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  1. Hi Kudouyuzi, You're showing some files / contents but not their location. The right location for these files depends on exactly how php and libcurl have been compiled and the operating system they are running on. These details can be examined but doing so works best if you can give our techs access via a support ticket. Have you confirmed that your certs are part of any open_basedir settings you have set? Nate
  2. Glad to hear it got resolved, was it 1, 2 or something else?
  3. So we know of three situations that can cause this: 1) You have out of date root certificates. These are normally provided by your OS and updating them can be as simple as getting the latest packages. Alternatively you can download fresh ones here: https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem 2) Some users have reported that the setting they have for php's openbasedir setting blocked the php program from opening that cacert bundle. In this case modifying or disabling that restriction allowed them to upgrade without issue. 3) Something is causing your application not to connect to the real update server, this is what SSL certificate validation is designed to prevent. Most likely this is not the case, but if it was happening it may be a hacker attempting to get you to download and install different files so they can compromise your installation. We use multiple certificate and signature validation stages to ensure you get the files we intended. If you've addressed the first two possibilities the last option is something our support team can help you investigate further. Have a great day. Nate C
  4. Hosting Password

    Can you say some more about the "new safety rules of cPanel"? I've checked the release notes for 68-62 and don't see anything new there.
  5. Issue with Client Login

    Yes, that is a new theme file that was introduced in 7.3. If your doing a custom theme you need to pull all the changes over.
  6. WHMCS 7.3.0 does not support PHP 7.1, you need to switch to php 7.0.x.
  7. Hide a widget, not sticking

    Clearly you need to PM @WHMCS ChrisD about your lack of ability to send PMs Thanks for the ticket ID, I'll touch base w/our support team and work towards a resolution with you there. Once we've tracked down exactly the root problem we can update this thread for anyone else who might be struggling with similar issues.
  8. Hide a widget, not sticking

    Bear, The debugging you posted earlier suggests the problem is not with .htaccess rewrites being applied, but something more basic. What I see is: /dev/index.php?rp=/dev-backend/widget/display/toggle/Badges - returns a 404. If as you suggest domain.foo/dev/ is your dev install of whmcs and domain.foo/dev/dev-backend/ is the custom admin directory location, the error is that a call made to the index.php of the clientarea returned a 404 error. Normally that suggests either missing files or some other webserver configuration is not allowing the server to serve that file. If you want to PM me the ticket I'm happy to take a look at things and help you try to move forward, my most basic question to answer first is why is a call to the base index.php returning a 404 error? Typically that error comes from the webserver not the application.
  9. Support for PHP 7.1.x

    I don't know if the assumption of no v7.4 is a safe one As David explained in this thread due to how ioncube has implemented build targets in encoder10 there are some real challenges in shipping support for PHP 7.1. We've had a number of long conversations internally about our plans and possible ways to do it. We are also continuing to talk with Ioncube to see if we can find a solution with them. Because we are still in active discussions, I really can't make a clear commitment to when you will see support for PHP7.1. When we have firm plans we will communicate them.
  10. Let me save you a bit of googling, this is the best answer I've found: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/766809/whats-the-difference-between-utf8-general-ci-and-utf8-unicode-ci when in doubt utf8_unicode_ci is the best thing to move to unless you're using mysql >5.5.3 in which case utf8mb4_unicode_ci is better. For some people that need to use different options (they typically know who they are) they will need to decide what to move too. Once you know that our article will help you make the change: http://help.whmcs.com/m/72132/l/797626
  11. Facebook sign-in issue

    Rabijit, You can use the facebook graph API debug tool on the facebook developer site to see what we get from FB. Following up with them can reveal more information here is the exact API call we use with the customers oauth access token: /me?fields=id,email,first_name,last_name,verified You can also contact them to ask why your data is there or not there. Their docs will list some of the reasons it is not shown but not all of them. They say that is private information.
  12. Hide a widget, not sticking

    Bear, that suggests that the index.php for your client area is returning a 404, is the file present? I think a support ticket would be helpful to speed up investigation of this issue.
  13. Facebook sign-in issue

    Facebook will load the email address if one is allowed to be shared by the account. Some facebook accounts are opened with a cell phone number and don't have an email address to get. Requesting the phone number requires an additional scope and manual review of your facebook application. That is an involved process and we did not feel the extra setup requirements were worth getting a phone number, so it is not populated automatically.
  14. Hide a widget, not sticking

    Hello Bear, I was not able to reproduce this on my test install. When you check or uncheck a box we send an ajax call to a admin route, the url looks something like: whmcs/index.php?rp=/admin/widget/display/toggle/Badges What are the results of that AJAX call for you? If you continue to have issues please open a ticket so we can investigate this further.
  15. @wsen the error: Smarty Error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1267 Illegal mix of collations (latin1_general_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) for operation '=' (SQL: select count(`tblorders`.`id`) as aggregate from `tblorders` inner join `tblorderstatuses` on `tblorders`.`status` = `tblorderstatuses`.`title` where `tblorderstatuses`.`showpending` = 1) Indicates a collation mismatch between your tables that prevents mysql from executing the JOIN query logged. Which collation do you intend to use for your database going forward? Once you know which you want to use, this help article shows how to adjust your database to normalize the collations across your database: http://help.whmcs.com/m/72132/l/797626

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