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  1. DomainRegister takes a domain ID for a domain that has been ordered in WHMCS and then attempts to register it. You need to add a order via the addorder API for your domain, then you can call domainregister on the domainid that is returned and you should see the registration attempt. https://developers.whmcs.com/api-reference/addorder/
  2. WHMCS Nate

    Extending API?

    Hello @wellconnit, Sorry my reply didn't include a link to the addon module documentation about creating client area output or addon modules in general. You can see our docs on creating addon modules here: https://developers.whmcs.com/addon-modules/getting-started/ The documentation for the client area output I'm recommending is: https://developers.whmcs.com/addon-modules/client-area-output/ We've also published a sample addon module with extensive comments and some best practices we've learned here: https://github.com/WHMCS/sample-addon-module I'd advise you to check out how we use a client area dispatcher for client area output. If you have a more complex client area layout it may be really important for you. Hope that helps get you started, the sample addon module has more then 800 lines of code and comments - I'd call that a bit better then less then zero Nate
  3. WHMCS Nate

    Extending API?

    Hello Tasgray, There has never been an officially supported method for extending the WHMCS API. After 7.4 came out I came across a thread in our forums where a third party dev suggested a method and appended a comment to try and advise against what they recommend. Ultimately an API is a promise between a software product and the consuming developers to communicate in a specific way. We take API compatibility and longevity really seriously. Those promises really are not present when someone places 3rd party files in a directory. More broadly best I can tell when customizing WHMCS as a developer you are looking to do some combination of three things: 1) I want to trigger some action in WHMCS from an external system. 2) I want to get some information from WHMCS for a 3rd party system. 3) I want to provide some helper functions or libraries for WHMCS customization. For the first need, addon modules with client area functions should be able to do everything you are currently doing in your code. The validatelogin api call will give you the information to authenticate and the addon module will have permission to do any task you need. For the second there are a few options, one is our existing APIs, if you have a convenience function to return data our API's provide you could filter our API client side. Another is to use the reply of an addon module in the clientarea. Another option is to use a custom created page: https://developers.whmcs.com/advanced/creating-pages/ - this is most useful if you need lots of structured data (json for example). For the third using namespaced functions and including them in the vendor/ directory is our recommended solution. These is the least well developed of the three right now, its something we are discussing internally but not something we have a well supported story to present at this time. I would be really careful going this direction and if you need to go there, I'd love to hear more details about what you are doing, what your issues and goals are, what your development practices and software lifecycle look around that, so that it can help inform our internal conversations. Hope that helps, Nate C
  4. WHMCS Nate

    Unique Phone number

    Hello, The relevant hook is: https://developers.whmcs.com/hooks-reference/client/#clientdetailsvalidation It allows you to block creating or updating a client account. Nate
  5. Hi there, quick update our 7.5.1 release is out and contains this fix.
  6. WHMCS Nate

    Dummy Data for developing

    Hi there, We don't have a testing db to download and use. The db schema and how data is linked changes regularly and the odds of getting the test data into a state where the production db can't get is higher then you might think. We use tests that populate the system via the API a lot for these kinds of tasks. Nate
  7. WHMCS Nate

    Database changes

    Hello @imaticon, I can certainly see how that would come as a surprise to you and be frustrating. You can see the vast majority of schema changes we make for each release in the resources/sql/ directory. Hope that helps you work with the product better. Have a good one, Nate C
  8. WHMCS Nate

    cron.php is corrupted

    Hello, You need to make sure the latest ioncube loader is loaded by the php binary that is executing your cron job. Nate
  9. Hello @linux4me, Glad that worked and got your issue fixed. Going to tag @WHMCS ChrisD to edit / tag things to make things easy to find. Nate
  10. Hello, Please check for a langupdate.php and/or adminlangupdate.php file in your tree, those can be safely removed. Thanks, Nate C
  11. WHMCS Nate

    Knowledgebase Article Tags

    ScottN, The fix is a template change, you can view the commit for the 7.3.0-beta.1 in our github repository for the six theme template changes. These are linked from the Release Notes. In this case I think it will be a pretty simple fix: https://github.com/WHMCS/templates-six/commit/188f6c95ea66f30e084587a194319c0e947d7903#diff-66ba78b81a680028e517263e21d0fd59 Hope that helps, Nate C
  12. WHMCS Nate

    Knowledgebase Article Tags

    What version of WHMCS are you running. There was a previously reported issue: "CORE-11401 - Remove spurious "Email, SSL" on knowledgebase article content" that was fixed in 7.3.0-beta.1. If you are running a newer version then that, I would love to see our support team look at your templates. Can you open a ticket about that with us?
  13. WHMCS Nate

    Email Marketing Opt Out in Signature

    This actually has been added in Version 7.5 (which is currently in the Beta stage): https://docs.whmcs.com/Changelog:WHMCS_V7.5 as: FEATURE-1874 - Add merge fields to email templates that provide URLs allowing users to opt in or out of receiving marketing emails
  14. WHMCS Nate

    WHMCS PHP Upgrade

    Tom, It's not quite once per PHP version, you encode once per ionCube target. So once for the target that works in PHP 5.6 & 7.0 and once for the target that supports PHP 7.1 & 7.2. Now if you had code that supported versions older than 5.6 as well, you could bundle a third target as well and still distribute a single set of files that will work for any install with the latest ionCube loaders. As we said in the blog, this is a win for the overall php development community. Nate
  15. WHMCS Nate

    WHMCS PHP Upgrade

    Tom, I did my best to explain exactly how we are planning on providing support for PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 within WHMCS 7.5 using a single set of files in the blog post / forum post that Chris just linked to. When you say: "10.1 will allow php 5.6 and up now then?" but don't specify if you are talking about the loader version or the encoder version its impossible to give you a straight answer. The new bundling technique allows you to ship two ionCube targets in the same file and the loader figures out which one to load and use. If you want support for 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 you have to bundle two encoding runs and have the latest ionCube loaders (10.1.x). Hope that is clearer, Nate

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