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    New Order Configuration Questions

    I readily admit I am learning the system, and until today, really didn't understand the flow of ordering process as @Vox explained so thoroughly above. Thank you! Between this and @Kian pointing out the specific point of my confusion, I think I finally have a handle on this. I never understood the purpose of accepting an order when it was already paid and provisioned, but now it makes a lot more sense. I'm glad to have this community available for helping us poor, lost noobies. Looking forward to giving back after I get a little experience under my belt. Thanks everyone
  2. Isaac Asher

    New Order Configuration Questions

    To clarify, I wasn't asking in general about the differences between tickboxes and radio buttons. I was asking about the difference and relationship between the specific tickboxes on the pending order page in the attached screenshot, and the specific radio buttons from the module options set at the product level. It was (and remains) confusing for me that there would be an option to "setup the product when you manually accept a pending order" at the product level, and then additional tickboxes to be selected at the time you manually accept a pending order. It confuses me that there should be a repeated setting at two levels of the order hierarchy, and I can't be sure how this benefits, but my best guess is just to give the seller more options to change the process flow at any point in the process. I guess. It's not very clear to me, my tests were confusing and unfruitful, and the links above didn't have the info I'm looking for. I guess the only thing I can do is keep trying, I'm just frustrated after having read so many pages of docs and forums and I just can't seem to find clarity on this issue. There are no WHMCS videos about this or even about the checkout/order approval process flows, so I can't see it in action. If I missed them, I'd sure love it if someone could post a link. Sorry to be such a noob. Thanks for everyone's help. I do appreciate your time and effort.
  3. Isaac Asher

    New Order Configuration Questions

    I really need someone to explain this part to me. This is the key to understanding, I believe, so I'm asking the community at large for further explanation or direction to resources. Thanks.
  4. Isaac Asher

    New Order Configuration Questions

    Okay, I believe I understand now a little bit better, but the logic behind it is still very unclear to me. If the provisioning of accounts and registering of domains happens ultimately based on the tickboxes on the Order Items screen, then what is the purpose of the radio buttons shown in my earlier screenshot? It seems to me the tickboxes override the radio buttons, so then why have the radio buttons at the product level at all? I would like to better understand the relationship between the tickboxes on the order items page and the radio buttons on the product setup. Ultimately I would also like to know what the "recommended" settings are, and what the checkout process looks like when they are in place? If this information is detailed somewhere online, I would appreciate a link or some direction. Sorry to be such a noob, I just really need to understand the functioning of it so I know how to use it properly and to my advantage. Thank you kindly in advance.
  5. Isaac Asher

    New Order Configuration Questions

    Thank you for your response, however I'm still very confused as to what exactly happens when an order is approved. If by "tickboxes" you mean these: at the product level, I have already confirmed that all of the products in the order were set up exactly as above: "Automatically setup the product as soon as the first payment is received." Does approving the order somehow count as a payment in WHMCS? Should I not approve an order until payment has been received? Not sure how to make that happen since the invoice wouldn't be generated until the order was approved. If I messed up something here, I just need to know how to prevent it from happening again. Thanks
  6. Isaac Asher

    New Order Configuration Questions

    Yes that is exactly correct. Seems like I have something set wrong! Any ideas?
  7. I have a couple questions on configuration for the new order process. I want to make it as smooth as possible for my customers, and my most recent customer has had a very disjointed experience so far. I created her account manually when we began our discussions. She logged in and placed the order through WHMCS. I use only PayPal for all payment processing, FYI. It appears there was no credit card on file in WHMCS at the time of the order. I created a special custom bundle for her and sent her a link to puchase the bundle. After she placed the order, it appeared as a new Pending order. I approved it, and the system then sent the domain registration to the registrar and provisioned the cPanel account on the server. This is not what I was expecting or desiring. Following that, it appears there was an invoice created on the system and the customer still has a balance due. I did not receive any PayPal transactions or attempted transactions, so it appears the payment didn't complete, but the order within WHMCS did complete. This is difficult to reconcile. Here's how I would rather see this go down: Since I personally created her account (maybe there is an option somewhere???), I would like any purchases she makes to be automatically provisioned upon receipt of the first payment, not upon the order being approved. (Incidentally, I did check the products she ordered, and all are set to provision upon first payment, so I don't know why this would have happened early). When she makes the purchase, the system should either ask her for a credit card or use the card on file and complete the transaction at that time. Upon successful payment, the system should notify her (and hopefully me) of the new payment at which point I will begin my service to the client. Can anyone tell me how to adjust settings to make the desired flow? Or help direct me to resources for more information about which settings I need to research? Many thanks from me and my future customers
  8. Isaac Asher

    Is it possible to schedule custom emails?

