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  1. bendrop

    Set Custom Link order On SSL

    If you don't want to make any template edits at all, you can add a couple of lines to your .htaccess file (in the root) Under line: RewriteBase / Add: # Redirect SSL Checker Link to alternate location RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} ^rp=/ssl-purchase$ RewriteRule ^index\.php$ cart.php?gid=SSLGROUPID [R,L] Changing SSLGROUPID to the group id of your SSL certs. Or you can enter a totally different URL / site address there and redirect to wherever you want 🙂
  2. There needs to be a way to change this, I don't sell certs through my cart. At least let us use a custom url there...
  3. bendrop

    Can i use for my business?

    The key is kept in the php config file on the webserver - so WHMCS will transparently decrypt the data as it needs to be seen (this is how it works currently for the server passwords and credit card information) Of course if your WHMCS is root compromised (so they can upload rogue php files) - then you're totally stuffed, but if it's a SQL injection, or just the mySQL server that is hacked - at least the sensitive data will stay safe.
  4. bendrop

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    I know 😊 I'm just saying that's why the renewal logic is like that.
  5. bendrop

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    That depends, if you have the domain set to always be free (for the term of tnt package, including renewals) then the recurring amount is 0.00.
  6. bendrop

    Enforcing Domain Recurring Amount

    It does that because if the domain is one that comes free with a package (so the recurring price is 0.00) the user could renew it over and over for free without renewing the associated package!
  7. bendrop

    Can i use for my business?

    What!! So you would store un-encrypted passwords in your database tables too? Sensitive data should always be stored encrypted in the database, so if it is ever compromised it cannot be read (think SQL injection attack...)
  8. I don't think the breakline stripper is very good - it only really works if all your staff use exactly the same mail client (so you'll know exactly what the line will look like) I miss Kayako which supported RegEx breaklines. At the very least, I recommend you add your Admin Area URL to the list (so if all fails, at least the customer won't be given your admin url!)
  9. bendrop

    Best domain reseller?

    If you want to stay with enom, request a free reseller account from whmcs. Org domains are $12.57. You can then push all your domains across.
  10. bendrop

    WHMCS merge

    I've used it to merge two installs and it worked fine. However, be aware that your customer id numbers on the imported installation will change (as obviously two installs can't have the same) so if you have any external systems relying on that, they will need to change too (for us, it was our accounting system)
  11. bendrop

    Website Builder For WHMCS

    Been using Site.pro for a while now - and whilst it is super easy to integrate and use, I'm not convinced about. It requires a lot more "skill" to get a nice design done. Basically it works like a DTP program, you can put anything wherever you want - but you are starting from scratch (unless you really like the build in templates) so unless you are a good designer, the results look amatuerish. I would prefer to use a system which uses a "block method" - so customers just drag in different block units to build the site - this way also it will work much better as responsive. SitePad does this, but yes, it seems really troublesome to use - all the other systems that do are all SaaS with monthly subscriptions per site required. I'm looking for a solution which is paid as a block (per server) and uploads the resultant site to our own servers, so the customer is free to move it at any time.
  12. Ok I wonder if it was a temporary enom thing. As I've changed nothing but it's all ok again now... Strange!
  13. Domains registered by enom all have blank DNS entries once again when viewing in the admin area. Should I use the hotfix from 7.6.0 to solve this, or is that not applicable for this release? Error shown is: Registrar Error - Data missing
  14. @WHMCS Alex - Temp fix works for me too, thanks!
  15. If I run it with the force all command, domain sync runs fine. However, running as the standard cron (and the daily) it never triggers.

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