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Creating a subscription payment with a bundle?


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Hi Guys,

I've recently returned to WHMCS after a long abscence (purely due to a family trauma), and I've realised that I've forgotten most of what I had learned about WHMCS , and that there are new features (in v5.2.7) since V4.2 that I haven't seen.


Being a bit rusty, I think I could really use some help to get 'back in the game'.


I've got my new site setup at thatstartupguy.com.au & billing/support will be live shortly


So my first question will hopefully be an easy one.


After create bundle "A", say $2000 (which includes product 1,2,3,4,5, etc), is the any way that I can create a subscription billing, say $200 per fortnight (until the $2000 is used up), for the bundle, rather than bill the client for each product, or bill as one lump sum?


I am ok with sending one invoice, and then sending them a payment reminder for eachperiod, (say week) for the part payment, but I'd rather not do it manually. Any suggestions


many thanks in advance, and my apologies in advance if this is a 'bog-standard' question


PS gateway should be PayPal

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Thanks John, I had not used billable items before. They are very close to what I want to, which is a custom invoice that is paid for in increments by subscription billing


However, it seems that I can add products, but not bundles.

Is this likely to be added as an upcoming feature, or is there a hack or a workaround possible as yet?

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