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  1. @brian! did you ever get this hook done? Gonna upgrade my install tomorrow and was wondering whether I need to write this myself or not... 😁
  2. It could be.. You can get a pay as you go account from them which equates to $1.50 a month. Depends how important daily updates are to you!
  3. But it works from your own personal computer right? This points towards a block then, as you can only do the check from a single IP. Email them and and ask for the IP to be reset.
  4. Sure! https://free.currconv.com/api/v7/convert?q=USD_PKR&compact=ultra&apiKey=YOURAPIKEY Obviously changing "YOURAPIKEY" to your api key 🙂
  5. That "failed" message will trigger if the script couldn't connect to the api server, that's all it does. This is why you need to try and run the api call directly from the server to see if it's giving some kind of denied error.
  6. Have you run it from a browser / wget on the server? The free api key only lets you connect from a single ip address.
  7. On the off chance you are still reading this, I've posted up a hook which supports UAH conversion 🙂
  8. If you want to use a currency not supported by WHMCS (I think there are only 8 or so) then you can use this hook, which draws its data from https://www.currencyconverterapi.com/. They have a free account which is sufficient for a once a day cron update, although of course you can upgrade if need be. Firstly you need to sign up with ccapi to get your free API key, then edit the variables at the top of the hook file to suit your needs. Finally, place the file in the /includes/hooks directory and you're done 🙂 hook_cron_update_custom_currency.php
  9. Updated to fix the CVV error (confirmed working) I've zipped it up with the proper folder structure now too, so you can just unpack it to root and it will put everything in the correct place 🙂 Braintree.zip
  10. Yes, it's a direct replacement. It's been alerted to me that CVV isn't working properly when adding a new card, but don't worry, I've found that problem, just waiting for one chap to confirm it works then I'll post the updated zip here. If you don't want to wait, simply look in the /modules/gateways/braintree.php file and replace both occurrences of: $params['cccvv'] with $params['cardcvv']
  11. I don't think so, but I was just using the whmcs example framework from their git which does have that 😊
  12. Here's the updated zip with the braintree library. So braintree.php and braintree folder in /modules/gateway hooks/braintree.php in /includes/hooks braintree.zip
  13. Argh I just realised I forgot to put the braintree library in the zip. You can download it yourself and put it in a braintree folder in the modules/gateway dir, or wait for me to get home and I'll reupload 🤣
  14. Here you go, but 2 things to bear in mind. 1. It doesn't use the Braintree drop in client Javascript code, so credit card details go to your server first, then (instantly) sent out to Braintree. Technically this means you need to be SAQ D compliant (the same as the ASPNix module) 2. It doesn't support 3D Secure (and unlikely to in the future) I built this just to use in the transition period as I move over to Stripe 🙂 put the braintree.php file (zip root) in the /modules/gateway folder and if you want to use advanced fraud tools, put the hooks/braintree.php file in the /includes/hooks folder. 🙂 braintree.zip
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