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  1. ITSNev

    WHMCS Product Bundles

    Hi, I've setup a product bundle on WHMCS 5.2.15 consiting of 2 products. This successfully gets added to the customers Shopping Cart, but then they are still able to remove parts of this bundle. Is there any way to stop a Bundle which as been selected from being purchased to not be removed from the Cart? Also, if they value to pay the renewal of any one of the bundled products, both products should be suspended. I will say that the Suspension : Terminations etc works fine on their own, but I need this to work as part of the bundle. I tried the ProductLinker from modulesgarden.com, but your not able to LINK two products together, which seems a little silly given its title. Any help that anyone can extend on this, I will of course be grateful to receive your advice / recommendations. Many Thanks Nev
  2. Are hooks global and ran against ALL products, or can you implement a hook to run against a specific product only? E.G. you created a new Product Call "Test Service" which is automatic set to "Active" using the AutoRelease Module on recieving payment in full, but then I would like to be able to setup HOOKs to run against this product when Suspending/UnSuspending/Terminating/Cancelling Or do I have to create a provision module for this? Thx Neville
  3. ITSNev

    Paypal Gateway Errors - All of a sudden.

    This is the response I got from PayPal... I also have spoken with our hosting provider and they also confirmed that the error is not their end, plus we even tested with the firewall disabled. So I'm reliant of WHMCS to help provide a solution, or atleast confirm how this can be debugged so I can share with PayPal, Yourselves or Hosting Provider. Thanks Nev
  4. The PayPal Gateway has been working fine for the last 3 years until 19:30 GMT+1 today. Customers orders are processed fine and WHCMS records the transaction / payment / order etc, but when I try to process refunds or use the PayPal addon included in 5.1.2 which allows searching of transactions, showing PayPal balance in the admin interface, is no longer working... I can honestly say that we have changed nothing. In the Gateway Logs, I'm seeing the following errors... Is this just a temporary PayPal issue or is something broke? Thx Nev
  5. ITSNev

    Homepage Showing Login Page

    Mass Injection Attack if you go to the link above.
  6. Thx Matt, I can confirm that this has now been fixed by Matt in providing replacement PHP Scripts.
  7. Since upgrading to 5.1.2 I'm getting a blank screen after responding to a ticket. Enabling display errors pointed to the following issue... Fatal error: Call to undefined function ticketsummary() in /home/XXXX/public_html/portal/includes/ticketfunctions.php on line 0 Andrew provided the attached Patched which seem to address the error in Admin, but then produce a new error which prevented customers from being able to register support requests, which meant I had to reverse the patch so the original error still stands. URL https://xxx.xxx.co.uk/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=2 Fatal error: Cannot redeclare ticketsummary() in /home/XXXX/public_html/portal/includes/ticketfunctions.php on line 0 Nev ticketfunctions.zip
  8. ITSNev

    For Those Who Wants to Downgrade to 5.0.3

    Matt, Thank you for your reply, but how can you say this.. I've had no end of problems from the start, especially with ticketfunctions.php where Andrew provided me with a patch, which seem to address the issues in the Admin area, but then No customer could submit a ticket as they also started getting a blank screen. This is a SIGNIFICANT BUG. How do users such as myself get access to these patches, as we get our license through a reseller? I would be happy to switch to a direct license, if I knew I would get better support, but somehow from past experience and various promises broke, I somehow doubt this will make any difference. You support before V5 was second to none, I could not fault it. You were always timely with your response and always will to help, but since V5 its been terrible. What has happen with WHMCS as I for one, want the old reliable one back... Nev
  9. ITSNev

    Waiting 2 days for a support response!

    Almost waiting 3 months now for a ticket to be addressed...
  10. ITSNev

    For Those Who Wants to Downgrade to 5.0.3

    Phil, Your right of course, but we TRUSTED WHMCS as previous releases have been fine and addressed many issues. But this one has been the biggest pile of **** I've every had the pleasure of using and their support has gone downhill also. I've had a ticket open since May and still its not fixed. Very Very Very Very Disappointed WHMCS... I will definitely be more cautious in future. Cheers Nev PS Matt, Are you going to respond to this thread for people that wish to ROLL BACK to 5.0.3
  11. ITSNev

