provide a quick answer to a very specific question: is there a way to customize what arguments are passed to TinyMCE's init function by WHCMS? I see the broader conversation about what we encode and what we don't, I understand your concerns and appreciate you sharing them here and in other venues. I don't make that call, just like I don't make the call on what features we work on. Hope that helps, Nate
  11. WHMCS Nate

    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    Hi Bear, TinyMCE is not encoded, however to use TinyMCE you need to invoke the init method of the TinyMCE class with all of the relevant setup options. My comment was that the code which generates the JS to call the init method is within a class and that class is encoded. So if you want to change what parameters are provided to the TinyMCE init function, I'm not aware of a designed / intentional way to do that. I don't want to comment to much on possible unsupported workarounds at this time, I really haven't spent a lot of time investigating it and don't have the time to do so in the near future. Hope that clears my statement up. Nate
  12. WHMCS Nate

    [Locked]Where is WHMCS tinyMCE.init()?

    The TinyMCE init is set in a encoded class. I'm not aware of any designed capabilities to allow you to override its settings.
  13. WHMCS Nate

    POP3 Connection Error

    Tom, Display errors will sometimes add additional debugging information to the emails, but there is not currently a way to turn off these notification emails. Nate
  14. Hello, My quick grep of the source code didn't find any function named: delete_rc_account. This sounds like a hook / addon that is not working. Have you tried disabling all hooks and addons? Nate C
  15. WHMCS Nate

    Recaptcha Invisible not invisible...

    During the 7.5 release cycle we wrote a hook to enable the invisible captcha in the cart checkout in this forum to meet some specific needs customers have. In the 7.6 cycle we decided to bring that hook into the product core and make it configurable for everyone. The scope of work was to take that hook and bring it into the product in a way that opened up future improvements as discussed. Limiting scope creep is a important part of delivering software on a regular basis. I didn't sit in all of the feature planning meetings for 7.6, so I'm not going to get into details of those conversations. I would say that while I can see how you think that is the conversation, its rarely the conversation people actually have. Conversations like: "Why not do all of this as well?" rarely happen, we don't have that kind of time. Typically its much more like: "Should we do this or do that instead?" So when you have work you want to see done, its not enough to show its a good idea - you need to show its a better thing then every other idea that is competing for the same resources.

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