    Thank you so much, @Kian! This is very helpful!!
  9. I have a custom client field which I use to store a date. I would like it if I could schedule an email to go to the client on that particular date (and/or in consideration of other custom fields) via the cron job, if possible. Does anyone know if it's possible to add such automation via the admin? If not, where can I go to learn more about the method to do this? I can work with PHP, HTML, CSS easily enough, so that won't be an issue. Thanks in advance!
  10. Isaac Asher

    Bundle not adding to cart correctly

    Indeed it is! I removed the domain registration from the package and it works like a charm. Customer clicks the link to the package and is routed to the domain checker. once the domain is accepted, it asks to confirm the billing frequency. Then it lands at the cart with the customization products already added. Three simple clicks. Brilliant. Thanks @brian!!!
  11. Isaac Asher

    Bundle not adding to cart correctly

    I'm very confused and need some assistance, please. I have created a product bundle with the following products/services included (as listed in the following order): - Domain Registration (Regular Price) - Bronze Web Presence (Regular Price) - Site setup and configuration (Regular Price) - Site customization (Discounted Price) I wanted to send this in a quote to the customer, but it appears bundles are not available to be added to quotes, although I can't imagine why not. (Any input here would be welcomed, although it is not my chief reason to raise this issue). I believe I can create the individual line items on the quote, and then send the customer a link to the bundle to purchase it after they have approved. When I log completely out of all admin accounts, close the browser and open a new window, and then log in with a test customer account, the bundle simply isn't working at all, and I don't know if I'm misusing it or if there's an issue or conflict somewhere. When I click on the direct link to the product bundle (/cart.php?a=add&bid=2) it redirects to /cart.php, but it is displaying my Online Merchant package group (nothing at all to do with this package!!). If I click Continue, nothing happens. I can select one of the Online Merchant packages and it will allow me to continue to the domain checker step. After confirming the domain checker, it asks me to select the billing frequency for the Gold Online Merchant package (not part of the bundle). I select monthly just for grins, and it takes me back to the domain checker step again... where I confirm the same domain name is indeed still available, but this time it says "Bronze Web Presence" above the domain checker box, so it appears to be adding the correct product. I then select the billing frequency again (this time for the correct hosting package), and it takes me to /cart.php?a=view where I can see it has automatically added the last two items, but it did *NOT* apply the discount in the package, nor did it add the Gold Online Merchant package that it made me step through at the beginning of the process. The domain registration is listed for the correct price, but the discount was not applied, and it made me appear to purchase a package that has nothing to do with the bundle. I obviously can't send this to my customer.. this is very difficult and confusing process, and I can't help thinking it's not supposed to work this way. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
  12. Isaac Asher

    Unable to send email through WHMCS

    Woke up this morning and tried again and now it works. Ugh. Nevermind. :)
  13. I had sent a few emails to a few clients through the client section in the admin area, and all worked as expected. Tonight when I went to send a new email to a client, I get a 500 server error page and no entries are made in the email history to the client. Utilities > System > Activity Log does not show any error messages. The last message printed in the log was where I turned on the debug logger. Any ideas?
  14. Isaac Asher

    WHOIS lookup Error: 101 on new TLDs

    I have finally found the answer!!! Posting my trail and results here in case someone in the future has the same issue. @WHMCS ChrisD asked earlier if I was using the standard templates, but what did not occur to me at the time was that I was not using the standard templates as my front-end. I have WordPress as the front end and am using Arkahost template. After thinking a long time about why the System Module Log would not have any entries, it occurred to me that the domain checker widget on the front end of my site was possibly not communicating with WHMCS.... and I was correct. Found the domain checker widget settings in the Arkahost template which included a place for additional whois servers! Now that I know what to do with those (thanks @brian! !!), I added the appropriate entry for .rocks and still... no luck. Found additional settings for the domain checker widget in Arkahost which will re-route domain check requests to the WHMCS front page. Enabled that setting and BAM! It WORKED!!! I was able to use the .rocks domain name on the front page domain checker widget and it re-routed through to WHMCS, which proudly stated that the domain **IS** available!! I owe you guys. Thanks a million!!!!!
  15. Isaac Asher

    WHOIS lookup Error: 101 on new TLDs

    I originally installed and subsequently upgraded my WHMCS installation via Softaculous in cPanel. Are there known issues pertaining to Softaculous installations? Where do I obtain the files?

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