    For Those Who Wants to Downgrade to 5.0.3

    Phil, Backups were taken over 2 weeks ago and the database has change considerably since then, with ticket, payments, new orders etc etc...So rolling back to 5.0.3 through the backup is NOT an OPTION!!! The Backup was taken incase the upgrade failed and not to revert after 2 weeks as I've no way to apply the DB Updates again. If anyone else has more constructive advice, please share. Matt@ Comment from you would be good? Nev
  12. ITSNev

    For Those Who Wants to Downgrade to 5.0.3

    It maybe simpler, but it will not take into account all the changes made to your database tables. I would appreciate a response from Matt at WHMCS if this is advisable to downgrade in this way as I'm having SO MANY ISSUES. Especially around updateing support tickets. Support tickets updates are not sent via email to our customers, after you get the fatal error and the fix that Andrew provided from WHMCS, fixed that issue but then no customer was able to register new support tickets. HELP THIS IS SO DAM ANNOYING. Bring back 5.0.3 as I Never wanted to be a BETA Test for 5.1.2 in a Production Enviromement. This is so POOR of WHMCS to release such untested Rubbish. I never flinched previously in doing upgrades as recommended by WHMCS as its usually pretty good, but this 5.1.2 is Terrible. Extremely Unhappy with WHMCS. Nev
  13. I've also started getting this error since upgrading to 5.1.2. Before on 5.0.3 I Never had this problem. Nev
  14. Yes, Thanks jclarke, got it working... $result = mysql_query("SELECT *,tblhosting.id as serviceid FROM tblhosting,tblproducts WHERE userid =$userid AND tblhosting.packageid= tblproducts.id AND tblhosting.domainstatus='Active'"); <td class="textcenter"><form method="post" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?action=productdetails"><input type="hidden" name="id" value="{$service.serviceid}" /><input type="submit" value="{$LANG.clientareaviewdetails}" class="btn info" /></form></td>
  15. Still not quite there, I have {php} $userid = $this->_tpl_vars['clientsdetails']['id']; $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM tblhosting,tblproducts WHERE userid =$userid AND tblhosting.packageid= tblproducts.id AND tblhosting.domainstatus='Active'"); $services = array(); while ($data = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { array_push($services, $data); } $this->_tpl_vars['services'] = $services; {/php} Then to display <div class="styled_title"> <h3>Active Accounts</h3> </div> <table class="zebra-striped"> <thead> <tr> <th{if $orderby eq "product"} class="headerSort{$sort}"{/if}><a href="clientarea.php?action=products{if $q}&q={$q}{/if}&orderby=product">{$LANG.orderproduct}</a></th> <th{if $orderby eq "price"} class="headerSort{$sort}"{/if}><a href="clientarea.php?action=products{if $q}&q={$q}{/if}&orderby=price">{$LANG.orderprice}</a></th> <th{if $orderby eq "billingcycle"} class="headerSort{$sort}"{/if}><a href="clientarea.php?action=products{if $q}&q={$q}{/if}&orderby=billingcycle">{$LANG.orderbillingcycle}</a></th> <th{if $orderby eq "nextduedate"} class="headerSort{$sort}"{/if}><a href="clientarea.php?action=products{if $q}&q={$q}{/if}&orderby=nextduedate">{$LANG.clientareahostingnextduedate}</a></th> <th{if $orderby eq "status"} class="headerSort{$sort}"{/if}><a href="clientarea.php?action=products{if $q}&q={$q}{/if}&orderby=status">{$LANG.clientareastatus}</a></th> <th> </th> </tr> </thead> <tbody> {foreach from=$services item=service} <tr> <td>{$service.name}{if $service.domain}<br /><a href="http://{$service.domain}" target="_blank">{$service.domain}</a>{/if}</td> <td>{$service.amount}</td> <td>{$service.billingcycle}</td> <td>{$service.nextduedate}</td> <td><span class="label active">{$service.domainstatus}</span></td> <td class="textcenter"><form method="get" action="{$smarty.server.PHP_SELF}?action=productdetails"><input type="hidden" name="id" value="{$service.id}" /><input type="submit" value="{$LANG.clientareaviewdetails}" class="btn info" /></form></td> </tr> I think the problem is with value of {$service.id} as on inspecting the element the value is 3, which so not correct for a service ID. <form action="/clientarea.php?action=productdetails" method="get"><input type="hidden" value="3" name="id"><input type="submit" class="btn info" value="View Details"></form> Thx Nev

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